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I love this show but when ever I see Rick all I can think about is "Love Actually" he was my favorite character in that Movie but otherwise I cannot wait til next week!! It is so suspenseful


With this show I only think the one character who is safe is Rick, the star. Will Carl make it? I really do not know, because this show is brutal. The girl is missing, will she be OK? As for Shane and Otis, well someone is needed for a rescue. Get Daryl to the farm and tell him what is happening, he will go in and kick butt. This is one rough show, a real roller coaster ride, you can't get comfortable and bored.


I love this show! I'm think the little girl who is missing is a goner. We may see her in an episode soon as A walker. Carl is going to survive, he has to! Oh and I'm pretty excited for next week's episode. I want to see how Shane get's out of that medical center alive.


Far better episode than the S2 premiere. I loved the flashback in the beginning. It showed Shane in a different light. Yes he's got some major flaws, however in the end he's really trying to do the right thing. It just never goes right. I'm excited they are on the farm. Things seem like they will get better but as we know (from the comics) things ate never as they seem. Can't wait for next weeks episode!


The Walking Dead (wisely) follows the "Romero Rules". The VERY FIRST zombie in the Romero world could move pretty fast over short distances. Not run, you understand, but shamble damn fast.(The first zombie also used bludgeons, and looked for one when he needed it, listened and investigated doors for prey. He fought well enough to beat a human in a fair fight because hits didn't faze him.)

The opening scene, where Rick is running with Carl and is basically out of gas, was terrific. Very real to life. It's very very very VERY hard to run a long way cradling someone. and that was the only way to hold a kid shot in the belly. Nice job, WD.

I agree that the face touching was over the top. It was "actor shit" if you ask me. Hammy. You could make the case that Shane is trying to overcompensate for his betrayal before, but that was a little too caress-y for me.

The FEMA trailer thing was a great ending. The bolt was ALMOST out, and it was a great cliffhanger....But was stupid because they're just sitting there looking at it...Again. A little too drama-y. And it was dumb that they wouldn't have an exit strategy once they got into the trailer anyway. Those ATCO trailers got sky lights. That's where I'd be going...Still, good scene and I have to let it go. Now we know who Shane is running with from the teaser trailers.

Daryl...Sunuvabitch. The guy is the breakout star of this series. He's funny, smart, tactical, quick, a great fighter, and he works good in a team. They better have a "Daryl" action figure minted pretty quick 'cause the fan boys are gonna eat it up.

Theo better get an actual character soon. I like the actor, but the character has nothing to hang my hat on. He's just a blank now. That said, if he gets a featured episode in the next little while, I put money he dies at the end of it.

Who decides to do a Run and Gun with Pruitt Taylor Vince? The guy is a great Great actor...But run from a horde of zombies? Not so much....Unless we're going for the the old joke. "I don't have to run faster than them...just faster than you."

I thought it was a really good episode.


Does anyone else think Rick may have dropped a hint about what the scientist whispered to him while talking to Hershel?


Lol I thought I was the only one bothered by the bromance. I thought the same thing when they were all up in each others faces. Each time they are that close I can't help but think " Dude you were banging his wife"...Smh I can't wait for that bombshell to drop. All in all a very good episode and yes, I def love Daryl also..His comments are the best!


It was already better than the premiere.

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