American Horror Story Review: Baby by Beelzebub?

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Nothing much happened on American Horror Story this week, except for an appearance by The Black Dahlia, a cameo by The Pope and the revelation that Vivien might be giving birth to the anti-Christ.

You know, just your basic episode of the FX drama.

Mena Suvari on American Horror Story

It's unclear to which character the installment's title, "Spooky Little Girl," was even referring: Mena Suvari's version of real-life murder victim Elizabeth Short? The sort-of-reincarnated-and-totally-freaky Hayden? The fetus growing inside Vivien that may very well be "the essence of evil?"

I'll just go with all of the above, since each made quite the impression on viewers throughout the hour.

The seemingly random inclusion of The Black Dahlia as an actual player in this haunted house made more sense when you stopped to consider what she has in common with Hayden, Vivien, Tate and Constance; all characters who want what they can't have. In these respective cases, that would be: Ben, a happy marriage, a normal existence and a healthy family. And, for Short, fame.

Ironically, she ended up attaining this goal in death, something that could also be said for Hayden - in her warped mind, at least, as she believes she can manipulate her way back into Ben's arms - and also for Tate, who was clearly a troubled teen (school shooting and all), but who has managed to find love with Violet in the after-life.

We already knew that after-life could include sex between ghosts and humans, as Tate also proved with Violet... but, man, it was still disturbing to watch Hayden test this theory with Constance's clueless boy toy. It doesn't seem like much has changed with her, does it? That flashback to her and Ben's drunken night in Boston depicted the same sort of obsessive, scheming, direct young woman who now commits murder without thinking twice and who is now more dangerous than ever, considering she has no life left to lose.

Ben, conversely, is hopefully realizing exactly what he does stand to lose: his not-crazy wife. You're finally seeing things as they actually are. Well said, elderly Moira.

While this doctor's cold-hearted words to Vivien inside her padded room were obviously hypocritical - the guy cheated first, after all - they were also understandable in the heat of the moment. He's treated like absolute crap, only to find out that Vivien was having affair of her own the entire time?!? Combined with the fact that Ben is sort of a jerk overall anyway and the speech about not lifting a finger to help was true to his character.

But perhaps Ben is one figure who can get what he wants without dying first. He just has to make his way past his late, psychotic ex-lover and her band of ghostly friends. (The most troubling of which, by far, is Dr. Montgomery. His pleasure at draining and cutting up bodies gives me shivers just to think about.)

As for the closing reveal that Vivien might be carrying a "perversion of the immaculate conception," a demonic child that will destroy all the good in the world and end mankind as we know it... what can I say? That sucks. But it does drive home the lesson I've already preached:

Never have sex with a man in a rubber suit unless you are 100% sure of his identity. Remember that, kids.


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So far I'm nominating the moment the 'Black Dahlia' knocked on the door as the moment the shark was jumped.


This episode was reaaalllly disappointing. Nothing new. Nothing progressed. With a big heap of religion(the ultimate crutch of lazy writing).
Unless the final episodes take a big turn, then this would have been a better movie(except the concept has been done to death).
At this point Im just waiting for Violet to pull a Carrie at the school dance.


I thought last nights episode was great! the mystery just keeps unfolding,the suspense builds, look forward to next episode.(I'm new to the show, my first season, but I've got on.)


"Never have sex with a man in a rubber suit unless you are 100% sure of his identity."
-Translation of Hebrew proverb rediscovered in Dead Sea Scrolls
That's definitely going up on the old quote board I never even considered the fact that Violet might be dead. It does make sense though. Where have the Twins been? Haven't seen them in a long time. So is this actually going to turn into an End Of Days type thing? Or, was the mention of the Antichrist simply a tactic to keep the audience off balance? Good observation linking several characters together in that they all want what they can't have.


This show is fantastic. I love horror shows, but this show has a great storyline, great characters, its sick and twisted and keeps you at the edge of your sit. I can watch it over and over, just figuring out the ghosts in the house and their connections. Love seeing Danny Romalti as Jessica Lange playboy. Hope to see Addie come back and see the new babies. Best show in a very long time.


I don't understand why Moira thinks it will help her "move on" for her bones to be discovered; even if they are moved off the property, she'll still be trapped there. The physical remains of most of the other souls trapped on the property were interred elsewhere.


MissKim75, Hyster = Womb, ia = pertaining to. Hysteria = pertaining to the womb.
Basic med/psych terminology. Moira was accurate in her telling of the origins/history and what it(hysteria) was once thought to be. Do we still think that? No, but for someone who is tooting their own horn for having "degrees" in mental health, you should know all of this. It just makes it all the more ironic when you said: "the fact that she was spouting random babble that isn't true, like it was fact was irritating."


I could totally see that violet is dead considering she hasnt been to school for two weeks and she never leaves the house anymore. But with all the bodies buried in that basement it could be anyone. Im really liking the show and was glad to see mena suvari get a cameo. Ben really needs to get a grip i mean he cheats goes back to her after he gets caught knocks the mistress up then lies and goes back to settle affairs and he thinks he has a leg to stand on when it comes to viv cheating? He keeps preaching he wants his family and for them to be together but he is a shitty husband and father. I cant wait to see how they end it and if they are going to do a second season


Oh I said Morris for the security guy but apparently that's the actor not the character. Sorry - meant Luke.


Wow all these bad comments on an episode I thought was fabulous. The Black Dahlia was a creepy addition but I don't think it was too over the top. Not as over the top as Tate committing the school shooting with a complete mimic of the Columbine shooting (in the library) which DID bother me since it seemed to be making a sympathetic character do the same exact thing as what happened in a real life tragic event. I don't think they should have made you feel sorry for Tate throughout the series and connect with the character then reveal he did that. But the Black Dahlia killing while a RL event, was committed by a character that had no prior inclusion in the show and showed no redeeming qualities. I didn't feel sorry for Ben at all. In fact it made me like him even less. His wife claimed to have been raped by a man in a black rubber suit - why didn't he immediately think maybe she'd been raped before and THAT was the father? Why didn't he at least ask her before condemning her? And frankly - her doctor revealing that at all to the husband was wrong. She needs to change doctors, obviously this woman is a shitty doctor. What did she think would be his reaction or how it would be beneficial to Vivian at all to know at this point- when she's locked up for a breakdown? Seriously - all the doctors (and now dentist!) in this show are scary. lol From Ben to Vivian's doc to the original owner of the house. And Rhayven - his ex-mistress told Ben that she saw the Morris leave the house. Of all the people you listed - who do you think would be more likely to have an affair with her??? He's a good looking man who has shown his wife attention and sympathy before. He's the only one that's even close to being considered likely to be her lover. Ben wouldn't suspect Tate and how could Hayden have gotten her pregnant? And who would want to sleep with the burned man? Ben thought she was willingly having an affair until the end of the episode when he finally realized he might be wrong. One flaw in this episode - not showing Violet at all. Her mother is locked up in the hospital and no scenes showing Tate or her dad comforting her? Seems they overlooked that.

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