Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: Deja Vu for Damon

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Greetings, Blondie. Witchie. Got a minute?

On this Thursday's new episode of The Vampire Diaries, Caroline will be having a conversation with Bonnie about sending Vicki back to the other side and whether or not Jeremy's other ghostly ex-girlfriend, Anna, is still around. You know, the usual girl talk.

But then Damon will pull up and interrupt with a simple demand for Bonnie: You screwed up. Mason is back. He's after me. Fix it. Peace it!

Check out the official trailer for "Ghost World" and then get an early look at the installment via this sneak peek now:

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God, could writer build such a great character like Damon Salvatore.
Let`s forget about the obvious fact that he´s the hell damned beautiful..okay forget it - it`s impossible to ignore - but i absolutly love his sarcastic, funny and dark sides so much..what a manifold and interesting character..and on the other side he could love really deeply. From his firt moment in this show he made it clear that he is a vampire and not a puppie..
Hate all this discussions about Damon and Elena, Stefan and Elena or weird stuff like Damon and Bonnie..
But Elena,`s better to take somebody who doesn`t hide his darks sides from you and not make feel like a living blood bag..
And by the way, the tension in the last episode was breathtakin...


Actually in the books LJ recently admitted on her must read list that she wanted Bamon and the new Phantom book lets just say Elena made her choice and Damon and Bonnie might be starting something... Also LJ wrote Phantom and the ghost writer pretty much copied it but changed a minor thing. Best book to date :)


When I kill someone, their supposed to stay dead. LmAo I love Damon


Personally I really dislike Bonnie simply because her character seems to very self-righteous and judgemental, and is written flat. And VD is becoming one of those shows where the villians are FAR more interesting than the good guys. It also doesn't help that I love Anna, she's seems like a much more dynamic character.


I personally love Bonnie as a character on the show! Why can't we just love everybody?


@Ziariz - It's not because she's black that she's disliked by a portion of the fanbase, it's because she never has an interesting storyline and her witch powers are only used as an plot device eraser. No one's asking for this to become an all white cast but the dislike of Bonnie has nothing to do with the colour of her skin and more about how the writers have been using the character. I want to like Bonnie but after two seasons of pretty boring character development, I want the show to actually do something with her that isn't just a quick fix. Hell, I feel the same way about Matt. Neither of their characters ever get a decent story. If they did then maybe I'd like them a bit more but as of now, they are just boring and sparsely used.


it's so unfair that the only black character is the only one that is being hated. very unfair and racist. I honestly thought we were past this whole racist crap but apparently not. an all white character would kill this series for me and a lot of people, it would just be another Upper East side-Gossip girl wannabe - cheap and disillusioned. Let's be real, we don't live in an all white country, try and respect the other races that exist with you. thanks


We are still waiting for Damon to take Elena to homecoming. The rest will come later.


Lets be real. Damon, is never going to end up with Bonnie. Even in the books, there was a very low chance of it ever happening. I respect Bonnie as an important character, but I think that the whole series would suck if Damon ended up with anyone other than Elena, and of course they'd get major complaints if it didn't happen.
But where did anyone come up with Bamon or Donnie in the first place?!! HE hasn't ever shown any interest in Bonnie.


@Burymeinvegas, this is just a show, dont get racist. there have been some good black and white couples on the shows you dont watch. We all come here to support our favourite shows dont spoil it for all of us. just keep it in our journal.

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