Ringer Review: What Are You Hiding?

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Another Ringer episode, another incident of head-spinning and question-asking: What was Bridget thinking? What was her game plan?

"The Poor Kids Do It Everyday" featured Henry bleaching down his walls as Juliet started her first day at public school. Perhaps they were both looking for a fresh start.

Henry v. Bridget

Henry's idea about leaving the car at the airport seemed like a particularly bad one. At some point they're going to find it and then they're going to check all of those security cameras they have at JFK International and guess what they'll see. It could be the nail in his proverbial coffin.

I was shocked when Henry tried to turn everything around on Siobhan. Did he really think he was saving her when he was mopping up his wife's blood? Does he love Siobhan that much or was he simply covering his own ass?

For Juliet's first day of school, meanwhile, I couldn't believe Andrew didn't make her change her top, too. It was just as fabric-challenged as the skirt. 

Did anyone else question her new teacher's helpfulness or am I too suspicious? Was he trying to be a nice guy and give her a new start or was he looking to take advantage of the poor little rich girl with daddy issues and this was the first step? Call me a cynic, but I don't trust him.

I know I've said it before but I've grown tired of Malcolm's storyline. This was the third week we've seen Makawi pump him full of drugs. If there's a point, I wish the show would get to it.

Elsewhere, Charlie is still a mystery. Bridget's new sponsor is the wild card in this conspiracy. I'm still not sure how he figures into all of this, but there's clearly a lot going on here. Stay tuned. Stay guarded.

I was beginning to think that Gemma set up Henry but they have two kids. That would be really cold and cruel. Then, when they found Bridget's fingerprint I was wondering if Gemma set them both up. That's what Ringer often does: leave you wondering. And guessing. And waking up at random hours of the night with new theories about what's going on.

But Bridget left the print. Was that her way of throwing them off the scent of her and Henry? Unfortunately, it brought Agent Machado back to her doorstep but maybe she thinks she can handle him.

So... is Gemma really dead? Did Siobhan have her killed and, if so, to what end? What the heck happened and how long will we have to wait to find out? Whatever the answers, I grow more intrigued with every episode.


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I think that she put her fingerprints on because it was the only way she (as Siobhan) didn't get involved in the case, and thus, Siobhan's affair with Henry wouldn't be told by the agent Machado.
And is Siobhan a psycho? She seems to be willing to kill anyone so she can get away with her life in paris.


The male voice speaking to Siobhan in Paris definitely sounded like Charlie, the new NA sponsor, to me. I played it twice on my DVR. Could be a red herring. But, it's a possibility...


Malcolm needs to either die or get free. His SL has been lame for 3 episodes. I like that the other characters are getting more screentime. Juliet's English teacher is totally creeping on her although maybe he ties with the main plot rather than a lame student-teacher romance/abuse. Dumping the car was dumb. Not getting a warrant before questioning granite face was dumb. Will the police recover the spoon?


@ Sami:
"And not in a good way like Lost"
Lol! Sarah promised that they will at least solve all those mysteries in Ringer, so if she is right (and I have no reason to not believe her) that would be in favor of the Ringer vs Lost, big-time. @ tyluv3:
"Bridget put her fingerprints to give the detectives a clue to suspect Herself, so that her new life as "Siobahn" wont be bothered nor become suspected in the investigation "
But that would lead Machado exactly where she doesn't want him, back to her, trying to find out if she really doesn't know about the whereabouts of her sister. Gemma was Siobhan's friend, everyone knew it, so she becomes much more suspicious. And with a murder he would be even more persistent.


Yay Jason Dohring is in the show i only started watching cause i knew he was gonna be in it:)


I'm falling in love with Ringer every single week.
I expected Henry to be the murderer but when he accused Bridget to be the one, I went "OMG!" and then at the end when I find out it's Siobhan, I went "NO WAY!"
Seriously, watching this show is like walking inside a haunted house. You never know what will come to you and surprise you.
And I LOVE JULIET! She's becoming more awesome every episode. Teacher-student relationship to come? Yum!
Thank God, it's on hiatus until November 1. Just so my mind can relax for a bit.

Anna maria

why di bridget DO that?!?!?! I don't get it at all, but I'm intrigued..


I have this episode and I will have never guess that Siobhan was behind the attack. I am also tired of Macolm storyline and was actually cheering Juliet on today. I wonder why would Siobhan have Gemma killed, is it because Siobhan found out that Gemma knows about Bridget.


I really don't like Malcom and the hole story with Agent Machado. WTF Bridget was thinking?! Shioban is way more prepared than her. I'd like to see those two togheter, Andrew choosing stick up for Bridget and Henry shocked with Shiobhan. But still in love. The good thing in Ringer is that you always have more questions, this is also the bad thing. I'd like some answers for a change. PS: Just loved Jason Dohring and the story with a changed Juliet. I just hope these won't be one of those boring teacher-student romance story.


I loved reading the review and everyone's comments. The show does constantly surprise you. I had really thought Henry was a killer in the last episode, just to find out that Siobhan is up to her tricks in Paris. I am not sure why she wanted Gemma dead. Unless she wants to be with Henry still. It is quite complicated. And the Malcolm thing is getting boring, but did he give away the secret last night. They don't go into depth, and I wonder if someone is on their way to kill Bridget now. Again. LOL Who is next on Siobhan's hit list? And will Juliet begin an affair with her nice new teacher? I love all the actors on the show, their roles and the plot. It just keeps getting better every week.

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Ringer Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Teacher: It's a better school than it looks.
Juliet: How could it not be.

Andrew: Will you tell her that's not appropriate attire for the first day of school.
Bridget: It's a little fabric challenged.