90210 Episode Promo: "O Holly Night"

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A week after stepping into the world of fashion, 90210 will close out 2011 with an early holiday celebration.

On an episode we already know will conclude with Liam's life in the balance, fans can also look forward to the following developments on next week's installment:

  • Naomi is asked to plan Holly's birthday party.
  • Annie breaks into Jeremy's apartment.
  • Navid runs into trouble regarding his uncle.
  • Liam discovers something shocking about Annie.

Watch the official CW preview now:

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If Vinny was given a good guy character, and not a snobby rich kid spot, he'd be perfect for the job, but right now I don't think of him as 90210 material.


OMG... I was watching an old episode of the show and guess what? The actor that plays austin, is the same one that played the cop stripper at Ivy and Raj bachelor party!!!!!


How much bet liam finds out about liam being a prostitute and goes to beat one the clients or something


I hope more action on next episodes, cant wait for episode 12 =)
anyway... is the mid-season finale :D


I think it would be pretty funny if Annie runs over Liam with her car. She already has a history of hit and run! =D


ugh I hope Naomi and Austin don't break up :c


I just want liam and annie back together I hope he help her instead of judging her


No more Holly/Naomi feud please! Get rid of Austin already!


Poor Naomi. She can never catch a break with love.
Go Liam! Hit that bastard in the face! I want Liam and Annie back! Although, Liam has a love interest coming up so that's highly unlikely.
I'm not liking that Silver's new guy is married. It means she may dump him and go back to Navid.


First off all spoiler alert tvfanatic about liam's life plz...also vinny again? Really ugh

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