Which Former Vampire Diaries Star is Coming to 90210?

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In the very near future, Arielle Kebbel will reportedly reprise her role as Lexi on The Vampire Diaries. But that won't be the last time we see this actress on The CW.

TV Guide reports that Kebbel is headed to Beverly Hills: she'll recur on 90210 as Vanessa, a partially reformed former bad girl who still enjoys a tad of risk-taking. Look for her to cozy up to one of the show's lead male characters.

Lexi on Vampire Diaries

Kebbel will premiere on 90210 in December.


@PrincessD: I totally feel you. It seems like all the main cast is just hopping from one bed to the next. I mean it's okay that none of the original couples are together anymore, but it just feels completely random! Silver and Navid? Dixon and Adrianna? What a swap. (I know the second part hasn't happened yet, but i'm sure it will). It just feels like these relationships don't even mean anything. Like now with naomi and max. They were cute and fun together, but now the next best thing (Austin) just came along. It's getting ridiculous. But maybe that's how people in LA are. I hope not!


It would be fun if she awakened Liam's bad boy side which has been pretty MIA since season 1! I love Arielle Kebbell both in John Tucker, Gilmore Girls and Vampire Diaries. The girl is a kameleon, and if someone can spice up the 90210 it's HER!


It's most likely going to be Liam. Face it, she's probably going to end up at his bar somehow and then... bam! New romantic storyline for Liam. What is he at now, his third this season?


BTW I could see her replacing some of the main cast girls! With AnnaLynn wanting a way out cause she got a little bored with the show and I see Naomi wondering out of country with Austin this seems nice! And Silver becoming pretty boring and wanting to go to NYU I would love "Lexi" to stay around!


she was also great in gilmour girls and john tucker must die :)


@lolly_ish: The purpose of guest stars is for the regulars to interact with people outside their circle that could hopefully help with the main character's individual development and/or contribute to a show's ongoing storylines. I don't see this as a bad thing as this is has been a practice already since the days of black and white. I don't get why this is a problem for 90210 when nearly every other show is also getting visits from other actors. We've had Summer Glau on Dollhouse and Chuck, Terry O'Quin and the hottie from NCIS LA in Hawaii Five-O, Erica Durance on Charlie's Angels, Tim Gunn on Gossip Girl, Devon Sawa on Nikita, just to name a few.


Great news!

Far isch

wow! how many guest stars so far this season seriously?!


why dont they just stick to the characters they have and try to develop a long lasting strong relationship between two characters instead of adding more and more (i love Arielle Kebbel btw) and shuffling partners among themselves. Im getting really sick of this. I mean come on, i knw they are teenagers and ppl like to experiment during this time, but seriously this is just getting more and more ridiculous by the episode. I stopped watching 90210 because of this. and now Arielle Kebbel, is gonna star, i will have to force myself to catch up on repeats, cuz i would like to see her performance (love her as Lexi, so glad she's coming back next week!).


For the love of God, please don't let it be Liam!
I honestly hope it's for Navid. That way this character can somehow manage to break both him and Silver up, as these two need to go!

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Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.