The Vampire Diaries Photo Gallery: "Disturbing Behavior"

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Katherine will confront Stefan. Bill Forbes will still be around. And Damon will have the remnants of a recent meal on his lips.

All these developments and more are teased in the following photo montage, as we tease various scenes from this Thursday's episode of The Vampire Diaries, "Disturbing Behavior."

Although not pictured here, viewers can also look forward to the return of Bonnie, Jeremy dealing with his ghostly visitors and a new enemy in Mystic Falls pushing Damon toward the edge. Juicy! View the official trailer for this installment now and then click around the images below...

Claire Holt as Rebekah
Delicious Damon
Delena Argument
Stefan v. Katherine
Bil Forbes
Return of Katherine

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unfortunately stefan will be with elena since this show is about her ... why someone simply doesnt kill her like forever


Rebecca is very pretty. I am hoping that Damon gets together with his true love Katherine. Lets face it he only wants Elena because Katerine didn't want him when she came back.


Casey,even if it's damon,dats d same tin he wil do,he wil leave elena to find a cure for stef,at dat point he has to chose stef ova elena,and stefan is just tryn to protect her,he said he would die to keep her safe,he would do evrytin he can to make sure she lives her life.Stef stil luvs her even thou he's wit rebec nw

David and sabrina 2014

People may think that Rebecca is pretty but is a real bif fat punkass. She may have been brought back by Klaus, but she'll want to start playing around with Stefan all over again. I mostly want her and Klaus out of the season already cause it's already pissing me off. ;( =P


Starting to Like Stebecca. But I'm not sure if he'll just forget Elena like this,... well he'll move on of course, but may be with a little more time. But here again seems like Stefan is going towards more pain, cause im kinda not seeing a Happy ending for this Rebecca chick. But They are really Nice together.
Please writers get on with that Delena thing, make their fans happy. Like Go right through the thing or don't go through it at all, but stop doing these lil nothing teasing etc.


i love these couples: favorite to least (but still love them all)
tyler and caroline
stephan and rebecka
elena and damon.... but sometimes they try too hard
but she looks very pretty in this picture, i cant wait till the next episode.


Damon will always choose Elena above everyone. Stefan is choosing everyone over Elena. Its pretty clear who will be endgame. Its not a sprint its a marathon. DELENA endgame.and btw reb and stef are hott


damon and elena must/have to be together.Stefan doesn't luv her anymore and damon really really really luvs her can't she see that she needs to muv on and be with damon oh and by da way damon is toooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot and toooooooooooooooooo cute chou peace delena always


i must admit the TVD diaries story is going awesome after each episode.. just my personal opinion (Ian)Damon played so well... the reason of lighting the story.. 50% success goes to him.. but but but.....
a. I want Damon & Elena together..
b. Stefan & Rebekah may b cool..
c. Off course mostly i missed Elijah .. hope soon he will come..
But in this meanwhile it’s not fair .. that it’s hard to wait for another episode to know what will happen next..(just kidding)


more Rebekah/Stefan romances, plz! watching the trio in action would be awesome!! i had to admit loving Stefan with Rebekah. i hope they'll find 'em attracted to each other again!! why? cuz Stefan and Klaus were bff!!

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