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What was your favorite scene from the episode?
I'm with Dan. The scene when Vicki smacked Matty in the face! Hah! I love you Vic, I've been waiting for that kind of scene.

Is Katherine dead?
No way! I'm thinking Mikael will probably make her his slave or something. But I'll be sad if the only interesting portrayal of Nina Dobrev is gone forever.

Sexier Rebekah scene: The cheerleader split or the marshmellow suck?
Marshmallow scene, even sexier when she skewered Damon. But no one can top my sexy cheerleader, Caroline!

Is this the last we've seen of Vicki?
With a title like "Ghost World" for the next episode, is that even a question?

Biggest stretch: Rebekah entering Tyler's home without being invited, Elena thinking she could run the opposite way on the track to elude Stefan or the school allowing the Spirit Squad to sponsor a keg party in the woods?
Actually, all of it makes sense I guess. As Tyler said earlier, Rebekah has been helping him with blood bags so Tyler must have invited her in earlier. Elena is just being annoyed that she decided to run the opposite way. And sponsoring a keg party isn't that bad!

I will more like to point out how Bonnie was able to find a spell to send Vicki back to the other world! Bonnie, still a plot device!


Eric Hochberger, you can be compelled at the door as Klaus did to a woman in the first episode of the season. It's probably limited to Originals, meaning that Damon couldn't do something similar.


The whole Rebecca being in the salvatore house without being invited in is simple Elena died and for a while there was no living owner of the house so since she has not signed another house deed the house currently has no living owner.
As for her getting into Tyler's house she either asked or compelled tyler of his mother to let her in. Somebody pointed out that Tyler's mom is the owner of the house so it stands to reason that only she could invite vampire's in but Tyler invited Katherine into his house before. Jenna, Jeremy and Elena have all invited vampires into their house as well.


I've been quite pleased with Season 3 because I find the story of the Originals really intriguing. I can really get immersed in the storylines of Klaus creating an army, Mikael being feared by him, the Originals' backstory, Stefan doing Klaus' bidding, Stefan-Elena-Damon, Caroline-Tyle-Rebekah... but add ghosts into that mixture? I'm feeling supernaturals overload!!!


For number 5, Tyler mentioned that Rebekah has been helping out like giving him the blood bags so she has probabily entered his house before and Elena is not living at the Salvatore house atm and has not for the whole summer so maybe thats why Rebekah can just walk in


I LOVE the TVD round table. Sometimes I don't know if I'm more excited for the episode or reading the round table that follows it.

1) Favourite scene was actually the last scene with Elena and Stefan. I'm still debating whether Stefan is pretending to lose his humanity or not but I'm enjoying every single one of his scenes.I preferred this scene because of Elena. She was definitely less annoying this episode, not trying to promote underage drinking but she is a better character with it. Loved when she stabbed him after he called her pathetic. Woop woop!

2) Surely Katherine can't die. Aren't vampires only supposed to die if they're stabbed in the heart, heart ripped out or severed head? She'll be back, but hopefully with a better story line.

3) Erm, Rebekah with the splits I think.

4) Vicki needs to leave and never come back. She wasn't great when she was alive and she's no better when she's dead. Anna however is the only thing that makes Jeremy interesting. Apart from that ghosts are a bore. I agree, if they're dead they're dead. I don't like this as an excuse to bring everyone back... Not interested -_-

5) I'm trying to think of every reason but I can't justify how Rebekah got in the house. You can't compel someone to let you in. Yes Tyler could have invited her when she gave him the blood bag but as a vampire he no longer has the authority to invite anyone in so... I don't get it. Maybe it's an error by the writers. I mean they did over look the fact that if no living person is living in a house anyone can go in but Logan Fell said he couldn't because he lived alone. *shrugs* it's TVD so I'll overlook it. But they've also done this with Elijah at Alaric's house. I hope this isn't becoming a habit.


I think Tyler probably invited her in that morning when she gave him the blood bag. He had that drop of blood on his shirt at school!


God, I really thought that this episode title would be connected with newest Malese's track, which is a loose cover of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit". You should listen to it (available on Youtube), it does not beat the original, but is still pretty entertaining ;]


Really, I am a HUGE fan of this show (I have the DVD sets & soundtrack) but I am starting to get very worried. The ghost plot is really lame, not to mention the fact that the only thing the writers use Bonnie for is to cast/undo a spell so the day can be saved. Season 3 is turning out to be a big disappointment, way too many different side stories instead of developing/following thru on original ones...this is my favorite show on TV right now, its a crying shame to see it slowly deteriorate.


A friend of mine thinks that a different actress other than Clair Holt played Rebekah in Smells like Teen Spirit. I don't agree and I cannot find anything on line about it. Please let me know I am wrong.

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