Gossip Girl Clips: Scandals, Haters, Freaky Friday and White Trash

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In our weekly Gossip Girl Round Table, we debated whether there's any chance Louis bounces back from his back-to-back, foiled attempts at scheming. This clip from Monday's episode may offer a clue.

Blair believes she is close to figuring out the key to Louis' virtue after Dorota offers a "Freaky Friday" theory. GG writer Sara Goodman suggests fans will be happy and sad about the resolution. Hmm ...

Meanwhile, Max is dating Serena to gain her trust and threatening to expose "white trash" Ivy if she doesn't come up with a half million. Gotta hand it to the guy, he's gonna fit right in on the UES.

We see a whole new side of Cece at a party at Studio 54 (hence the episode title), which will no doubt lead to some big confrontations. Parties have a way of bringing people together on this show.

At the Spectator, Nate gets a tip about a Congressman's wife cheating on him - and that public official is none other than his cousin Trip. What's unclear is how the newly-minted editor will handle it.

Finally, Dan goes to war with the Dan haters on Amazon and Twitter, and finds that the biggest detractor is not who he expected. Who do you think is bashing him online? Vanessa maybe? *Shiver*

Check out this sneak preview of a scene from "Rhodes to Perdition" below, as well as a bunch of other clips in the producers' two-and-a-half minute preview of next Monday's episode ...

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I hate Charlie with such an unnatural passion....she needs to get the boot ASAP!


Gossip Girl is still very close to my heart and I love it, but some storylines are getting a bit ridiculous. it's like they've ran out of interesting ideas so they're inventing completely unrealistic, insane storylines in an attempt to entertain us. I also miss the original cast. I mean, I love Charlie and Vanessa was a bitch, bu at least she made it a LITTLE more interesting. Not so much Vanessa though, mainly JENNY. Taylor Momsen is my absolute idol, so obviously I love her singing and stuff, but Gossip Girl is seriously failing without her. Anyone else notice that ever since Jenny left her full-time role at the end of season three was when the show went downhill and began losing ratings and veiwings? Anyone else notice that the probable best episodes of season four were the few that she was in? I MISS JENNY :( SHE MADE IT SO MUCH BETTER. grr. I love Gossip Girl, but I miss how it was in the first three seasons. THE WRITERS NEED TO SEE THAT THIS IS HOW THE MAJORITY OF FANS FEEL. THEY NEED TO RECOGNISE THAT, AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE FACT THAT THEIR ONCE-AMAZING SHOW IS TURNING NOT SO AMAZING.- Mia.


@LuckyBastarda- Great comments. I'm with @cc- I really like some of your ideas. However, you are also correct in saying these writers come up with interesting storylines and then RUIN them. It's really sad that they can't sustain good, interesting writing for more than a few episodes at a time. And with this current season + the last 1/3rd of the 4th season, the writers can't even sustain quality for ONE whole episode. I'm also increasingly against Chair and Dair getting together (as a fan that's come to like both for different reasons) because of the lackluster writing and everything that is surrounding Blair right now - the wedding, the baby, Louis. I think we all miss season 1 and season 2... On a happy note, I love your icon. I mean, my vision is bad but that is Cassie on a trampoline with lovely Sid, right? If so, yay Skins!


@Cc and @Pty: Yes, of course I was basing this ideas out of nowhere, since the writters of this shows will every good storyline that comes their ways and always end up boring, at least, me. @Juliette: I know what happened in "Dawson's Creek", but I'm not saying that they should do exactly that. All I'm saying is that at least give us, the viewers, some intrigue. RIGHT NOW I really couldn't care less about DAIR OR CHAIR, even if I wanted DAN with BLAIR. All I want, and wanted for a loong time really, is to be entertained. That is what the show is about. They went round and round with Chair all S2, and I was amused, because the show intrigued me, "Will they get together? Won't they?" It was amazing, I loved it! That's what I want.


Hey hi you who wrote the gigantic comment, pulling a Dawson's creek would mean Dair would end up together. Watch all 6 seasons....You'll understand.


***i thought blair was supposed to be a clever girl


I just love dan. you could throw any story line to penn and he'll make it entertaining. want more dair scenes which include a real conversation !! how naive are we supposed to believe blair is if she doesn't know the reason chuck is striving to be good. honestly? i thought blair was supposed to be a clever again! or is this another one of those "blair-is-in-denial-and-doesn't-know-chuck-still-loves-her-like-crazy"...? chivy is weird. that is all.


@ LuckyBastarda: you realized of what I've been telling here for 6 months, this show is being written like a telenovela, I base my expectations on that


WHY ARE MY COMMENTS BEING HELD FOR MODERATION?!!!!!!!!!! AND WHAT DOES IT MEAN??? want to see more blair/baby. can't wait for wedding. interested to see Nivy, Cece storyline, more chuck/Lily and more Dair.


LuckyBastarda I like your ideas. The show has an opportunity to do some interesting stuff still but I don't think the writers can pull it off, honestly. The writing has been weak for a while. And I think they forgot Nate exists? It's all about the relationships now, and even though I like both Chair and Dair, it's getting pretty old. There needs to be something going on outside of Blair and her lovers but I don't see them changing it up. I'd actually like some of the plots to play out like that and the season 5 cliffhanger you suggested is cool. The other issue though is will the show even get a sixth season? if they don't, then stuff needs to be written with the end in mind.

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