Dexter Episode Trailer: Who's Next?

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The most obvious reveal in the history of television finally came to the forefront on Dexter last night, a supposed shocker that left me aghast that a once-fantastic series would resort to such lame storytelling.

You can read my less-than-enthusiastic review of "Get Gellar" HERE.

But at least the secret is out now and perhaps the final three episodes of the season will be worthwhile. Next Sunday's installment is titled "Ricochet Rabbit" and it focuses on Dexter's race to identity DDK's next victim before it's too late. Deb will also come to a surprising conclusion about her brother, as teased in the following preview:

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has dexter became stupid he never seen keller but he still couldnt catch on he was a dark passenger it was just to ovious.


As this episode began Sunday night...and the "previously on Dexter" was rolling it hit me...Gellar has had on the same clothes all season. Where I had been 99% sure he was Travis's "Harry" I was now positive. Which made the discovery of the Gellar-sickle in the basement(...of an abandoned chuch with no electricity might I add...)an extremely lack luster find. As soon as I saw the freezer I said to my daughter, "I bet Gellar is in there".
I had so hoped that LaWhorta...yes you read that right...was covering for Quinn because he had some incriminating evidence on her. I want her her to just go away. She's never brought anything of substance to the show, well in my opinion at least. But if course it was Matthews...again, so very predictable. This has been the laziest season ever.


I hope the previous episode was a turning point in the season. I foresee hope with this promo.


yeah I gave up counting the plot holes where he'd actually get caught if they did a decent police job like camera's, background check, witnesses. etc. Up and vanishing for five days and still the pieces didn't fit.. yeeesh
getting some sloppy writing here..
time to fire a few writers methinks


The head has officially been cut off the golden goose.


If they never mention the fact that Dexter must have been seen on the college security cameras running around at night with Travis, then this show is dead to me. The FIRST thing Miami Metro would do is check the cameras, but of course in this show, camera footage is probably irrelevant.

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