Gossip Girl Set Photos: Blair Waldorf's Wedding Dress!

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Gossip Girl's 100th episode royal wedding spectacular airs early next year, and we've got your first glimpse of the woman of the hour in photos taken on the New York City set, at night, earlier this week.

Leighton Meester looks positively radiant as Blair Waldorf her wedding gown, but that's not the whole story. The story here is that Blair appears to be running out into the street and leaving ... alone.

Is it a dream sequence? Always possible on Gossip Girl. Or is it the end of an engagement?

Either way, there's obviously a lot of guesswork involved, but she doesn't look happy, and you have to wonder. As much as B deserves to be happy and experience a fairy tale romance, that doesn't mean this is it.

We can't see Blair marrying Louis, can you? We know from these images and last week's wedding set video that the ceremony will be held, but whether she goes through with the nuptials is another story.

Check out these photos of Blair on her wedding day and hit the comments below:

Blair Waldorf: Just Married?
The Runaway Bride?
Blair Waldorf Wedding Gown
The Beautiful Bride
Blair Waldorf Wedding Dress
Blair: Just Married?
Blair the Bride

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Hey,i l really liked blair's wedding dress cuz she waz l0oking so0 unique.i just love her...she'owes0me...

Jade loves dair

She looks beautiful.....but it just isn't what I pictured her looking like. It's too simple.




Where'd my comment go? I swear I was on of the first to comment on this!


Her dress is stunnning and even though her hair is so un=Blairlike, it signifies a certain freedom. She doesn't look "perfect" anymore and I believe this is intentional. She is finally free. Not only from Louis but from her fairytale bubble. I love these photos.

Chair4eva sk

oh hey who's missing from that limo? hell yes.


OMG! Blair is going back to Chuck *-*


Blair looks breathtakingly beautiful, albeit a bit too disheveled / disarrayed for her royal wedding. I hope this is not a dream-scene because I really want Blair NOT to marry Louis. A thought : Maybe Georgina "kidnapped" her and locked her up so everyone would think she stood Louis up. She's let out only after everyone's left. Hence the empty, dark church and messed-up hair???


Fear not, Dair fans! We have heard the news and the news is GOOD! E! Online reports that this controversial pairing is set to reunite! Executive producer Joshua Safran says that Dan won’t have any other love interests any time soon, and that Blair will find herself rethinking her strong stance against the idea of their being together... I think she is going after Dan..I read another spoiler he is going to make a fool of himself because of her at her party...


While I dislike her limp, wedding inappropriate hair (that's not appropriate hair of a regular wedding guest, much less a royal wedding bride! Common people!) I do have to say Iike the wedding dress! It's perfectly Blair from the sweetheart neckline to the big bow sash, right down to the ruffles :) I can't wait for the REAL wedding though. You know, the CHAIR wedding?

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