The Good Wife Preview: What is Executive Order 13224?

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The Good Wife didn't produce its best episode of the season this week, that's for certain. Read my problems with it in this review of "Affairs of State."

But the following preview and synopsis for next Sunday's "Executive Order 13224" are awfully promising. Carrie Preston will guest star as an attorney who actually defends Alicia because the Treasury Department gets involved in a case with a suspected terrorist, while Peter stars digging into Will's past.

What might he find there? View the CBS promo for the upcoming installment now.

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What Peter did was one thing but what Alicia is doing is entirely wrong in the eyes of morality, the family all knew about him but she is hiding it and that makes it a complete lie and deceit towards her family which will come back and bite her in the ass shortly. Separated or not that does not give either partner an open book to get laid regularly, Peter had sex with the same hooker 18 times, how manny times has Alica been laid by WILL SO FAR ?


Alicia is an idiot and a little too aanctimonious for me. She is still married and her affair with Will as a married woman is no different than Peter's behavior/adultery. Separated or not, you're still married! However, Peter is a real jerk. You cheat((more than once) and wonder why your wife doesn't want you back! The show is moving away from being a legal drama to becoming a melodrama. Who needs more of that?


I agree with giving us something new , dno't use old storyline again and again! Example, there is always a woman to pursue Will.


I hope this episode has Peter doing a complete investigation on Will's past and set out to bring down Lockhart&Gardiner firm, this would also bring Alicia into the limelight that she has been hiding from Peter and the kids.
We need to see more of the other side and just not the same old storyline every week.


Here is the report cards for season 1,2,and 3 so far.
Peter A+
Alicia F- Now why is that you say, lets look back and see who really is perfect one.
Not counting before season 1 started what has Peter done to deserve Alicia's BS.
During the trail she said under oath Peter will come home with her and also later sat down and put the cards on the table on making things right again.
There has not been any hidden affairs up to the present against him, the Kalinda thing we will see later was not an affair but being helped out of a horrible life with an ex (you don't change your name or get fired from a job over an affair)plus she is a lesbian. Now lets take a good lok at the GOOD WIFE Alicia, right from the start at Stern,lockhart&Gardiner she was flirting, down the road had kiss with the boss and returned for more he left, then there was the cell phone call that Grace overheard and she told them a lie about the past. Moving on to the campaign speach where she got the call from Will about a PLAN that she brought up. Plus though it all she has been boozing it up alot that lead to the $7,800 hotel room and several other screws that she has lied to her kids about when they asked about her well being. If I were Peter there would be a investigation into what has been going on and at the same time the kids would also be tracking good old mom, this would be a perfect storyline for an upcomeing episode. We can call it the DOWNFALL OF A GOOD WIFE.


The Good Wife" at 9:30 tied with last week's season low, drawing a 2.0/5 in the demo and 10.1 million total viewers. If they keep this up this will be their last season

Good Wife Quotes

Alicia: We need to leave this week.
Cary: Are you sure?
Alicia: Yes.

It's hard to be on this side.