The Vampire Diaries Teaser: Tick-Tock...

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Are we nearing the end of Elena?

Probably not, but the official CW preview for next week's "The Reckoning" doesn't exactly foretell a bright future for this Vampire Diaries heroine. Watch now, as Stefan is seemingly forced to race against the click before feeding on the love of his life. That's a tough spot for any guy to be in...

Elsewhere on the upcoming episode, look for Senior Prank Night to go horribly wrong, and for Damon to learn about Jeremy's ghostly visitors.

As for the latest action-packed installment? Read my review of Caroline's anger, Alaric's new position and Katherine's mysterious involvement NOW.

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this episode looks great.i don't think stefan will feed on elena but if he looses control or for some reason does i think when he starts or right before he starts damon will come in and stop him.i like stefan and elena together but stefan is pretending that he's good and wouln't hurt anyone again even though he's killed so many people but damon is real and he really loves elena and he's real because he kills people even though he doesn't really want to he feels the need to because he's a vampire and that's what there suppose to do but at least damon admitts that he's the bad one and that he needs to kill people and he doesn't lie about who he is.i think that elena and damon would be good together but it would also be a little weird seeing them together after her being with stefan.


I agree with most everyone apparently. Stelena is boring and lacks the all important chemistry. Stef acts innocent but he's really the closet bad brother and always gets the girl. Damon loves her more and never gets the girl, well he should win Elena in the end. Atleast he keeps it real!


wow i really needed some action and this could be it! oh my god i cant believe how some people think the chemistry between damon and elena can be ignored while stelena's getting so old and boring and the chemistry's none existent! i mean why do they always have to go with the nice guy,easy choice? stefan's actually the evil one making all the mistakes and getting him and his brother into trouble and then they award him by letting him have all the girls!!weird!


this looks amazingg


I don't like the way that Kevin willaimson is handling this season so far, I know its only four eps, but there is like nothing that is interesting nor making any sense... They made klaus too perfect as a villian... he needs to be a bit dupable... seriously...


Everytin dat has happened,wateva stefan is goin thru nw is coz of damon.He agrees to do watever klaus wants if it means damon's survival.Also i don't tink stefan wil feed on elena,he would never ever do anything to hurt her


stefan won't go completely evil will he tho - hasn't he been weening himself off blood by drinking elena's and drinking vervain? hmmm and also what if elena drinks vervain and stefan feeds on her? ...


Stelena is great but i enjoy delena more because Elena likes D but dont admit it.. I like D as he is sweet and the bad guy at the same time..


how about we let the people who actually watch and know the show comment on it.

Uncle jackass

In discussing about the correlation between on screen and off screen chemistry (e.g. Ian and Nina and the once Penn Badgley and Blake Lively) it's quite an ASSERTION at times to think that it "directs" the path of the show. I can be joyous for them being together, but at the end of the day, it's none of my Fraking business! Being a fictitious show, I prefer to not translate personas from actors to characters; otherwise it feels naive and personifying the characters. That said, feel free to comment about the direction of the characters. In that respect I don't mind...

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