Blue Bloods Review: "Black and Blue"

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Everyone got a little "Black and Blue" as Blue Bloods ventured down the slippery slope of politics, religion, and race. 

When Jamie and Renzulli responded to a 911 call, they ended up on the wrong end of church security and got tossed down a flight of stairs. 

That was some serious security. They were obviously the old testament types. How much protection did their parishioners need? What on earth were they safeguarding that required a small army of large men and was worth assaulting two police officers over?

Close Up of Frank

Then Frank was told that the church was on the NYPD's "sensitive locations list."  What exactly did that mean and how many locations are on that list? Just curious.

The near riot and then standoff were scary because of how quickly things like that can happen. Mob mentality's a frightening thing because it can't be reasoned with.

I thought that both the mayor and Frank had some good points. A non-violent negotiation should have been the first order of business but the Reverend seemed more interested in rabble rousing than talking.

When he actively hid and refused to turn over the men who had tossed two police officers down a flight of stairs, enough was enough. Church security might look tough compared to a couple of uniformed officers but an entire ESU unit is something else entirely.

I liked how Frank ordered the most polite search warrant ever. Granted Jackie had better manners than Danny.

At the Reagan family dinner, did Danny really say his sister should sleep with the sleazy lawyer and take one for the team?  Oh, she should have smacked him for that one, even if it was a joke.

In the end, the Reverend had set up the entire incident with the phony 911 call. I think I would have preferred it if they hadn't made him a bad guy. Somehow that would have made it more interesting.

So does Frank have a future in politics? Overall I think that Frank's a bright man who could be good at any number of jobs but I do think he was naive in thinking that Potter didn't matter.

He certainly shouldn't have given him too much credit but underestimating the man could be equally detrimental. If Frank ever does make a run for mayor, his PR guy will have his work cut out for him.

The one scene I wish we'd gotten to see more this week of was Renzulli pulling over the guy in the Ferrari. Some idiot talking on his cell phone, doing something blatantly stupid in his hot sports car right in front of the police officer? That must make their day.

What did you think of this week's Blue Bloods? Discuss!


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Too much pontificating at the dinner table for my taste. All the Reagans sounded like pompous windbags. I prefer this to be an action show.


Loved this episode. I think it was one of my favorites. I have to say I like that they're getting away from just Donnie and Jackie solving all the cases. I do love them... but it's nice to see some of Jamie and definitely more Tom Selleck!


Sorry, Virg, Tom Sellck is definitely a big plus in this great show, but not the only reason....great cast ensemble, especially the sons and grandfather, but storylines are always interesting and well written, last night's show of my favorite shows in the great Friday night CBS line-up.


Oh, yes, Tom Selleck is a joy to watch. But Donnie Wahlberg is also a sweetheart. Will Estes makes it a trifecta - did I spell that right?


Love this show! And Tom Selleck is still as hot as he was in Magnum, PI.


Does anyone else agree with me that the only thing that keeps this show on the air is that Tom Selleck is on it?


This show continues to be one of my favorites every week.
Danny didn't tell his sister to sleep with the lawyer to take one for the team at the family dinner, it was in her office. And he still needed a slap!

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