90210 Exclusive: Gillian Zinser on Marriages, Mistakes and Moving Forward

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Season four of 90210 is all about "transitions," Gillian Zinser says, as the characters we've followed for years are growing into themselves, taking on various adventures in the world, figuring out where their lives will take them next.

Except for Zinser's Ivy, that is. She has already established her position in life, dedicating it to taking care of husband Raj.

Ivy, Deep in Thought

"Ivy is in a completely different world from everyone else," Zinser told me over the phone. "She's struggling between finding a balance between her marriage and living for herself. What makes her happy? What does she truly want to do?"

Those questions do seem a bit more pressing than what kind of party Naomi will next throw.

When Ivy and Raj got married, they did so with an understanding that an "expiration date" was attached to the relationship, Zinser explains. He was sick. The concept of forever was actually not abstract. But now Raj's cancer is in remission and Ivy is questioning whether she fell in love with who Ray brought out in her, as opposed to Raj himself.

"There's a bit of romantic confusion," Zinser says and 90210 viewers know why: Ivy seemed taken with photographer Nick last episode. What can we expect to go down between these two? The actress teased:

"A triangle will form that will test Ivy's devotion and dedication to Raj. They will re-examine their relationship."

Starting tonight? Tune in and find out. The gang heads to Las Vegas this evening. Watch the new episode promo HERE and visit TV Fanatic soon after it airs for a detailed review.

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Honestly, I couldn't care less about Ivy. Her character feels like nothing more than filler. I'm shocked that Gillian wasn't given a pink slip when they were making casting cuts earlier this year.


Gillian is one of my favorite actresses in 90210! I really love to watch her open up herself and be completly honest! I'm not a fan of the marriage story and it closed her up (okay I get it to show every aspect from teenage crises but this a stupid way to make her stay in L.A.). I think Raj will die this season either during the season finale or at the next break around 4x16 ! I wanna see Dark Ivy! Hate everyone around herself being opssesed by hate and pain!! I don't like the constant harmony in 90210 and that is ruining the show!


I never thought anything would develop between Ivy and that photographer and much as I oppose it, I get where she's coming from. She was really young when she married Raj so a lot of questions are bound to rise eventually. This'll be interesting to see but I hope that in the end, Ivy and Raj stay together.

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