Trip Out: Aaron Tveit Returning to Gossip Girl

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Aaron Tveit is returning to Gossip Girl as Trip van der Bilt, Nate's politically ambitious and scandal-prone cousin. He will appear in a multi-episode arc this season, although it's not clear exactly when.

It's also unclear why he's back, but if he still has big-time political aspirations, his family's involvement with media mogul Diana Payne (Elizabeth Hurley) and Dan's tell-all book could pose problems.

Just a theory there. Or he could just be returning to woo Serena.

Serena and Tripp

Trip's affair with Serena - who was termed a teenage Rielle Hunter by Lily in one of our all-time favorite Gossip Girl quotes - threatened both his political career and his marriage in Season Three.

It didn't end well for him. Nate, in one of his best moments to date, punched his cousin after Trip and Serena got into a car accident and he made it look like she was driving to avoid a scandal.

Maybe he and Nate will throw down again this season. What do you think? Are you excited for the return of Trip? What do you think brings him back to Gossip Girl in Season 5? Comment below!

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Ah, this means Serenate for sure! Yes(:


I love tripp YAY!! im happy he's back i just hope that maureen will not be back with him! Carter should come back to though I love him!!!!!!!


i saw this & thought it was her hot Business Psych Professor... wish they were bringing him back! he was better for her than most of her boyfriends


maybe you should do a 90210 style and bring in a completely nerdy guy everyone and maybe S will fall for?! like max and naomi. OR bring back Carter!


Argh! He was a complete dickhead! However, I'm glad he did what he did to Serena. She's just as bad as him.


Can't wait to see Trip again !




OMG you guys need to see this (before TV Fanatic erases it), Diana is seriously insane: @ robyn.stahley: oh I thought it was the looks, some girls in the forums here didn't like his teeths, something about the fangs, anyways I never really thought about how he talked, I should check it.


@pty: Thanks. I didn't think he was bad looking. I just hated the way he talked.


I dont care about his return, I want to see more of Georgina!!!

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