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The Walking Dead Season 2

"Beside the Dying Fire"

Chaos takes over the farm on the season two finale of The Walking Dead. Will everyone make it out alive?

"Better Angels"

Rick, Shane, Daryl and Glenn set up patrol around the farm this week, as something is out there.

"Judge, Jury, Executioner"

Rick and Shane come to an agreement this week, while Carl's actions make an unexpected impact.

"18 Miles Out"

Rick and Shane square off on The Walking Dead this week, while Andrea steps in to help with Hershel's daughter.


Rick, Glenn and Hershel are trapped this week, squaring off against a new foe for survival. Lori, meanwhile, finds herself in danger on the road.


The Walking Dead is back! Read on for a rundown of the drama's midseason premiere.

"Pretty Much Dead Already"

On the midseason finale of The Walking Dead, a significant threat makes it presence known. Dale also has it out with Shane.

Glenn must keep a pair of secrets this week, while Andrea stares down a life-or-death situation. Rick also learn a key piece of intel.


Daryl gets injured on The Walking Dead this week, while Glenn tries to read signals from Maggie. Does she like him?

"Cherokee Rose"

Shane suffers the consequences of his deadly sacrifice on The Walking Dead this week, while the gang ponders the line between living and dying.

"Save the Last One"

The survivors await Shane's return this week. They have no idea he's trapped in a school with the zombies.


Rick think he has found a new safe spot this week. Elsewhere, Shane goes off in search of medical supplies.

"What Lies Ahead"

The Walking Dead is back! Read on for a recap of the season two premiere of this AMC thriller.

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