The Good Wife Round Table: "Get a Room"

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The debut of Lisa Edelstein. The re-appearance of Alicia's brother. And a lot of hullabaloo over cheese.

All of this and more went down on The Good Wife this week, as Round Table panelists Matt Richenthal, Carissa Pavlica and Christine Orlando gather below to analyze "Get a Room." Won't you join them?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Alicia's fake jealousy. I first enjoyed her mature reaction to Will and Celeste having been an item, and then I smiled along with Alicia when they used it to their professional advantage.

Carissa: I loved Will and Alicia plotting their tactics for the case and sealing it with a sexy kiss. I really am a sucker for them together. The way it plays out at work is brilliant, and the end of the story, that everyone knew Alicia was playing them, was very well done.

Christine: I loved the scene with Owen watching the kids. Between Grace and her crazy tutor and Zach telling him Dad slept with someone besides the hookers, poor Owen's head was positively spinning. The entire scene was funny, disturbing and oddly touching all at the same time.

Did Lisa Edelstein make a good first impression?
Matt: Absolutely. It's not easy to square off against Julianna Marguiles, but Edelstein has stared down Hugh Laurie as Gregory House. She's up to the task.

Carissa: As an actor, yes. As a character, she was a little hard to take. I did find it amusing that she thought because she had a past with Will that she could roll him over in the case. It made her interesting to watch, floundering as she realized the person she thought she was up against was now teaming up with someone else.

Christine: Somehow I both liked and didn't like her. I liked that she challenged Will and made him take a look at how he's changed. I enjoyed their sparring but the character is just a bit too harsh for me. In other words, I suppose a little goes a long way.

More welcome appearance: Jackie, Owen or Jim Walsh from Beverly Hills, 90210?
Matt: I apologize, James Eckhouse. You're a veteran actor who has enjoyed a long, successful career in Hollywood. But I started chanting "Donna Martin graduates!" in my head when you came on screen. I couldn't help it.

Carissa: Owen. I just love Owen; his relationship with Alicia, his disdain for Jackie both make for an interesting scenes. I'm always smiling when he's in town.

Christine: Oh, I love Owen. He and Alicia have such a great dynamic as brother and sister. He gives Alicia someone to confide in, not that she did much of that last night.  He sees her in a way no one else does and he always makes me laugh. Of course, Jackie is the one I love to hate. She just thought she'd pop in a little early and tidy up? In other words, she was there to snoop and meddle where she doesn't belong. That woman's got serious nerve.

Which case was more interesting: Eli and Diane's, or the mediation?
Matt: The mediation, for yet another guest-starring turn. I love Isiah Whitlock Jr. in everything and I actually found Eli a bit too over-the-top here. He yelled a lot. I prefer it when he smiles confidently and throws out one sarcastic jab after another.

Carissa: Hmmm. Tough call. I will go with Eli's case because it showed us a different side of his character, and just how different his job is from any other attorney in the firm. Eli and Diane's toe-to-toe about specific words to use in the cheese case were interesting. I would have thought, being a political monster, that Eli would be on the same page as Diane. I look forward to seeing him integrating further into the firm.

Christine: I found the medical case interesting but I loved Eli and the cheese debacle. The story started to spin out of control when they couldn't find someone to take the blame and then he got dragged into the story. It's unusual to see Eli off his game.


I'm really enjoying the steamy love scenes between Alicia and Will this season. Those first two years were almost painful, with Alicia dutifully playing house with that sleazy rat who had cheated on her over and over, while Will just looked at her sadly. Now, at last, she's kicked Peter out and she can spend time with the man she should have married instead. It's very clear that Will adores Alicia. It's been in his eyes since Season One, Episode One. She's still trying to take it slow, though, no doubt at least partly because her heart is still healing from what that scumball Peter did to it. It's going to take a while before she can trust herself enough to go for what she really wants. Some people seem to think Will is a player who will hurt her. Right now, it looks a lot more like he's the one who might have his heart broken by HER. I sure hope not.


I enjoy the good wife, but agree that we need to see more of her, not Eli. I like all the players, but the show IS called "The Good Wife". And it wouldn't be the show it is without Alicia, Diana, and Kalista. Oh, and don't forget Jackie, the meddling Mother-in-law. Keep up the good work. This is a wonderful show, to me anyway.


John boy where are you we need your 2 cents about the hot affair that seems to be a lust feast.


Thank you Rachel! I completely agree. I can't believe that people will complain about every little thing that doesn't cater to their liking. Get over it and enjoy what a great show it is. Otherwise we're going to be stuck with the next version of CSI or some crappy reality show.


I can't for the life of me understand the 'fans' of TGW who are currently complaining. The show is three eps in to it's third season and, as ever, it's more about setting up what's to come. This is the best written show on tv. In. My. Opinion.


When will Alicia will have SEX with everyone in the office????


Alicia,Diana,Kalista should quit the show now, before there is nothing left for them to say or do anything anymore, Eli killed the show for me last night, he is getting more airtime then anybody else, and for what, its the "Good Wife", not "The Good PR Person. I'll try watch it one more time and if no improvement I'll stop watching it alltogether. Already I'm taping it instead of watching it in real time.How could you kill off such a good and frech show in such a short time (3episodes)

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