The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: What is Katherine's Deal?

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Thank you, Damon!

Ever since Katherine popped up in Chicago, we've been wondering what is going on with Nina Dobrev's mysterious non-Elena character. What is her agenda? Her end game? Her goal with that necklace?

On this week's episode - officially previewed HERE - Damon will pull over during the pair's road trip and wonder the same thing. Watch him grill Katherine in the following clip from "The Reckoning" and, of course, return to TV Fanatic soon after this episode concludes for a detailed review:

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@Louiza she took the necklases and after hearing what happened with jeremy she took him and went to Jeremy! We didn't saw her taking him but in the episode guide for this episode it was written that Damon will "help" Jeremy to use his new power to stop Klaus!


Alright, I think it's Jeremy too, but NOBODY notice that he was missing?????


OMG!!! it has got to be JEREMY :-O :D


dis is going to be one awesome episode,may be katherine is compelled by klaus,i dnt knw wat's her agender coz u can't predict the bitch,but we'll see.


What in the trunck??? cant wait till tm. this is such a great show...


Katarina stole Jeremy! She's the queen B! I love her! I don't doubt in them to deliver a great episode again! Just interested how they will involve Jeremy in the whole Klaus story!

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