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NO WAY Addisam forever


HATED how self-righteous Charlotte was with Amelia. And then to want to hang out and go to AA together? No Way! Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice? Shame on me!

Gotta say that even though I've been an AddiSam shipper in the past, Jake is looking awfully appealing... and if he wants to have kids, I think it might just tip Addison over the edge. They've got great chemistry together. IMO, she hasn't had chemistry like that since Dr. Noah, the patient's husband played by the yummy actor who went to "Cougar Town". I LOVED their chemistry, and she and BB have that same sort of connection.


AddiSam Forever, I love everything about them, so mature. Couples have problems and they try to solve them, they just dont go jumping for the next Male/Female as soon as the first real issue comes. Addisam are going to work on it and thats great.

Pete was a little over the top but I can understand him, well played by Tim Daly. Also I'm enjoying the amelia storyline.

More than anything with Jake/Addison I'm looking forward to the boys bonding Cooper/Sam/Jake looked adorable together. What are we going to call Sam/Jake?


I was ready to give up on addisam. NOT anymore I'm back to loving everything about them, Kate and Taye are just great together, they work great, they just fit. I love having addison in a steady relationship, I'm sick of her jumping from pairing to pairing. If not Sam then get the baby and stay alone or go back to Mark or Pete.


I actually liked this episode.

So much love the Addie therapy scenes opening and closing the show, especially since she brings up her past. I actually enjoyed the Addisam scenes. If Shonda does this right, I can get back on board. Good for Addie, for telling him to get condoms!

I don't get why Charlotte was acting high and mighty about rule breaking. She let a drunk operate! Now she lets Cooper get away with stealing a dead kids cord blood and forging a signature. She is a huge hypocrite. Cooper really needs to stop using children as an excuse to break the law.

Damn, Pete is an ass! I actually felt sorry for Violet.

Amelia has lost it! However, I understand why she doesn't trust Charlotte. She gave Amelia a free pass to operate drunk on Pete and now she is acting all high and mighty.

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