Burn Notice Review: No Thinking Required

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After a strong midseason premiere, this week’s Burn Notice only waded ankle deep in plot. I never felt immersed in the story.

I went into "Breaking Point" with no knowledge of Ricky, given that I have been watching the show for just over three years, I was not around for his season two visit.

Fiona on Watch

As a first-time introduction to the character, I found him to be a very week client, certainly not one of the best Michael has had. Beyond that, the “Mr. Turner" persona that Michael adopted came across like he was Thurston Howell III from Gilligan’s Island. All he need was to end a sentence with “my boy” and he would have nailed it.

The target bad guy was not much better. Dion was a laughable and stereotypical villain, as evidenced when has his crew broke out champagne because a deal went his way. Of course, his overt threatening wasn’t scary it was sad and pathetic. He made me miss Xavier from last week, with his suave, cool-and-quiet, threatening and penetrating eyes. 

Meanwhile, in our ongoing story with Anson, we got sometime watching Fiona and Sam as they were following him around, trying to figure out where he lives. Hey Fi, Sam I’ll give you a free hint: his home might be where he will go at night to sleep.

Honestly, they followed him to the one residential address and stopped after that? What if he was there for a little “afternoon delight?" Shame on you both! You know better than that.

Of course, Anson seems to have left his brains out as well, given that he allowed Michael to call a meeting with him twice for no solid reason. Isn't Anson the sort of guy to insist on always setting up the meets?

That said, at least the team is starting to work towards taking down Anson. We need some action from these spies, not just some reaction.

Finally, if you watched Burn Notice during season two, I'm curious: did you get more out of Ricky's return than I did?


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You're bashing Burn Notice but you, as a writer, don't understand the difference between "week" and "weak"? That pretty much makes any point you made past that shameful and childlike error, basically, moot.


Tiffany, Can you point out where you needed to decipher part of what I said.. I certainly want to make sure that in the writing, editing, and posting process something is not getting lost. I did have the site eat the first two paragraphs on a review after I posted it and looked at it once, so anything is possible. That being said, I just read the review again and don't see anything jumping out at me, so I'm curious if I have just read it too many times. Thanks, I honestly appreciate the feedback from you and Michael, (his just had some ironic humor to it). Jim


Not as good as last week but I was entertained.


(@Jim, I think Michael was making a point with his "grammer" and "reviews". Or, heee wuz makes some poynt. Irony... humor... etc. Happens in TV, too ;) ). Generally, I didn't agree entirely with this review, but don't agree with the personal tone of Blake's attack on the review. Jim, you HAVE GOT to proofread, my friend. It actually hurt my brain to try to decipher what you were trying to say. This isn't a tween blog, it is (I am assuming, from your comment), a paid professional posting, so come on, please, pretty please, put a LITTLE more effort into it. That being said, I enjoyed this episode more than most this season. I liked seeing Mike's vulnerability, and if you had seen the series from the beginning, you probably would "get" them more. But, to be fair, you as much said that above, so okay. I get frustrated with how slowly they progress against the main plot (Anson) in this case, but I get why Fi and Sam stopped (though I too suspect Anson may have known they were following them). So, overall:
Episode: 4/5 stars, finally getting better
Review: 3/5 on accuracy (or my agreement with standpoint), 1/5 on effort/"give a crap" quotient.


Damn that Blake dude wrote alot of stuff. As always, found your review great Jim! All i remember from Ricky's S2 appearance is how he looked. Can't even remember the other brother.


With the coming of Anson, this season seems to be pretty much a repeat of prior seasons, with Anson just another version of Carla, Dead Larry or any other of a number of villains who "force" Michael into doing something Michael knows is wrong. Even the plots that are within each episode seem to be repeats of earlier plots. I have seen every episode at least once, and usually twice (although I do not remember the original appearance of Rickey). It's getting to the point where I'm no longer eager to watch Burn Notice. Let's hope the writers can perk this show up.


For Michael, Do you happen to see the ironic humor in your post about grammar and spelling, given that you misspelled grammar and used the word "review" in it's plural form (reviews) about a single review? :)


Hi Blake, First, you could not be farther from the truth on your assumption about my life. I just got an awesome promotion at my day job on Weds and today (11/11/11) is my wife's birthday (Happy Birthday Honey!). Second, as a few posters have pointed out, you are welcome to point out why you disagree with my review and discuss what we don't see the same way. All we ask is you do it without attacks on me personally or as the reviewer. We are all allowed to disagree. That is the beauty of perception, we all should see things differently! I look forward to seeing your comments and thoughts on the show sans venom at me directly. Jim


@Blake - You may want to avoid writing comments when you're having bad things happen in your personal life. Seriously, dude? A reviewer is supposed to give his or her personal opinion. I don't agree with every review I read and chose to state why in a comment but respectfully. I thought this was an okay episode, mostly because I was more interested in finding out more about Anson than the case. I didn't feel as vested in the case as I sometimes do. Maybe because Anson is such a good bad guy that everyone seems weaker in comparison. I kept waiting for Anson to make some remark to Michael at their last meet about Fi and Sam being in his apartment. He seems to all-knowing that it was surprising that he didn't know they had tagged his car and found the apartment. I still suspect he knows and is playing them, but I could wrong too. Maybe he's not as brilliant as he leads us to believe. HA!


Wow I can't believe we're almost to the end of the season. It actually seems only a couple of weeks ago that I watched the first episode of season 5.
Hats off to Fiona for awesome driving, and she probably held most character in this episode.
@Blake, yes, Anson is over-confident, but he is also one to think ten steps ahead, which is why he should have suspected Michael. You might see your comment as an opinion, which it is free to be, but you're almost only targeting Jim in it, and I don't think I've seen him on Burn Notice. You also start assuming things about him and his life, and just remember that not everyones review is going to be as nice or go your way. Next time, try not to be so rude, because you're not going to have many friends otherwise.
Back to the story, @Jim, I wouldn't necessarily agree with your first sentence. Now that they've found one of his residences, it will all sink in in the next one or two episodes, since the season is almost ending.
I wasn't very impressed with the baddie here. He wasn't intelligent enough to be dealing with guns. And that pathetic begging at the end just added to his personality.
Ricky didn't strike me as an angry, vengeful brother. I remember his appearance in Season 2 was better.
The way Anson played with Michaels feelings about his dad and mom angered me enough to break his neck. He still manages to keep Michael on his toes, and anger him so much knowing that Michael cant do a damn thing. I wait for the moment when Ansons blows up. And I wish Madeline does it this time.
I give it 4.0. It could have been better, but it was good enough.

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