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Simply put, I thought that Greendale commercial from the 1990s was ah-mazing, but I guess the administration disagreed. One thing we can all agree on is that "Documentary Filmmaking" showed us a side of Dean Pelton that we haven't yet experienced on Community.

The Dean is normally hilarious, but he veered into crazy Chang territory this week. Too much Pelton and not enough group! None of that really mattered, though, because I have two words for you and, no, they're not bald cap. Luis. Guzman.

Broy Alert!

Guzman was the best use of a guest star I've seen in forever. He adds a touch of hilarity to everything he works on, even back in the days of Boogie Nights. Hey, he didn't even need the porno story flick to get laid because he had Greendale! If only everyone appreciated the Human Beings the way he did.

When Jeff first mentioned that he put in a call to Guzman's lawyer, I never thought we'd actually get an appearance. I thought Jeff was just being Jeff, but it turns out he set the best plot point into motion. I have a hard time believing someone as smart as Annie can't use IMDB, however.

I will say that Annie looked very sexy secretary in her script supervisor ensemble. Not as sexy as Jeff in his bald cap, of course. Or Chang in his Jeff wig, underneath the bald cap. Does anyone do a better impression of Pelton than Winger? I think not.

I wish I had more to say about the study group but this episode really was ruled by Pelton. His breakdown was funny before it became too whacky. I think the turning point was the tinted aviator glasses with the zip up hoodie and exposed nipple. What would one call this costume of the Dean's? Old school Marky Mark or perhaps really bald Slim Shady?

The show is running out of things to do with Pierce. His tantrum about getting his own trailer was take it over leave it. They really didn't need that end bit with Jeff Garland. One guest star was enough. Now that NBC benched Community midseason, there's only so much "Troy and Abed in the morninggggg" I have left to look forward to!

Leave it to Abed to save the day with his genius documentary filmmaking. They should've hired him for the commercial to begin with.

What about all of you? Did this episode underwhelm or did Guzman save the day? Check out our favorite quotes section and hit the comments. Last but certainly not least don't forget to watch Community live every Thursday, trend it on Twitter, check in to GetGlue and do whatever you can to save Greendale from a sad fate at NBC!


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Childish gambino

"you just want community to do broad comedy that lots of people get" ...Yea b/c why would anyone want/expect a comedy show to do comedy that most people enjoy. ...And people wonder why and are shocked that the show is in risk of cancellation


Kay, reading another reviewer's opinion is just going to let me see why THEY liked the episode. It's not going to change my feeling of the ep in retrospect. I got every little in-joke the show pitched...and disliked it. Are you really swayed in your artistic opinion by what other people's opinions are? Oh, woe. You are correct that I didn't like the claymation episode. Because it wasn't funny and really didn't take many chances with it's premise. You and I have danced that dance a couple of times already...not again. This episode reveled in it's own perceived cleverness. I would argue that it was played pretty broadly. I didn't like it. Ergo, I don't only like broad comedy. One of my fave episodes was the one where Jeff, (when he still remembered he was a lawyer) defended Britta on cheating charges. That was more subtle. I don't think you have me pegged as well as you think.


@Piecar if you want to know why this episode was so good, read the AV club review. he really gets community. you just want community to do broad comedy that lots of people get. you don't seem to like the clever episodes, like abed's uncontrollable christmas, which was by far one of the best episodes ever done


This episode started off with so much potential: the hilarious current Greendale commercial...Jeff's Dean Pelton impression...and Abed making another documentary. But everything fell apart when Dean went overboard. I've been waiting for a Dean-centric episode ever since he became a main title cast member, but I always envisioned something a bit more silly with something involving John Goodman. Ultimately, watching the story unfold through the lens of Abed's cameras was not as good as how things were handled with season two's 'Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking.' The seriousness of many of the characters this time around just wasn't grounded enough to justify the drama. Abed's re-edited Greendale commercial was a nice touch, though. It's always great to see the recurring characters so to have Leonard, Garrett, Neil, and Magnitude in there brought a smile to my face. 'Go Greendale, go Greendale, go Greendale! Go!!' The forgive-Dean end scene was nice too, but it just wasn't enough to save the episode for me. If the show ever does another Abed documentary, I hope it works out a lot better than this one.


I just laughed this episode so much.


This was a great episode. Annie's Stockholm Syndrome and Jeff slowly and crazily vanishing into his role as the dean were frigging hilarious; and, of course, Luis Guzman brought it home. I wouldn't want this much of the dean in every episode, but it was fine to see him at the center of one and it brought about that sweet ending and incredibly appropriate quote from Jeff: "We've all been there, which is why we're all here."


the episode did go off in a weird direction, but jeff as the dean was one of the greatest things this show had ever done! he was so right on, it was hysterical.


Kay, I agree, and am aware, that much of the stuff in the ep was an homage....So what? Great, we tweaked "Hearts of Darkness". Doesn't make it any more funny or any more relevant. And a LARGE body of the viewership wouldn't know what they were referencing. If you make a comedy that's an in joke to a few people, only a few will watch it. Ever stand there while an in-joke goes on around you? You feel bemused and a little like a sucker. That's what they're going for on 'Community', you think?
And, in comedy, if you have to explain a joke later, then it's not funny. This ep wasn't on the whole, funny.


Anyone else notice "Captain Awesome" from CHUCK in the original Greendale commercial?


I loved the episode. Full of meta-quotes... Stockholm Syndrome for Annie, the Dean wanting an orange (I heard somewhere that Howard Hughes wanted freshly squeezed oranges every morning before starting the shoot), him never finishing the film (reminding me of Clouzo and his film "Inferno") , Jeff melting with his role, becoming the "bold man",... I hope the show does not get canceled...

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