The Secret Circle Review: Not Playing with Fire

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The adults were away on The Secret Circle this week, so the kids played... with fake bats, with sexy Halloween costumes and most definitely with fire.

But only one person actually got burned on "Masked" and he totally deserved it. RIP, Luke. Actually, don't. You traitor!

In Halloween Costumes

This was a great episode overall, perfectly utilizing the theme of generation versus generation. It's my favorite aspect of The Secret Circle, allowing for both mystery and character development. Consider the role parents played in their children's lives this week, along with the overall impact these relationships have on the series...

Lousy Luke. In the eyes of viewers, he went from being an ideal dance partner to a vengeful witch hunter, but can we truly blame the guy? He's only his father's son, after all, and he was raised to hate on witches. I was raised to cheer on the Yankees. Some might say my dad actually did a worse job. Point being, though: Luke really didn't know any better.

But Adam does. What a jarring, pointed speech he gave to his father. He's angry over Ethan messing with Diana's mind regarding all that fate mumbo jumbo because Diana's love made Adam strive to earn it, to be unlike his own dad. Ouch. It's too bad it took me until after Adam and Diana broke up to actually feel something for this couple, but they had some very nice moments here.

Cassie goes dark. The two revelations about Cassie and her parent were by far the most gripping:

  1. She possesses dark magic.
  2. Her father, John Blackwell, attempted to do something many years ago and it somehow resulted in the fire that killed so many second generation witches.

The real RIP of the episode ought to go to Calvin Wilson and the bravery he showed in delivering that envelope to Cassie. It cost him his life, which also went a long way toward truly establishing Jake as an evil hunter. He talked a decent game last week, but he walked a much better, more interesting one here. So many possible doors are now open into his family's history, the history of hunters in general and the presumably centuries-old battle between their kind and the supernatural beings they are after.

Just great stuff all around, culminating in what we can only assume was Charles knocking out Jane to nab one of the crystals he and Dawn require to regain their powers. But, again I ask, to what end? Gale Harold was less than forthcoming in our chat with him, but my guess is that this second generation actually has admirable goals. They must be aware hunters exist and they must want to protect their kids.

Then again, Charles did kill Cassie's mom on the pilot. That's not the move of a guy with pure intentions, is it?

Where do things go from here? Check out the official preview for next week's episode and sound off now with your take on how one generation on The Secret Circle shapes the next.


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Thanks, Tati. I assume that's how it works too. Hopefully the next ep. will verify if that's how it is in Secret Circle as well.


I always come away from movies and stories with the impression that dark magic/blood magic has a price--a negative price, usually resulting in a sacrifice of some sort, often human. Someone has to pay. Even 'resurrection' magic is considered 'dark' in many stories--saving a life must be paid for with taking another's life, etc.


I find this Dark magic thing a little confusing. What differentiates dark/bad magic from the benign sort in the Secret Circle Universe? Light a candle vs. burn somebody... Same magic. So is it just the intent that makes it good or bad? That doesn't seem right, otherwise the Hunters wouldn't be concerned about Cassie's possessing Dark magic. In most fantasy worlds Good and Bad magic are determined by where the power comes from. Take life or steal energy from nature, that's Dark magic. Obtain energy for spells from within or in communion with the natural world, that's good magic. Intent doesn't matter. The show has not explained any of this. I know the question is trivial but how are good and bad magic defined in the Secret Circle Universe and is it based on actual Wiccan beliefs?


I forgot to mention the bee costume which was cute. I've got pretty much the same but it' a ladybird costume with wings ^^


God I hope the Adam and Dianna thing is over now. They didn't interest me as a couple and this pining for Dianna thing that Adam has going on is annoying. Do like the darkness in Cassie though :)


@Bella: Lol, me too!


I want Cake so bad :p


I appreciated that the Halloween party was just an excuse to see them in costumes and not used as a "character". The fact that we learn that cassie has dark lagic inside is great because that break her innocent expression. She's a cute blond gir, very nice too and I think that dark magic is going to change her in many ways. That's very interesting. Concerning Faye, Melissa and Jake, nothing to add except that I hope Jake won't change and get away from Chance Harbor. It's not that I don't like bad witches, I don't like him. Loved the Wilson guy, I can't wait to see more witches of the older generation. Hum, I thought that Henry was left in the lake... Why did we see him inside his livingroom ? Charles doesn't need him to find the crystal, he's already dead... If we're supposing that it's Charles who knocked Jane. Diana was cooler than before. Adam was a little bit pitiful because right Diana "saved" him to become like his father and yes they love each other but man you seem to forget how you look at Cassie and how you acted with her. When you're withe Diana you wanted Cassie and now what ? You pretend (and Cassie too) to be just friend and blamed the attraction on the destiny thing ? I don't believe any of them but maybe it's better that they try to leave their lives appart for now especially because of Diana. We'll see what will happen. It's still my favorite show with VD.


this ep was way better than the last week's! yeah, i like this dark Cassie!! she's more powerful, dangerous and unpredictable!! now she knows she's stronger than the others of the circle!! Faye kept Jake occupied by making out with him on Cassie's bedroom!! and she saw that!! it was really enjoyable!! as for Adam/Diana, so boring! esp Diana with no personality!! hope to see more dark Cassie/Jake scenes!!


I LOVE THIS EPISODE. secret circle is getting just better and better

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