The Big Bang Theory Review: Halloween Hijinks

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The Big Bang Theory did Halloween this week in "The Good Guy Fluctuation," and instead of getting bogged down in traditional holiday events, it was all about scaring the crap outta each other. And, well, Leonard's girl troubles.

Don't get me wrong, I don't advocate cheating. Ever. Okay, I do. Leonard what were you thinking? Break up with Priya! She is across the world and, more importantly, not right for you! Alice was perfect. She was cute, funny, had common interests and lives in California. What more could you want? The writers messed this one up big time. Any chance he can repair the damage and get Alice back? For the first time, I didn't want Leonard and Penny to be together. That's huge.

A Good Scare

Sheldon oh Sheldon ... so smart, yet, so clueless. How can you not just adore this guy? Jim Parsons should submit this episode for his Emmy consideration because he rocked it tonight. In typical Sheldon fashion, he was not fooled by the elaborate horror show put on by Raj and Howard, but freaked out at the unexpected sight of Leonard in a monster mask. While that was funny, it was merely a set-up for Sheldon to get payback - mostly unsuccessfully.

Sheldon's first few attempts were surprisingly weak, but in the entirety they were brilliant and they worked. They progressively got more elaborate from the snake, to the mailbox, to the electric shock handshake. Sheldon shaking his own hand and electrocuting himself was laugh-out-loud funny. Even better when you realized that he pranked himself worse than his friends ever did, by electrocuting himself not once, but twice.

Did you fall for Howard's pretend heart attack? At first I thought he was faking, but then thought it was real. Poor Sheldon. Played again! In the end, though, Sheldon got the best of Leonard and it was worth the 30-minute wait. I'm pretty sure that I jumped when Sheldon appeared from within the couch! It doesn't get better than this. "Bazinga, punk. Now we're even."

Overall, this was a well-done Halloween episode. The only thing that was missing was the whole crew dressing up together. I did miss that from previous episodes. Did you enjoy it?

Check out this week's spooktacular quotes! (Corny? Yeah. Hilarious lines? Heck yeah.)


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i liked it the best part was no amy


Sheldon made me think of Wile E. Coyote...


Great episode ~~~


Had to rewind a few times to catch all of Sheldons quote of the Germany philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, "...morality is just a fiction used by the herd of inferior human beings to hold back the few superior men."...."It's worth noting, he died of syphilis." classic quote and funny episode.


Stupid and ridiculous. Leonard is now a chick magnet as girls the world over pine for him. Poor Penny has gone from having a new boyfriend every week to drinking with the girls and endlessy yearning for the vicious obnoxious dweeb living next door. The series is now like any episode of the last sitcom to go over 5 years without a trace of humor, Friends, whose writers I assume are now writing for this wretched series.


Oh and loved Alice aswell! Priya gots to go!


One of the best in a long while. And I think that had a lot todo with how the other characters were used. Raj Bernadette and Howard got only 1 scene with sheldon, penny and priya only got one with Leonard. And no Amy. When they aren't trying to create stories for everyone at the same time, the show flows way more smoothly.


Great episode one of the best so far


Loved it!!! Hubby even turned up the tv so he could hear Sheldon scream in stereo. And, yeah, Leonard, you need to end the thing with Priya.


I absoltuley loved it infact I just adore Sheldon I loved the way he screamed I love his facial expresions I love everything about him especailly how cute and handsome his really is.

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The Big Bang Theory Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Leonard: Oh. Watch out, Sheldon. This little boy Casper is a g-g-g-ghost!
Sheldon: Droll.
Howard: Not as droll as a grown man passed out in a puddle of his own urine.
Leonard: That was pretty droll. With a hint of ammonia.

[reading on wall] "See you in hell Sheldon."
The most frightening thing about that is the missing comma.