Blue Bloods Review: "Black and Blue"

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Everyone got a little "Black and Blue" as Blue Bloods ventured down the slippery slope of politics, religion, and race. 

When Jamie and Renzulli responded to a 911 call, they ended up on the wrong end of church security and got tossed down a flight of stairs. 

That was some serious security. They were obviously the old testament types. How much protection did their parishioners need? What on earth were they safeguarding that required a small army of large men and was worth assaulting two police officers over?

Close Up of Frank

Then Frank was told that the church was on the NYPD's "sensitive locations list."  What exactly did that mean and how many locations are on that list? Just curious.

The near riot and then standoff were scary because of how quickly things like that can happen. Mob mentality's a frightening thing because it can't be reasoned with.

I thought that both the mayor and Frank had some good points. A non-violent negotiation should have been the first order of business but the Reverend seemed more interested in rabble rousing than talking.

When he actively hid and refused to turn over the men who had tossed two police officers down a flight of stairs, enough was enough. Church security might look tough compared to a couple of uniformed officers but an entire ESU unit is something else entirely.

I liked how Frank ordered the most polite search warrant ever. Granted Jackie had better manners than Danny.

At the Reagan family dinner, did Danny really say his sister should sleep with the sleazy lawyer and take one for the team?  Oh, she should have smacked him for that one, even if it was a joke.

In the end, the Reverend had set up the entire incident with the phony 911 call. I think I would have preferred it if they hadn't made him a bad guy. Somehow that would have made it more interesting.

So does Frank have a future in politics? Overall I think that Frank's a bright man who could be good at any number of jobs but I do think he was naive in thinking that Potter didn't matter.

He certainly shouldn't have given him too much credit but underestimating the man could be equally detrimental. If Frank ever does make a run for mayor, his PR guy will have his work cut out for him.

The one scene I wish we'd gotten to see more this week of was Renzulli pulling over the guy in the Ferrari. Some idiot talking on his cell phone, doing something blatantly stupid in his hot sports car right in front of the police officer? That must make their day.

What did you think of this week's Blue Bloods? Discuss!


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Couldn?t be written any ettber. Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!


episode was extremely weak, most of the dialog seemed so forced, uncomfortable and too simple, the situation was silly and something from the 60's slightly translated... SLIGHTLY, for today, very behind the times. NYPD are focused on terrorism not this crap. but i guess there are only so many ideas to go around that you have to pac peddle sometimes... too the friggen sixties! my friend acted on the episode and he was amazing, the main guys did their usual good job despite the episode being so weak at heart but surrounding cast maybe seemed to be struggling to remember their lines despite the simplicity. very very weak


Great episode. Great show. I'm concerned that someone connected to the Sanfino family is going to see Jaime in uniform. Would the police really put a cop doing undercover work on the street in uniform? I would be paranoid as Hell if I was Jaime.


This episode was stolen from a true story in which a cop was murdered and the case was never solved! Horrifying that CBS was due this to the cops family. documents the actual case. Shame on CBS.


They left the dinner table and went into the kitchen. That's where Danny said that she could sleep with the guy and he only said it to effectively say "would you prefer that option?" as opposed to going back on refusing the deal. She knew exactly what he was saying and that's why she didn't slap him.


Sorry, guys, but I completely got lost in the story line as to what
it was actually about. Got lost somewhere.
Will someone explain it to dear old me.
Erin and Danny were in the kitchen when he suggested the sleepover to Erin.


Sorry but you are wrong Kath it was in the kitchen after dinner,while Danny muched on grapes and Erin put leftovers in containers. There were no scenes with Danny and Erin in her office this week at all. This is one of the best showson at the moment and the entire cast is stellar not just Tom Selleck!


Good. There was more equal screentime this ep.

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