90210 Review: Thanks for Nothing!

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It seemed like there was nothing to be really thankful for in Beverly Hills this week - and "Smoked Turkey" really slammed that sentiment home.

Let's start with Ivy and Raj. Face it, folks, Raj may have set Ivy free by pretending to still be cancer-free (really?!? Yet another phone call from his doctor? This time plunging Raj to the depths of despair?), but that marriage started showing cracks when freelance photog, Nick, started sniffing around Ivy. And, like catnip, Ivy was all over his scent.

A 90210 Thanksgiving

Ivy decided to stay with Raj out of guilt because she certainly didn't hold back when she yelled at Raj that she hadn't realized marrying him meant giving up her dreams. Maybe you should've thought of that before taking those vows, little girl. And, yes, you will be an 18-year-old divorcee before the end of the season. Big surprise.

Naomi and Austin were just two big pills this week. Waah, I'm stuck in a rock. Waah, my parents are getting divorced. Waah, you won't rip my lingerie off my bony body. Who else wanted to see Naomi smoke that joint and chop her leg off? Seriously, wasn't she declaring her undying love to Max just a few weeks ago? Now she was scaling a mountain atop a steed while wearing an oversized, ridiculous cowboy hat for Howdy Doody? Next.

Liam was beyond psyched to cook a real Thanksgiving feast for his Beverly Hills crew and it was sweet how he wanted to do it because he basically wanted to recreate his childhood the way it should have been. But the poor boy's dream was crushed when scheming Mama made a surprise visit. Seeing her baby boy on billboards all over LA apparently got her money-grubbing heart beating a little faster and she made a beeline to the Bank of Liam. Thankfully Liam quickly sent her packing.

It was only fitting that Liam's big turkey dreams ended up with the gang sharing a big old bag of tortilla chips at Offshore. Hey, at least he was spending Turkey Day with his real family.

Annie continued her secretive relationship with Patrick, even though Silver was all over it. Silver tried setting Annie up with a teacher tailor-made for herself instead. At least Silver realized that and went for it. Good for her. Now Annie can continue her whorey side-gig and Silver can stop festering over Navid.

And, finally, Dixon continued his quest to be Adrianna's new beau. I liked the fact that Adrianna could see Dixon was basically just replacing one obsession (ADHD meds) with another (her). The boy just couldn't get it together enough to realize he just had to come clean and admit his problem to the world. And how beautiful it was when he did. Happy Thanksgiving MFers!

I never liked Dixon more.


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Omg these reviews are too great. These are HILARIOUS and awesome! "Wahhh my parents are getting divorced...Next." Props. Now I don't have to watch the episodes at all...thanks for your reviews! :)


I honestly don't know why I'm still watching. This review is actually too kind for what the writers did in this episode and the entire season. The only good parts are Naomi, because she has witty and funny lines, at least when she doesn't have to play the brainless bed bunny.
For the rest of the show: Ughh. Seriously, there is no contingency or depth to the characters or their storylines. It's like a huge zick-zack is going on in each and every relationship. Plus, apart from Raj and Ivy, I don't feel any of the current couples and the way they "broke them up" at the end of the episode was completely ridiculous. They were the only couple with some depth in their relationship and this is how they're supposed to act in light of a problem which isn't really that big of a deal. It all seemed so completely staged and faked.
I've stuck by this show for all its seasons, but it's getting really annoying.


The only thing that really upset about this episode is that it seems ade was not invited to liam's thanksgiving dinner amd when the dinner was moved to the bar ade was going to go home after she was finished working. I thought liam out of people would invite his employee/friend to his thanksgiving dinner I mean he spends more time wit ade than with any of his other friends. This just really upset's me !!!


ohh the song at the end is what made the episode nice !


@CrAZychicke - if you know Max, then you should know Raj as well.. ;D


More ANNIE & LIAM please!!!!!!!!!!


@CrAZychicke: I highly rexommend that you go on watch Season 4. At least the new showrunners really stepped it up and made a marked improvement as compared to Rebecca Sinclair's tenure as EP. Raj was introduced late last season as a love interest for Ivy. She found out that Raj has cancer and also developed feelings with each other (over the course of Season 3's last 6 or so episodes). They married knowing they're relationship is doomed to end. As of the recent episode, Ivy and Raj's storyline makes up for some good teen soap. Austin was introduced to become Naomi's new boylet. Max broke up with Naomi in part of because Naomi seemed to have already moved on (after they initially broke up over the summer when they both found out Naomi had a false alarm). It kinda seemed natural that they'd do so but I wish Naomi would stop looking for the right man for her. But at least other than her boy-woes, her development as a character have seen an improvement. Nick was just introduced on the Thanksgiving episode so no word about him. Hopefully Nilver will meet its demise and Silver would find herself someone else better. Re: Bold and The Beautiful: The show always have the same recycled stories over and over again. it's always Rick-Brooke-Taylor and their immediate family doing incestuous things with each other. The onyl good about the show is some of the stories Brad Bell is actually willing to show (for Emmy consideration) But I do love me some Days of our Lives, but that show's more multi-generational so it cannot be really compared with a youth drama such as 9-0.


90210 seems like foreign shores for me right now. sort of disappointed with the whole max/naomi storyline - and what is with the pregnancy shocks and then nothing happening in GG and 90210.. also lannie not together, who the hell is raj and austin and nick?? granted i am a season behind but i'm contemplating not even watching it to be honest. only the vampire diaries seems to have great storylines these days and Glee and that's saying something. p.s you should review The Bold And the Beautiful or Days of our Lives and see who has the better plotlines compared to GG and 90210


@Dexter Idolzer: The doctor didn't say that Raj is still going to die, he just said that "it didn't work" as clarification over the results of the treatment he took.


So a doctor calls up to tell someone and tells him he's going to die? Only on 90210.

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