Ringer Review: What Are You Hiding?

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Another Ringer episode, another incident of head-spinning and question-asking: What was Bridget thinking? What was her game plan?

"The Poor Kids Do It Everyday" featured Henry bleaching down his walls as Juliet started her first day at public school. Perhaps they were both looking for a fresh start.

Henry v. Bridget

Henry's idea about leaving the car at the airport seemed like a particularly bad one. At some point they're going to find it and then they're going to check all of those security cameras they have at JFK International and guess what they'll see. It could be the nail in his proverbial coffin.

I was shocked when Henry tried to turn everything around on Siobhan. Did he really think he was saving her when he was mopping up his wife's blood? Does he love Siobhan that much or was he simply covering his own ass?

For Juliet's first day of school, meanwhile, I couldn't believe Andrew didn't make her change her top, too. It was just as fabric-challenged as the skirt. 

Did anyone else question her new teacher's helpfulness or am I too suspicious? Was he trying to be a nice guy and give her a new start or was he looking to take advantage of the poor little rich girl with daddy issues and this was the first step? Call me a cynic, but I don't trust him.

I know I've said it before but I've grown tired of Malcolm's storyline. This was the third week we've seen Makawi pump him full of drugs. If there's a point, I wish the show would get to it.

Elsewhere, Charlie is still a mystery. Bridget's new sponsor is the wild card in this conspiracy. I'm still not sure how he figures into all of this, but there's clearly a lot going on here. Stay tuned. Stay guarded.

I was beginning to think that Gemma set up Henry but they have two kids. That would be really cold and cruel. Then, when they found Bridget's fingerprint I was wondering if Gemma set them both up. That's what Ringer often does: leave you wondering. And guessing. And waking up at random hours of the night with new theories about what's going on.

But Bridget left the print. Was that her way of throwing them off the scent of her and Henry? Unfortunately, it brought Agent Machado back to her doorstep but maybe she thinks she can handle him.

So... is Gemma really dead? Did Siobhan have her killed and, if so, to what end? What the heck happened and how long will we have to wait to find out? Whatever the answers, I grow more intrigued with every episode.


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I agree with the Malcolm situation. As much as I believe he is a nice guy who truly wants to help, there isn't enough development in his story to make me interested. Give us something more.
I like Henry as a character( he is handsome too) because he is complex. His devotion to Siobhan id questionable but nevertheless it makes me wonder about how far he can go. I would love to see his reaction if he ever finds out it's Bridget.
Juliet's story surprisingly interested me. The teacher seems to have an interest in hrr but let's see. I want Gemma not to be dead else that would make Siobhan a psycho!


I would give this show the title of best new Fall drama. Love this show.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

LOVED this episode. God I love how with one simple yet unexpected twist, everything can be turned upside down. Can't wait for the next one.


Bridget put her fingerprints to give the detectives a clue to suspect Herself, so that her new life as "Siobahn" wont be bothered nor become suspected in the investigation


Jason Dohring is on it..and THAT only is worth watching..although he should have his own show in a more prestigious network and/or making movies.


Obviously Siobhan hoped Bridget would take over her life. Otherwise, why leave everything aboard the boat such as her wedding rings and I.D.? She knew Bridget would take over her life and she obviously knows that she's still in control of everything. She sent a hitman after Bridget, so obviously she sent someone to take care of Gemma. I don't believe Gemma is dead, I simply believe that Siobhan is stashing her away somewhere. I have no idea where, but she's somewhere.
Nothing else really had me questioning the episode like many episodes have in the past. This was simply all about Gemma. I agree with the reviewer, Malcolm is just boring me. Time to move on. Hopefully they dumped his body somewhere.
As for Juliet, I saw a side of her that I haven't before. I'm glad she's at a public school now, because it's knocked her off her pedestal and now she's equal with everyone else. However, I knew she would kick that other girls ass. Something told me that she packed a punch other than being a snob! WAY TO GO JUILET!


I'm enjoying this show very much, and yes there are many questions that need answering but i enjoy a good mystery and I believe the show delivers that. lus I am really liking SMG in this:)


Too many unanswered questions. And not in a good way like Lost or The Secret Circle. Ringer's mystery pisses the hell out of you!

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Ringer Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Teacher: It's a better school than it looks.
Juliet: How could it not be.

Andrew: Will you tell her that's not appropriate attire for the first day of school.
Bridget: It's a little fabric challenged.