The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The Reckoning"

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The latest episode of The Vampire Diaries was packed with more action than Lindsay Lohan's bedroom on a Saturday night.

Sorry, Linds. But, seriously, a whole lot went down on "The Reckoning!" Where do Round Table panelists Matt Richenthall, Steve Marsi, Eric Hochberger and Dan Forcella begin? Find out right now...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: My favorite scene? I only took one breath the entire hour. It's all jammed together in my head as one, long, action-packed scene of awesomeness.

Steve: The look of sheer delight on Klaus' face upon murdering Tyler. Joseph Morgan was an amazing choice for this role, and the fact that this shocker of a scene happened so early set the tone for the edge-of-your-seat thrill ride to come.

Dan: Mine was also Klaus snapping Tyler's neck. That move dropped my jaw like a "mother-father" and I don't think it came back up for the rest of the episode. We knew right then and there that Tyler was either going to die or become the second legit hybrid before the end of the installment.

Eric: Yeah, sorry, pretty sure we're all headed to the basketball court for our favorite scene. Next.

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Dumber mistake on Klaus' part: Leaving Elena behind or leaving Tyler behind?
Matt: He did at least leave Elena in the hands of newly hilarious/cold-hearted Stefan, so there's a protection plan in place there. But if Klaus is really lonely and aiming to make hybrid friends so they can do hybrid things (like save on gas mileage), departing without his new hybrid didn't make a lot of sense.

Steve: Tie? I realize that after "The Reckoning," where the producers turned Klaus loose on steroids, they feel they have to cool it for awhile in order to retain his aura of mystery. That said, he sure peaced out abruptly at the end, and his decisions to leave Tyler and Elena at various points felt a bit dubious - written in only to ensure the unlikely survival of each. That said, I trust the writers and the overall narrative they weave, and these minor points did not detract from an episode worthy of five stars.

Dan: At first look, it's leaving Elena.  s long as he has her blood, he can make as many more Tylers as he wants. But eventually he's going to regret leaving Tyler behind, as the newly formed hybrid will turn up to be Klaus' undoing... like a certain Bold Prediction a certain commenter made in a certain previous Round Table.

Eric: Elena! Tyler was an experiment. With Elena you can always make new Tylers.

More exciting development: Tyler becoming a hybrid, Stefan losing all humanity or Katherine and Jeremy awakening Michael?
Matt: Stefan all the way. It's like when Jerry and Kramer switched apartments and personalities on Seinfeld, only with fewer Kenny Rogers Chicken signs and more heartbreak for Elena.

Steve: This episode was outstanding all around, making arguments for any of these (and other) options viable, but I'm gonna go with the last option. Laying eyes on the one vampire who scares the crap out of Klaus - who had just proven to be more vindictive, evil and powerful than ever before - was an incredible way to end the hour.

Dan: It's definitely Michael because it's so new. What will he be about? Will he be awesome or lame? Does he actually have the power to take out Klaus? And who else will he take out in the process? So many interesting developments come along with Michael.

Eric: Tyler becoming a hybrid! Not so much that he in particular did, but that Klaus found a way to do it without killing the doppelgänger. I've gotten kind of a soft spot for Elena these last years. Glad she'll be able to stick around as this storyline continues. And, who am I kidding, I'm glad to see my favorite couple on TV both being vampires. Now they can be Forwood Forever. All together now: awwww.

Matt can now see Vicki. Do you care?
Matt: Only if it detracts from his time serving drinks at The Grill. Customers need their service!

Steve: Of course I do. As a card-carrying member of Team Matty, I'm stoked that he's finally getting in on some form of supernatural action.

Dan: No. I haven't enjoyed Matty since Caroline sent him packing.

Eric: No. An unlike Dan, I didn't even enjoy Matt when he was dragging Caroline down. But I did enjoy him drowning. Just not so much Bonnie rescuing him.

Were you impressed by the senior class pranks?
Matt: No, nor was I impressed by the lack of backbone on said seniors. Klaus, a total stranger, comes in and says that's it, the evening is over, and they scatter? Man up, seniors, paint handicap signs in the faculty parking spots while you're at it.

Steve: Let's just say that as a person who once wedged highly illegal fireworks under a neighbor's door, then jumped to a nearby trash can, from which I lit the long fuse and filmed his reaction while remaining hidden, I was less than wowed by the Mystic Falls gang and their weak mousetrapping/toilet papering. True story, unless my mom happens to be reading this, in which case I'm obviously kidding.

Dan: No. Lame sauce. Here's a senior prank for them: turn all of the students into vampires. Boom!

Eric: No. But, I mean, if we didn't want to go the insane route of Dan's suggestions, there's still way better middle ground for picking on underclassmen than feeding on them. And let's give them credit, this was the stuff the night before. I'm sure they had the obligatory super soakers loaded with urine for the next day and plenty more tricks up their sleeves.


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@bamboodo. Screw Stefan! I hope Michael kills Stefan just for lying to him in the 20's in Chicago! YES Delena!!


Omg this episode was Hot!! First of all kudos to the writers and everyone who had a helping in making this season the best by far!! Ok so there is another vampire whose an even bad ass than klaus thats hot! Cant wait to meet Micheal. Stefan becoming a bad ass is funny sexy and just the perfect choice. Even though I loved stefan his character was gettn stiff. Please kill off Matt his character has no point BORING!! Tyler turning into a hybrid Noooooooo!! I was devastated by this choice because this cant be good news. I dont know how but this hybrid thing is going to backfire and when it does tyler is going to get mixed up in its vengeful wrath. Im so liking the jealousy thing with klauses sister funny! Im so lovin dis thing between damon and elaina. Damon is sexy and now that I know he has an smart side to his impulsiveness it makes me love him even more. Please dont kill our main characters I sense death in Mystic Falls and death among friends is not whats up. This whole vicky dead thing I dont trust her!


I love evil Stefan because the person we've been seeing for the last 2 seasons, while brooding and complicated, is actually quite boring, I don't care how much he loves someone. He needs to love himself for a bit. And Elena needs to love herself. Their relationship had such a co-dependency, it could never have actually lasted much longer. I hope the events of this week's episode have actually opened Elena's eyes to this. And I'm not saying this because I want Damon to step in. (Or that I don't.) I just think there are more interesting things to explore right now, and we have some great ships which are just as important - Forewood, Matt/Bonnie/Jeremy. Seriously, they are enough to fill a whole timeslot. And what I really want to see is more Originals. There are like 4 other coffins guys. If not more. If this is the season of the originals, Michael, old as he is, better not be the only one appearing for the next while (seeing as Nicklaus has run off without his doppelganger blood or hybrid buddy).


I think Klaus stopped caring for Elena and hybrids the moment Damon mentioned Michael. Klaus, for some reason, is scared to death of him, and wants to be as far away from him as possible. That means going on the run, and having two people tagging along who don't WANT to tag along, is only gonna slow him down. Klaus will be back for them sooner or later, right now I think he's more concerned about saving his own ass.


Well, I think that the Original Witch said that the Doppleganger had to die so that when she died Klaus would be unable to create more Hybrids because the blood needed is gone. Also, I like the idea of a different Stefan, because it means Elena will realized that he's not right, and go for the bad-ass brother in all his "bad brother glory"!! I REALLY like Gloria, cause she tortured Stefan almost as great as the Damon-Mason torture scene!!! And she's just cool, and her "sorry, you may be cute, but you're still a vampire" to Damon was amazing, especially since she got away with it, unlike Bree. I like the sound of Michael, but I want to see more KLAUS!! I liked the pranks, though. And Caroline and Tyler!! I think he'd make a great Hybrid, cause then him and Caroline can stay together forever and he doesn't have to transform if he doesn't want to!!!


Sorry Tyler haha


Hello? I think Klaus left Taylor and Elena behind just because of Michael! Nobody else thinks that?

Strawberry fields

Favourite scene - I was gonna say Klaus snapping Tyler's neck… Since the panel triply rewarded the scene already, I'm going with my silver and bronze (which were equally hard to choose). Silver goes to Elena asking Damon were he was, followed by Stefan and his: "By all means, carry on". How awesome was that? I don't feel angry at Elena for expecting Damon to be there. After all she never said it's a bad idea for them to be friends. It was all Alaric and his new paternal instinct. The only mistake on her part was to try making Damon better, but she does that on everyone. Bronze goes to the lonely hybrid. When Rebekah asked Klaus if his obsession was all about not being alone, I thought he was gonna cry. Poor lonely Original hybrid… :) Dumber mistake - if we want to hold Klaus to what he said ("Given the choice: doppelganger or hybrid, I go hybrid every time") the answer should be Tyler :) but I wouldn't exactly call them "mistakes". He did wan't to take both of them, until Damon told him about Michael. That obviously changed his plans, probably for a reason. I agree with Jordan on this. Exciting development - all of the above. My favourite remains Stefan going bad. Please, let it be for real this time. And don't fix him right away. The most important development however is probably Michael. The show keeps bringing weird hybrids - first a vampire-werewolf, now a vampire AND a hunter, next thing will be a vampire-witch. Matt-Vicky story line was not that exciting, considering everything else that happened, but it's nice to see him have any real story line. And it wasn't completely useless. The show has officially reached the point where I like every character :) and with everything that is happening, there is almost no time for me to miss Elijah anymore :)


Klaus won't need Elena for a while because he took the bag with her blood (which Damon noticed when he rescued Elena from the hospital room). Given that it took very little blood to convert Tyler to a hybrid and those bags can hold at least a pint of blood, he probably has enough blood to make at least 10 more hybrids. If Michael is that big a threat, then taking Elena or Tyler would only slow him down or prompt Damon to help Michael find him. So I thought that leaving both of them behind was actually a very smart move! Other comments:
1. Glad to see Bonnie and Jeremy featured more in this episode (even though they weren't actually together!). The scenes with Jeremy and Catherine were great.
2. Tyler as a hybrid can't be good. Any scene in which a character is deliriously happy can only mean that bad things are about to happen. Would it be too much to ask for him and Caroline to live happily ever after for the rest of the series?
3. Whipped doesn't suit Damon.
4. Katherine is probably up to no good, but I still like her.
5. Klaus is becoming more interesting. His sister is becoming less interesting. Another family member please?
6. Team Vicky.
7. Evil Stefan is fun. Paul Wesley can pull off anything.
8. Where's Alaric?

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