The Vampire Diaries Clip & Spoiler: A Forwood Love Child?!?

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Forwood will soon be moving forward on The Vampire Diaries... but to what end?

Just as this couple is growing closer than ever - increased hormones due to one's supernatural status, as well as a torture-loving father, will help any tandem along - producer Julie Plec has a warning to fans:

"Something will go terribly wrong," she says of Tyler and Caroline. "They'll struggle this season."


Look for this relationship to take a turn on episode five... toward a baby?!?

"We've said two things on our show, very clearly," Plec teases. "Vampires can't procreate, and yet, vampires bodies work like anybody else's. So, I don't know. Door's open to take either rule."

That's nice and vague and intriguing. Check out the official promo now for this Thursday's "Disturbing Behavior" and then view the following clip, which focuses on Forwood:

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No vampires can have children. Besides, is the baby a baby forever if it was a know they cannot age....duh.


Calm down folks. Now that Tyler's a hybrid we know what their drama is (Tyler's Sire/Childe blood bond to Klaus). Either way, if they were to adopt a storyline from the books and make Caroline pregnant by Tyler I like to keep an open mind. It's extreme and sounds ridiculous, but I'm willing to give them a chance to see where they would carry the story. Yes. I love this show that much.


Oh and lastly, I forgot to add: in response to Dominique, yes, they do have children in the books, but Caroline is not a vampire in the books so it's a completely different case in terms of sheer possibility.


I really, REALLY hope that they don't go this route. Everything else aside, it does not make sense whatsoever within the bounds of their world, and would be a big continuity flaw, and they're skating near dangerous ground with the number of times they've used "loopholes" and the like already. Regardless what Julie Plec says, honestly - yes, their bodies function like normal EXCEPT THAT THEY DON'T AGE. Which is the key of it right there. Their bodies are not aging in any way, it would make no sense for Caroline to be able to bring a baby to term. And all of that aside, they've said that vampires can't procreate and really, in all the history of vampires, if this was possible, someone would have realized by now, it would have happened before and it would be a known fact. All the other female vampires that were unable to have kids after being turned, the guys that never got any women pregnant... it would make ZERO sense if they went and changed that. So no, please don't, although I'm pretty sure this is just a tease anyway. Also, just to add, none of this has anything to do with Tyler/Caroline, purely my thoughts about the continuity of the show (which has normally been so good that I would hate to see it completely trashed). I LOVE Tyler and Caroline, I think they're adorable together and I was rooting for them all that season. And in an ideal world, sure, I'd love for them to live happily together and one day start a family... but they CAN'T, and it would be much more interesting to see Caroline grapple with that, what she can't have because of her transformation, the future that's been taken away from her. Addressing Caroline's lost mortality would be a much better storyline than a nonsensical pregnancy.


I was thinking...if a pregnant woman is fed vampire blood (and the fetus takes in the vampire blood) and killed then she and the fetus (which would die when its mother died) would be in transition. She'd never go into labour but the fetus could be delivered by C-section. Feed the fetus human blood and you get vampire baby!


The mere thought of a baby in this action filled show is just ridiculous. But we all know that it's not gonna happen, because Caroline can't get pregnant. This is just a tease.


Seeing Caroline knocked up would be such a good way to make Forwood a part of the big story arc thi season, since both were pretty much left out of the ones from season 1 and 2. Come on; Klaus is trying so hard (and failing miserably) to create an army of Hybrids, while in the meantime, a little Hybrid is being created back in Mystic Falls so easily that it almost seems poetic. And for everyone who's complaining about how it would be cheap, and the same thing's going on with a character on Gossip Girl..; Caroline and Tyler DO get children in the books, aka little Hybrids, so it's not like it's coming out of nowhere. Personally I would love to see Forwood deal with this. Not just a pregnancy, but also the fact that everyone might be after the baby.


I kinda need a life... mmm :P LOL!


What, am I not entitled to an opinion just because I like Gossip Girl? How immature is that. Maybe YOU need a life if all you have to do is bash people who like more than just one show.


Anyone notice how arrogant GossipGirl fangirls are? BlairBitch, get a damn life. K? Anyways, I agree they wont go there. They aren't desperate like GG.

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