The Vampire Diaries: Casting for Bonnie's Mother

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She's lost her grams, but Bonnie will soon regain her mother.

A CW casting notice has gone out for Abby Bennett, as The Vampire Diaries is seeking an actress to portray Bonnie's mom that fits the following description:

38-44, African-American, a beautiful but troubled woman who is burdened by the secrets of her past that led her to abandon her daughter. As determined and fiery as any Bennett woman.

Bonnie B. Chillin

The role has the potential to be recurring. Got any suggestions, TV Fanatics? What actress should play this key character? Sound off in our Vampire Diaries forum!

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Though I'm sure Stacey Dash would turn it down due to her move out of ATL, I still think she would be PERFECT as Bonnie's mom! And the actresses favor a lot. Next suggestion would be Jada Pinkett Smith. I think she could definitely deliver in the line of fiery determination of any Bennett woman.


Regina King
Merrin Dungey
Kenya Moore
N'Bushe Wright
Wendy Raquel Robinson
Kim Fields!
Marjean Holden
Brandie Riggs


Sharon Leal, most definitely


lisa bonet or nia long would be perfect !but i agree gina toress would been awesome!


Salli Richardson-Whitfield!!


Stacy Dash would not do it as she apparently wanted to be with her family more in LA hence why she quit Single Ladies (who film in Atlanta too like TVD), so that would be no. I too would love to see Vanessa Williams also but since she still on DH, I am doubtful, we'll see her. Salli would be great though or Robin Givens. However no offense to the writers wouldn't know how to write a fierceness require for someone like Givens. Also all these actresses need some sexy in the character as well.


My vote is for Sharon Leal or Stacey Dash


cant wait to meet bonnies mom n vanessa williams wld be gr8 for this role! when will we meet other salvatores?


Well Gina Torres was killed by Damon at the end of the episode in S1


zoe saldana?

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