Sebastian Roche on Vampire Diaries Awakening: Hungry for Revenge!

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Prepare yourselves, Vampire Diaries fans. This Thursday's new episode will answer many questions you may have about Klaus, the Originals and the man who has been hunting them for decades.

Joseph Morgan teased last week that the flashback-heavy "Ordinary People" will definitely "change the game," and my exclusive interview with Sebastian Roché only enhances that hype.

"This episode will make it extremely clear what the relationship is between Klaus and Mikael," the actor behind the latter says, adding that his character being freed from his slumber by Katherine has "reawakened his hunger for revenge."

Against whom, though? Klaus? It's safe to assume, but Roché would not offer up any more spoilers.

He did say that we'll discover more about Mikael over the next few episodes, referring to the vampire hunter as a "frequent flier." He also shot down the notion that Klaus and Mikael are related.

"He's calm, but ruthless," explains the veteran actor, who has appealed to sci-fi fans in the past on Fringe and Supernatural. "There are interesting factors about why he's hunting and they'll come out in time."

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When TV Fanatic says Sebastian shot down the idea of Klaus and Mikael being related, that means that they are NOT related. Just so that everyone's clear.


It looks like it's gonna be another fabulous episode!!
I can hardly wait the 51 hours until the next show...


Michael might have been the original father but remember Klaus was born out of an affair with a wwewolf... so totally not related there but yes by klaus's mother's all the more reason to hunt him down and do justice on him


Mikael can't have killed Katherine. Without her alive he has no idea where Klaus is.

Uncle jackass

I mix all male actors for all their prior roles. So in my universe, Sebastion is an angel from supernatural, a shapeshifter from Fringe, and most recently watched a Knight from the round table from the telemovie Merlin. Ergo, I don't find him intimidating, but I do like his british humour. As for Katherine, I know that Damon doesn't love her anymore, but I hope he saves her from being a refrigerated TruBlood bottle. As for the "Frequent Flier" reference, there were certainly clues from Elijah/Klaus last season about burning an original across a sea as the only way of killing them. Perhaps, a clue from them about a possible hunter burning their family across the seas as a reference to killing them?


Okay, why are people saying that they are related when he just "Shot down the notion that they are"??? THAT MEANS THEY ARE NOT RELATED PEOPLE!!! Ugh. But I'm excited to see what happens now that this silly ghost stuff is out of the way. I'm a bit irked that absolutely NO mention WHATSOEVER of Michel, Klaus, Rebekah, Tyler, or Katherine in this last episode. They were all pretty big in the episode before, and then it was like all of a sudden they didn't exist. I'm glad we're finally back on track and out of that ghost nonsence.


gatta love TVD mikael and klaus related cant wait for thursday i'm super excited to go back in time with them


this mikael dude will lose his head i sware to god if he lays another finger on Katherine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD


Mikael makes my spine tingle and the name mikael scares me so much. I think that mikael will be the big bad this yer against Klaus. I am so scared to find out what mikael's orgins and how he knows the original family and Klaus,I cannot believe that Mikael and Klaus are related... that means that Mikael is the Daddy Original!!!


"He also shot down the notion that Klaus and Mikael are related." Is he talking about biological relation? If so then Mikael could very well be daddy Original.

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