The Vampire Diaries Episode Promo: That's the Spirit!

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The Vampire Diaries told a number of ghost stories this week, as Anna bonded with Jeremy, Vicki almost murdered Elena and, oh yeah, Mason Lockwood made a shocking return. Much to the extreme dismay of Damon.

Don't look for the ghostly visits to slow down next Thursday, either.

On the aptly-titled "Ghost World," Mystic Falls will prepare to celebrate Illumination Night, only to be invaded by multiple spirits. As the following promo teases, the one whose death Damon is responsible for will especially cause problems for this blood sucker. Elsewhere, Elena will ask Jeremy to assist her with Stefan, while Alaric will discover a clue to his past.

Watch the official CW trailer now. Try not to get spooked...

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Oh wow sharon, owner of the craaazy comments. We know the we is just you. I'm not stelena or delena but acting like stelena has half the fanbase of delena is living in a fantasy land. Of which your the mayor and sheriff. I wish I was joking but you are funny and sad.


we want stefan and elena back together in love nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww or we will stop watchin this show theres like 40 of us cousin who want then together or we willl stop please STEFAN AND ELENA NOWWWW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i really think damon should atleast do a little bit for his brother man Stefan gave up his life for Damon and what does Damon do starts flirting with Stefan's girl like wtf man if Damon has a heart he should bring Elena and Stefan back together Stefan maybe seeming like an a$$ but its only cousin of what Klaus did to him inside he loved his family n Elena so don't hate him... i just wish that someone can knock some sense into Damon n Elena like wtf are u guys doing Stefan cares so much about them n they cheat on him Elena is being a two time like wtf man please i love Damon too but i want Stefan and Elena its eternal love please.. so everyone needs to pray that Stefan can get his Elena back n i love damon but he needs a gurl to ... soo like yeah i love this show stefan elena and damon and the whole cast just need to fix a few thhings like beginning with bringing stefan n elena back together in love n havinf elena not loving damon at the same tim pleaseee


WTF Mason is back
please no more Vicky its a bit dull
Good to see Elena getting more aggressive with the training


Klaus Klaus Klaus... im all about Klaus.. ( the imotal hybrid haha) i like his style.. he is an touchable... just one little problem tho...MICHAEL seem to scare the hell out of KLAUS... OH ya "crazy chicke"- about wat u said on ELENA ND Stephan... its more like in Twilight... Edward goes off nd Jacob remainds to pick up the pieces I just hope katherine wont die... but what we must keep in mind is that .. if ppl from the ghost world come back for some reason... then Klaus got a much bigger chance to build up an army of HYBRIDS> Michael must Die.. nd the Nickless got the power to bring back the dead... if it gets back to orignal witch them its over for all vampires including our favourite little Stephan lol


wow we've got some damon haters below. seriously i rejoiced when both caroline and damon kicked mason's annoying arrogant ass, so i hope they can both do it again soon! i also hope that anna gets a friend in lexi when she turns up. somehow i think it will be cool if lexi can come back to help stefan again OR maybe she'll help damon. also i since elena helped humanise damon from being dark!damon she can do the same with !darkstefan and bring him round, just not for a while yet - i'm enjoying ripper stefan so much, i love that he has humor and his tension with elena - thank god because i would have gagged over more stelena scenes. TEAM DELENA!!! p.s. loving the s3 storylines. this show is SO addictive! hope bonnie and jer work it out, we find out what the HECK is going on with the ghosts and who the dead witch is AND whether katherine is alive. also like the tension between caroline and rebecca and as much as i LOVED forwood (love conquers all? or does it?) i'm pretty sure i read a spoiler or fan's speculation that tyler and rebecca got together, might prove difficult for caroline to raise the SPOILER (hybrid baby)unless blows mind - KLAUS comes to help her? WOW! fanfic idea! also before i forget my point - stefan only came to mystic falls because elena looked like katherine whom he loved and i don't think we actually know who got katherine first! as for Damon and elena - i prefer them so much more! damon is freaking awesome!!



Uncle jackass

@krista, I'm not sure even in the books that the Salvatore bromance ever got it's feet on the ground? It's not like the Winchester brothers who constantly are willing to pine for a whole season for each other or give their souls away to a demon so recklessly to protect them siblings. In staying true to the characters, Damon makes sure that he is the older villain to his brother while secretly finding his brotherhood more important than he would admit. Conversely, Stefan in the novels feels no compassion towards his brother either as he believes he is irredeemable. In later books (Dark Reunion), he is honorably obligated to look out for Damon due to Elena's dying request.


can't wait for this episode it looks reall good and it will be nice seeing all the ghost again especially lexi


I can't wait for the new episode! It will be so cool to see all of the ghosts come back, but I'm most eager to see Lexi again. I feel bad that Stefan lost his best friend, and he deserves the chance to feel her presence once again. :)

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