Who Will Romance Megan Hunt?

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It's not a bad week to be Jamie Bamber.

First, it was announced that the former Battlestar Galactica actor would appear next month as a Patient of the Week on House. Now, TV Line also confirms that Bamber will soon make a personal appointment with Dr. Megan Hunt... if you know what we mean!

Jamie Bamber Pic

Bamber has been cast of Body of Proof as Scott Decker, a love interest for Dana Delany’s medical examiner. Look for this character to be of the blue collar variety, to debut next month and to be featured on three episodes.


I hope Body of Proof gets CUT!!!! Making a good drama an "R-Rated" series as Dana Delany playing a sex toy for Bamber!


Hmm, Jamie Bamber as Megan's love interest? That would officially make Dana Delaney's character a cougar, given that Delaney is 17 years older than Bamber.


i haven't watched an episode yet...but with the casting of Jamie Bamber...you have a guaranteed new viewer. More than 3 episodes would be lovely though..... Jamie is an amazing actor and the sexiest thing on the planet.

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