Can Dexter Save Its Season?

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Forget saving himself for a moment. Many fans of Dexter Morgan are now wondering: Can this once-great Showtime series save season six?

Based on reader comments from my last review, even the most loyal viewers are finding their patience tested by a boring pair of villains and an utter lack of urgency. There's no cat this season, there's no mouse, there's no chase and there's very little suspense of any kind.

Will that finally change on this Sunday's "Sins of Omission?" The following preview make it look like the episode will finally focus on DDK, pitting Dexter against Deb in a search for Professor Gellar. Let's all hope this episode is the start of of an action-packed final few weeks. Watch now and then vote in the poll below.

How do you feel about season six of Dexter?

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the show is great and still watched by so many the series is just beginning

Sue ann

You all make me sorrier than I already was that I do not get to see this series until it comes out on DVD the following Autumn. I am very curious. John, have you read the series of books on which this show was based? Deb does know in the books. She does not like it, but she understands, and sometimes, she uses Dexter and his skills for her own purposes. I ask because your comment made me think about other directions the TV series could go if she finds out about Dexter. The same way as the books would be one way. She could arrest him and send him to prison, but that would kind of end the series. What else? Carissa, what do you like about Deb? I find her more annoying every season. I learned to have a foul mouth to survive in a work environment once, but Deb does not HAVE to do that -- the rest of the police seem to manage nicely without being obscene. I have other issues with Deb Morgan, but that is the one which irritated me the most last month when I got the DVD's for season 5. I am curious which season individuals found the best? I preferred season 1, although my favorite episode, which is the most often re-watched, is the one where Sgt. Doakes got blown to smithereens. Didn't care for him, either.


It's my opinion that the show is still as great as it has ever been, although I feel the Nebraska episode went off course a bit more than it should at this point in the season. I would have prefered the DDK storyline be more developed. I think that storyline has potential to be equal to Trinity and the Ice Truck Killer. I'd like to see the season end with Deb finding out about Dexter. There would definitely be many directions the show could go in if that happened, and I think its a good time in the series for it.


I've stopped watching. I no longer care. I want the Deb Morgan show to carry on.

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