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It was really difficult to take notes on this week's Community, considering Pierce's father's ridiculous wig kept staring at me through the screen. Yes, "Advanced Gay" introduced us to Father Hawthorne and it was NOT a welcome meeting.'

The episode started off solidly, with everyone getting along and Pierce in a jolly, less judgmental mood. Plus, I can never resist a YouTube sensation. I got a pocket full of Hawthorne wipes!!! Then, things took a turn for... well, for a very touchy route.

Pierce and Father

By no means is Community opposed to tackling controversial issues and writing non-PC jokes, but this episode was sure to offend just about everyone. Still, I guess that was the point. Did you notice that in the face of homophobic, racist, and prejudicial comments that this was the first installment in weeks that didn't have the group at each other's throats?

Jeff actually stood up for Pierce. Of course, he ended up inadvertently killing his father... but that happens. Everyone was more or less a cohesive unit for a change is all.

Things I loved included, but were not limited to: Britta's pronunciation of Oedipal as "edible," and her subsequent obsession with exposing Jeff's daddy issues. One doesn't need a psych degree to notice that. I cracked up when the priest called Britta out at the funeral. This week really upped the Britta/Jeff fighting, aka sexual tension.

When Troy was cruising through the hallway, at first I thought the creepy vents were an indication that Chang might be living in there again. But, instead, it led us to a classic college kidnapping scene in the vein of Old School and many movie fraternities over the years. It was good to see John Goodman again, though I've seen him in much funnier roles.

Something I found hard to believe, besides that awful wig, was the fact that Dean Pelton has never thrown a gay pride party before. Also, why was he so covered up in that Tron outfit?!? Dean Pelton lives for skimpy costumes!

Overall, the best part of this episode - besides Pierce's sudden tolerance - was the fact that everyone was getting along. We all know that the study group functions more as a dysfunctional support group. Check out our favorite quotes and don't forget to hit the comments!


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Julie Jay, I get what you are saying, but when has Community ever been about realism? Community, as a whole, is a show based on fantasy. I don't think the show has ever intended to be "serious", so I don't think it's appropriate to use unrealistic scenarios as a reason to dislike the episode.


I agree with Julie Jay...and, even before that, Jeffrey Kirkpatrick, who wrote about this same issue in his column here. The premise from the show is drifting, inexorably, toward farce. It's not the show I started with and I miss that show. You could have told this same story without an idiot with a rubber toupee on. Serg talked about epic episodes. That's exactly what I DON'T want. They used to be little interesting episodes that were grounded in, but not restrained by, reality. Now they're just trying to top themselves for wacky. Get rid of Wacky, let's get back Quirky.


@Julie Jay
You hit the nail on the head. I could not agree more. Its like the like the show completely abandoned all pretenses of any kind of tangible-ness or realism in terms of characters. It is no longer the subtle comedic genius it once was and is slowly becoming just another sitcom with over the top characters.

Canadian mike

And one more BIG thing. Please...I'm begging the writers/actress to stop making Britta do all these weird funny noises, it's not funny and totally not something that season 1 or season 2 Britta would do. The first time it happened, I brushed it off, but now It's become ridiculous. Bring back the socially conscious, not always dumb, Britta.


Finally an episode where the main characters aren't arguing over the most insignificant things! While not as hilarious as last week's Halloween episode, 'Advanced Gay' certainly worked to bring everything back to a more 'normal' level. This one had many things that I liked in particular: a much more tolerable Pierce who was actually willing to change some of his old ways, the return of better back-and-forth between Jeff and Britta, the racist / elitist stupidity of Southern 'gentleman' Cornelius Hawthorne, and more Inspector Spacetime. Blogons! Pew, pew, pew, pew!! I appreciated the improved focus on Britta. After she decided to declare her psychology major, she has grown a bit more mature (when the writers don't make her insane, that is). Even the way she dresses seems to be different nowadays. Starting with this episode, there might be some hope of bringing back the quality first season relationship between Jeff and Britta. Remember near the end of the first season finale when Jeff said "I dunno. It’s hard. Slater makes me feel like I do when I write my New Year's resolutions. She makes me feel like the guy I want to be. And Britta makes me feel like the guy I am three weeks after New Years when I’m back to hitting my snooze button and screening my mom's phone calls. Back to who I really am. So, do you try to evolve or do you try to know what you are?" I miss that Jeff and Britta. The maintenance staff / Troy / 'elite brotherhood of guys who fix air conditioners' triangle was fun too. It made me think of Troy as being a gifted mutant who was being simultaneously recruited by both Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and the Brotherhood of Mutants. It was a silly B-story that seemed to fit Troy's character very well, and at the same time it was good to have John Goodman back. It was a shame, though, that Chang had almost nothing to do in this one. Give the man, along with the Dean, something better to do. And bring back Professor Duncan once in a while too!

Canadian mike

not a bad episode, I loved the intro little song, very catchy. However, who the hell did the casting/writing/wardrobe for Pierce's dad? it was so god awful, quite possible the worst guest spot on that show to date. In addition, I didn't very much care about the Abed side story. Mainly cause it took too much screen time from the main story.


I'm afraid my response to this installment isn't quite as favourable. To me, this perfectly illustrated the show's shift from comedy to farce. Contrast this episode to the episode in season one when we met Abed's parents. That episode reveals so many character traits about Abed, Jeff and Britta. It propelled those relationships forward in a realistic, tangible way. Abed's Dad was a humourous character, but Pierce's was just absurd. I kept thinking he was an actor Pierce hired to teach Jeff a lesson about his Daddy-issues. Nope, he dies. Even the episode about Pierce's crazy cult Mom felt more true. This show just ran right past the line from "hilarious" to "outrageous" and I sure hope it comes back soon. As far as the Jeff/Britta banter, that too made me nostolgic for season one. In season one, their banter was leading somewhere, it meant something. This just felt like "expected Jeff/Britta banter because that's what these characters do now"


I wonder what the reviewer means by the chemistry between Jeff and Britta. Don't see it, she is more like his annoying sister as someone said below.


I thought this episode was great! I loved Troy's deliberately absurd kidnapping (complete with an astronaut making paninis and "Black Hitler") and him and Abed pretending to be each other and playing "Inspector Spacetime", but Pierce, Jeff, and their daddy issues stole the show. Britta needling Jeff like an annoying little sister, Pierce's outrageous dad, and that funeral - inappropriate and delightful! And it had just the right amount of Chang.


Decent. Troy and Abed pretending to be each other was funny and them pretending to be Inspector Spacetime and companion and really throwing paper at Jeff was hilarious.

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Wow Pierce! Congratulations on meeting the minimum requirements for of open mindedness!


Student: Excuse me are you Pierce Hawthorne, Hawthrone wipes?
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