Trip Out: Aaron Tveit Returning to Gossip Girl

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Aaron Tveit is returning to Gossip Girl as Trip van der Bilt, Nate's politically ambitious and scandal-prone cousin. He will appear in a multi-episode arc this season, although it's not clear exactly when.

It's also unclear why he's back, but if he still has big-time political aspirations, his family's involvement with media mogul Diana Payne (Elizabeth Hurley) and Dan's tell-all book could pose problems.

Just a theory there. Or he could just be returning to woo Serena.

Serena and Tripp

Trip's affair with Serena - who was termed a teenage Rielle Hunter by Lily in one of our all-time favorite Gossip Girl quotes - threatened both his political career and his marriage in Season Three.

It didn't end well for him. Nate, in one of his best moments to date, punched his cousin after Trip and Serena got into a car accident and he made it look like she was driving to avoid a scandal.

Maybe he and Nate will throw down again this season. What do you think? Are you excited for the return of Trip? What do you think brings him back to Gossip Girl in Season 5? Comment below!

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@ robyn.stahley: the name was Gabriel Serrano, and he was played by Armmie Hammer who made a breakthrough in The Social Network and is a rising star at the moment, the thing is, when Armmie played Gabriel, his haircut was not impressive, but now he looks way better.


But he's still better than weird guy Serena thought she married, the one who dated Poppy. His name isn't coming to me.


That guy is so dorky.


Hopefully this will lead to "The Grandfather Part III", fingers crossed. @ Uncle Jackass: you have to admit, a good thing about Nate and Raina was that it proved Nate can throw a smoldering look to a woman, like he did to Raina in the pot scene in 3x16, I mean that was some look he gave her. And Diana Payne served a similar purpose in the last episode, boy that kid flirted with her, the "sex for the interview" dialogue kinda shocked me, the fact that it come from Nate I mean.


diana probally wants to ruin the archibalds /van der Bilt 's in some way and thats why she wants nate, since she prob heard that he likes sexy cougers


I love Trip and William Vanderbilt! I really hope that Nate gets a good storyline for once. The books focused on Nate... I love how the writers are bringing back the stoner side of him though :)


Oh god no I hated him.

Uncle jackass

Perhaps this will ignite the Serenate ships back together. I never did like the whole Diana Payne, Future Charlie, Raina, Wife of a Lord relationship sagas'. Chace's character deserves better. A white knight to defend against the stalker Tripp would seem somewhat interesting.


Good maybe this will give Nate something to do other than hangout and be a pawn in other peoples schemes last season he was Juliet's puppet this season it appears that Diana has started pulling his strings


Hmmm. Very interesting. I hope Nate gets the chance to stand up for Serena again, he was so sexy when he did that. I hope Nate gets out of his obsession with this Diana. It's pathetic seeing him crawl around like a lovestruck puppy just because of some good sex. As for Tripp...who knows why he's back? I think that since Serena has not guy around, Tripp might try to woo her a bit. It'll be interesting to see how he shakes things up. If he does, anyways.

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