Gossip Girl 100th Episode Spoilers: Cast Dishes on Milestone Event

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A major milestone is coming up on the Upper East Side ... and there's a royal wedding too.

The Gossip Girl cast and crew celebrated the completion of the show's 100th episode, which airs January 30, at a soiree in New York this weekend. There, we learned some interesting tidbits about this landmark episode - one that will not only feature Blair's wedding, but plenty of surprises and rewards for faithful viewers.

Let's get right down to it, shall we? According to the producers and cast ...

Blair: Just Married?

This is the biggest episode yet: ”I think it’s our biggest episode since the pilot,” says EP Joshua Safran. “If you’re a fan of the show and you’ve been watching from the beginning, you’re going to feel rewarded."

"But I also feel like if you’re tuning in after a long time, I think you may feel like you’ve missed a lot, but we really try to hit on everything that’s happened since [very early on]. I’m very, very proud of it.”

The title: The title is "G.G."’ as in the movie Gigi, says Safran.

More costumes? Blake Lively told reporters that the cast just finished filming a big dance sequence in which "we were all dressed as people who are not ourselves." Make of that what you will.

Chair fans rejoice? Ed Westwick didn't offer specifics, but said this: “It’s difficult for me to speculate as to the opinions of fans ... but I don’t think they’re going to be disappointed, for sure.”

Dair fans rejoice? Penn Badgley said that on wedding day, “Dan has a role to play that is not conventional” ... and that once viewers find out what it is, “There will be a lot of gasping,” says Penn.

Happily ever after? Blair running into the street could be just a dream, however ... “A wedding will take place in the episode,” EP Stephanie Savage says. “But I didn’t say how much of the wedding.”

Father of the bride: John Shea, who plays Blair's dad, will he there to walk her down the aisle. He says of that magical scene, “When you see her [in the wedding dress], it sort of stops your breath. And then as we approach the altar, there’s the whole cast, everybody who’s been there for all these five years.”

The bride speaks: Leighton Meester herself weighed in on the episode and her character's various love interests: “Blair's engaged to a prince, so what could be better than that? But then you realize that the fairytale isn’t 100-percent perfect. Her and Chuck have had ups and downs, and as much as everyone loves them together I think that them having time apart has actually helped Blair grow - and weirdly helped me grow, too. The one relationship I’d love to see play out is Blair and Dan - just selfishly, honestly, because I love working with Penn. So we’ll see!”

Bring the tissues: Mark Piznarski, who also directed the pilot and No. 100, admitted there were some moments in the episode that “brought tears to my eyes ... to see our kids - I do still refer to them as 'my kids' - going through something [difficult], that, as a parent, is a very emotional thing. So this episode is terrific.”

There will probably be a Season Six. “We’ve had no one saying to us, ‘Wrap it up. This is the last season.’ So we’re not [treating the season finale] as such,” said Gossip Girl shot-caller Joshua Safran.

“We see [the finale] as a continuing, developing story. At the same time, we plan to show the characters’ evolution and where we’re going to go with all the twists and turns. There are no plans to wrap it up.”

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DAIR! Honestly though I wouldn't mind seeing Chuck and Blair get back together briefly. No matter what they've been through it was an intense, dark love that at one time was powerful but as most young loves go they've grown apart. Because it though they've both matured. And for them to try again is very believable to me. Also it's just as believbale to have them get back together and then one or both realize that it's not the same anymore. That's my hope if they get back together. That Blair will realize it's not the same and that her heart now lies with Dan.


Serenate and Chair are meant to be, I really don't like Dair or Derena, they just annoy me but Dair as friends is ok


dair nuff said.


This story is loosing the plot it seems like a dead story trying to keep alive


From the last episode what i could see that Dan loves Blair but not as a Couple their relation is near to brother and sister. I love Chair but I'm really tired of that big drama, Chair is simply getting tiring, I love that couple and i want that when they get back to getter for good, what i see is that the space between chair has been for well in both cases, and this evolution is not finish, while this happened we could see some Dair so the characters could see that it wont work. And at final found our long expect couple


I WANT Derena back. And Chair. They are the core couples of GG with real development throughout the seasons. @Liz
If that's true then why does Ed indicate Chair fans will be happy? I for one think Dan is going to confess to blair but she's going to reject him and go after Chuck.


Whatever happens, i do NOT want Dan and Serena back together. When we go thru past seasons it can be seen dat Serena hooked up with Dan, then there was some major drama, Dan helped her cope and all, but then she lost interest. No Derena PLEASE!! I love Chuck and Dan's friendship. But the problem i have is dat i love both Chair and Dair. My heart goes out to Chuck and i wish i could just hug him and comfort him, but the little Dair moments makes me smile. Lets just say, i wish Blair had a twin. I know for sure in the end its Chuck who's going to get Blair, but would not mind some Dair moments before that happens


in the 100th episode there's gonna be a lot of Dair and Chair action. I would really love to see Dan and Blair give a relationship a chance I think they both need that right now I am sure Chair is the endgame but they should really give Dair a chance to shine. I would love to see the Dair relationship play out. It would make the show more interesting to me.


oops it cut off some of it so.. completely agree with you... can't wait to see chair together again :) and dair just feels weird because we've spent so much of the show thinking of him as an outsider and he was serena's true love


@angel101cales completely agree with you... can't wait to see chair together again

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