Bones Review: Just Toying With Us

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The first two weeks of Bones' seventh season helped establish the new normal. Last night's installment, while more than adequate, was firmly ingrained within that norm, while continuing similar themes.

That's a good thing. We skipped some critical months with Booth and Brennan, and their relationship made strides. It just felt like we were playing catchup as we figured out where they stood as a couple.

This week, they seemed more comfortable and easy going ... relatively speaking, of course.

Sweets Packing Heat

The investigation itself was not particularly captivating for the third straight week - it's been awhile since the killer wasn't plainly obvious and almost an afterthought - but it was all about the symbolism.

Brennan grappled with what is becoming her weekly obstacle on the road to motherhood. We hope you're sitting down for this, but - wait for it - Temperance is not the "playing" type as a youngster.

Listening to her state matter-of-factly that this allowed her to focus on science was vintage Brennan, as if there were no other option. Also classic? Her first attempt at playing with the dismembered doll.

She did come around to understanding the importance of playing with a child, realizing that just maybe, the upbringing of Temperance Brennan could be deviated from slightly with some degree of success.

With Emily Deschanel looking increasingly pregnant, the first three episodes of the fall have all followed this pattern. Some think the B/B dynamic was forever altered by the pregnancy, and to a point it was.

However, I do enjoy Brennan's default, standoffish resistance to things in life that most of us take for granted, and the way that Booth, with the patience of a saint, helps her see the light eventually.

I also get a kick out of the lighter moments between the two, such as the closing scene when Brennan, now embracing the idea of toys for their future daughter, ambushed Booth with the toy gun.

A Nerf-gun war broke out (she bought two), and no matter how you feel about them as a couple, how could you not crack a smile? Even if it's hard to believe they're a couple, I'm getting used to it.

The fact that they're intimate, buying a place together, having a baby ... sometimes it all feels like too much. At the same time, it feels like not enough, with several crucial months being skipped.

All in all I think Bones is doing as well as it can depicting their relationship given the timetable they've decided to use. Hopefully over time, we'll see more of the moments we've craved for so long.

Booth and Brennan on the Case

Brennan wasn't the only one the case affected. For Angela, assembling baby gear brought out her OCD side. She and Brennan bonded over becoming mothers, though, making for a serious "aww" moment.

How cute is baby Michael, too? The occasional glimpse of Mini-Hodgins at the Jeffersonian is very sweet. With on-site day care, he can make an appearance here and there without taking over the show.

Presumably, the situation will be similar with Booth and Brennan's daughter (a.k.a. Michael's future girlfriend), although I imagine we'll likely see more of the little girl, being the central character's child.

What do you think they'll name her?

The B story of "The Prince in the Plastic" dealt with Sweets' quest to get his firearm commission. Where they thought this up, I have no idea, but Lance seemed dead-set on it and it is believable enough.

He does work for a federal agency and go into the field. It seemed very un-Sweets, but that was really the point, as watching him attempt to become licensed was scary, awkward and quite entertaining.

Fortunately, he didn't off himself, and can now act like those stitches were from a true battle scar. With that out of the way, he can pack heat on investigations with Booth with the requisite confidence.

This major Sweets plot line also meant the return of Daisy (Carla Gallo), which is either exciting if you're a fan of that couple, or irritating if Daisy gets under your skin ... or some combination of both.

I find her incredibly cute, honestly, but last night was almost too much. Some things are better in small doses, although since a lot of us thought she'd be killed off last year, it's good to have her back.

All in all, another good installment. Hopefully we'll get a more intriguing mystery one of these weeks, although the writers have certainly come up with some good body-find scenarios. So, so gross.

Before we turn it over to your comments, here's the promo for the show's December 1 return (next Thursday being Thanksgiving, we have to wait an extra week for the show's return):

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Can't wait !!!!


I am enjoying the fact that fans are posting about this show missing the mark- there must be a way to convey to the Producers of this show that the characters still own our hearts, but they are OOC to a large degree this season. I knew the pregnancy would throw a new plot line into the series but it should not have changed the emotional developments and outright chance taking that B & B are willing to take now. The wrtiers need to chill out and let the characters have a normal relationship. THEY ADVANCED TO THAT OVER SIX SEASONS.!! They both danced around each other, and now they are supposedly sleeping together, let them be happy and enjoy the relationship. What most viewers understand (this will be hard on us shippers, but good in the long run) is that most successful series like Grey's still pack in the audiences despite the "break ups" and get "back togethers". Those shows still top the ratings even after character deaths. To those of you, who are like me and ship B & B beyond explaination: to make this season work- there must be some angst with these two. To continue to have them be just plain awkward around each other is not working, not to the true fans. While the loss of the baby for instance would be very hard to watch, I understand that watching B & B gain strength in the healing process and preparing to become parents again, instead of just having it happen out of the blue, would be much more satisfying. I am willing to bet the highest ratings ever given to this series would occur with B & B reconnecting through heartbreak, smoldering embers become fire with these two when given the right scripts. Remeber HH and SN you too DB and ED, to strength steel you must heat it up to red hot, several times. It works in television when the lead couple is loved by so many and shipped like crazy. Don't let us down!!!!


Best suggestion to revive show: Baby B is born prematurely and doesn't survive. Would add a LOT of angst if were potentially caused by something that happens in the field - Booth and Brennan can BOTH blame themselves, question whether their relationship is only about the baby, go through a period of grieving, pulling away, etc. etc. etc. and relearning how to work together, then we get to SEE THEM decide to make a relationship work and start over. They need to be together because they want to be, because they choose to be - and Brennan is in no way ready to be a mother right now. Losing a baby just might change that. C'mon, writers - show us you remember how these characters work!


It is tough to pinpoint if it is the writers alone, or the combo of the writers and some script approval of HH and SN for the new episodes. I just about can't fathom those two fully approving of the character/Brennan right now. I will agree with what I am reading on the internet that she seems to have fallen and hit her head. She is nothing like the Brennan that evolved over the last six years. I look at it like this: The Brennan of season 7 so far, would mentally and verbally punish the Brennan in the elevator in BitB and the Brennan singing Girls just want to have fun, and the Brennan that fell apart in the suv with Booth in DiTP. Think about it- I can't see Bones from any of these new episodes sharing a coffee with the Bones who sat at the bar drinking with Booth after the big proposal debacle. For a guy that got a writers award last month, HH has let the fans of this show down BIG TIME. Perhaps getting his nose out of the Finder and into Bones would help. Just a random thought. Positives?? Ange and Jack- the cutest baby ever/Michael, and the return of the Squinterns. Who the hell is Cam? these days?


I am a big B&B shipper but I too am feeling like the closeness is not there between them. I have been thinking about it and I think it is the lack of eye contact between the two of them. That used to be so intense now Booth hardly looks her in the eyes. The Angela assembling the toy part was hilarious, I never got the ahhh moment between her and Brennan like the reviewer but could those instructions been any more true? I feel that way anytime I try to put together something.


Jumped the Shark................ummm not even close my friend. This show still rocks and this season is one of the best by far. Not sure where everyone is getting the no chemistry thing at all it is classic B squared with a major twist ie the baby. I am loving it and the ratings say so are most watchers. With the rest of the "New" shows being the same recycled crapola from years past this show is refreshing this many seasons in!!


Awkward, Awkward, Awkward. The chemistry between B and B is elusive, tiny glimmer was ruined in some horrible editing for the couch scene. Did they have to use what looked like an outtake for Booth?? DB practically looks at the camera, opposite of where the focus of the scene is and just plain does not look at ED except for once in the scene. Bad editing or these two actors can't stand being around each other. The crime was so-so, best of this season and that is not saying much. Sweets and Booth in Hogans alley was OK and gotta admit JFD is bringing it with his role as Sweets lately. Daisy was Daisy- right now, she is the best written and best broght to life on the screen, her and Wendal. I don't want to go on and on about what is broke with the two leads. The baby arc SHOULD NOT KILL THIS SHOW. It needs to be smartly written and that will have to bring out the sensitive sides of B and B that they shielded from each other for six years. To write them any other way makes them seem like room mates, of of whom has a mental deficiency and one who is hanging around because somehow he slipped it in there one night and got her pregnant. To not show some affection between these two will drive the rest of the shippers that are hanging on because they have "hope". Jumped the shark? YES Does it have to kill the show? NO Through the magic of writing good scripts, lose the baby, make the viewers cry, and give us two more seasons of these two putting themselves back together as a true couple. And for Christ's sake, let the audience go for the ride with them. They are not able to fill in the blanks with a time jump the size of the Grand Canyon. Too many good moments lost.


Sweets looks sooo hot with a gun!!! :p


I agree that the show is getting better (than last year, hard not to) but I disagree that the chemisry between the two leads is there. There scenes together still seem awkward to me. I like the rest of the cast this season and Brennan and Booth with the other cast members. Still dont like the dumbing down of Brennan and that in every episode, Brennan has to learn something. She was so much better in earlier seasons. She had emotional relationships with Michael and Sully and was quite attached to Baby Andy. She had a Chatty Kathy doll as a little girl. She played with Russ and really looked up to him. The way they write Brennan now is that she never had any type of emotional relationship before and that she grew up in a lab and never felt anything for anyone. I just am tired of it. Last years episode with the deaf girl was one of the only episodes in the past year that showed the real Brennan. Everyone has their own opinion, but there are people who don't feel or see the chemistry anymore. If you do, good for you.


I read a rumor about a spin-off coming in early 2012. Is this why Sweets got a gun? It makes no sense otherwise.

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