Gossip Girl Clips: Scandals, Haters, Freaky Friday and White Trash

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In our weekly Gossip Girl Round Table, we debated whether there's any chance Louis bounces back from his back-to-back, foiled attempts at scheming. This clip from Monday's episode may offer a clue.

Blair believes she is close to figuring out the key to Louis' virtue after Dorota offers a "Freaky Friday" theory. GG writer Sara Goodman suggests fans will be happy and sad about the resolution. Hmm ...

Meanwhile, Max is dating Serena to gain her trust and threatening to expose "white trash" Ivy if she doesn't come up with a half million. Gotta hand it to the guy, he's gonna fit right in on the UES.

We see a whole new side of Cece at a party at Studio 54 (hence the episode title), which will no doubt lead to some big confrontations. Parties have a way of bringing people together on this show.

At the Spectator, Nate gets a tip about a Congressman's wife cheating on him - and that public official is none other than his cousin Trip. What's unclear is how the newly-minted editor will handle it.

Finally, Dan goes to war with the Dan haters on Amazon and Twitter, and finds that the biggest detractor is not who he expected. Who do you think is bashing him online? Vanessa maybe? *Shiver*

Check out this sneak preview of a scene from "Rhodes to Perdition" below, as well as a bunch of other clips in the producers' two-and-a-half minute preview of next Monday's episode ...

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Ok, so acording to this I can see some really good story line material for both Dan and Nate. IF the writers can pull it trough, of course. NATE:
So now we can see that by now, Nate is going to be the head of The Spectator, this storyline has MAJOR possibilities, if written correctly. From one side, we can see a new side of Nate, one that shows what he hadn't done before, like, be responsable and very efficient. A Bussiness-Man Nate. On the other side, keep the guess about the ulterior motives from the Grandfather, and somehow intriguinly connected to Diana. Classic "show me your and I'll show you mine" kinda trick. And on the OTHER other side, we have the "family vs work" with this alarming news. We have seen on the last episode, what kinda journalist he would be: the honest one. It could be a great twist if he find out of power corrupted Nate, by slaying his cousin's career on the media. DAN:
Ok so Dan it's going to be very interesting I believe. I can think now that maybe this whole publishing story line was going to end when The Insider went of the charts, yet I can see a continuiting here. Gossip Girl has always been about one character versus another one, Blair vs Serena; Chuck vs Dan; everyone vs Georgina, and so on and so on. The only other time I saw this kinda storyline was with Chuck last season and the beggining of this one. Is about Dan fighting Dan. He is going to have to accept that his future may not be a bed of roses, he may have to accept that maybe his book is not stellar, but at least it was known. And also, reviewing his whole book just to see if he did justice with his friends. A whole reprospective storyline, if Dan can struggle a bit about his coming to terms with his life. What more accurate than LONELY BOY fighting his own deamons... alone. I DO wish that at some point Blair comes to the rescue. He has been there for her SO MANY TIMES, that it would be a fresh restart for the foundation of their relationship. Whatever that may be. You know I have DAIRING HEART and I hope that they can get their chance. Unfortunetly, I cannot see that the show may approach that particular direction just yet. CHUCK AND BLAIR:
So, I was CHAIR, then I was DAIR, and now my head is fuzzing. I mean, I LOVE DAIR, but with everything that is going on, maybe CHAIR could be an OK thing, right? Ok, so I'll be honest, when I heard the whole "redemption of Chuck" I was like UGH! Because I tought that the writters would give that storyline literally 3 episodes and resolve it just in time for Blair to announcing she pregnant with C's child. BANG! They are together before you know it. That could have been boring. So what I believe is that they should postergate a CHAIR comeback... A LOT. And I'll expand later on that one. Coming back, for one thing, right now Blair is having Louis' baby, there's NO DOUBT about that. I mean, even if B hadn't seen the result, when the Prince did find it, he surely read the content. But that's unlikely, since Blair did not look surprised at all when she saw Louis with the envelope. Right now she is in denial, and Chuck is in a process of self recuperation, so not just yet. So... I have a theory about a major story line. I was thinking the following: So BLAIR and CHUCK get together once more for one last time, and by some reason is Chuck's fault that she looses her baby. Louis finds out why she had a misscarriage and leaves her on the altar, she blaims Chuck for all that happened to her and hates him. Chuck may try to redeem himself, but she seeks comfort on Dan's arms, yet finds out a VER LONELY AND TORMENTED BOY, trying to assume his reality. She ends up helping him and connect even more. Their relationship grows even deeper. At this point Blair could be confused between Chuck and Dan. Almost on the verge of the Season 5 finale, DUCK finds out B's confusion and Chuck gives Blair an ultimatum. He pulls of the "Affair to remember" fiasco and tell her to meet him at the Empire State biulding or something. He waits and waits. In the meantime, B is struggling, bit time. She finally reads Dan's book and takes her desision and goes to her lover's destination, only to arrive to Brooklin and knock on Dan's door, saying that she finally read the book. She kisses him, a lot, and then it cuts to another scene where we watch Chuck has been waiting for HOURS this time until it get very dark and the security ask him to leave the building. This could be a GREAT cliffhanger for S6. Besides, we could get some real DAIR, for at least half a season. Until they broke up by mutual agreement but remain VERY CLOSE FRIENDS. I mean REAL CLOSE. Best. No benefits BTW. And they can build up CHAIR so by the END OF THE SHOW on S6, the writers pull a "Dawson's Creek" and decide on the very last 3 minutes to show who will be B's ENDGAME. To wrap this up, all I wanna say is that GOSSIP GIRL IS GETTING BORDERLINE "TELENOVELA". Really, all we are missing is a person getting on an accident and get amnesia or end up in a wheelchair, only to discover he/she was faking the whole thing. So, really GG, PULL IT TOGETHER MAN!


DanFan hahahaha hilarious


We become happy because: Blair begins to realize she still loves Chuck, and we find out that he is the father. Then we get mad because: Blair looses the baby. CALLED IT!!


Nate is sucha cutie pie


CHAIR BABY! YEAH! Ed Westwick is soooo cute here!


I'm pretty sure those promos are from last episode...I mean it's the same story ...and so was the week before that .....and the week before the week before that....wait, what day is today...Is it... Groundhog day?


OK I have several things to say about the episode preview, which is an outstanding fact to me because I usually hate them (and I'm still kinda hating the part when the producers speak on this one), but at least they are improving in the clips they choose: As much as I find Max's turn to blackmail refreshing because nobody saw it comming, I can't help taking Ivy's side on the White Trash comment clip. Who does this guy think he is, Chuck Bass? Nate's face when he hears about Tripp is priceless. Theory: what if the Grandfather knew all this time about the affair and that's why he wanted Nate to run this kind of paper, to make sure the story would be buried? It does sound unrealistic because any other newspaper or tabloid can get this scoop, so I don't know. Btw I never saw comming that Nate's storyline in this episdoe would be with Tripp, I thought it would be Blair, Diana or maybe Chuck. Chuck's face when Blair sits down and who knows what she keeps saying seems to say "This woman! This is the last thing I needed today". Seriously, he probably suffers just with her presence, it must be a torture. Dan, now you are going to know what I think almost every person who has posted on this site has felt at least once. I kinda find endearing that his storyline going to reflect a experience similar to the one experienced by many fans of this show when commenting it on the net. As for the biggest hater, Vanessa is too obvious, I would bet on Nate or Serena, though Nate seems kinda busy right now. I don't think Blair because she also seems too busy for this, and I hope the writers are not going to kill his new friendship with Chuck by making Chuck to be the hater (plus, I can't imagine Chuck dedicating time to this kind of sabotage, his M.O. tends to be of other kind). A surprising twist would be Rufus! But it his father, and as pissed he may have been with the book that would be sick. I can't imagine Lily doing this either) After seeing the Cece, Lily and Charlie/Ivy said, I have to say this: Cece had some nerve critizing or meddling in Lily and Serena's romantice lives when she was getting marriage proposals in the late 70's, surely after her divorce of Richard Rhodes. And she wonders where Lily got her bad ways? Having serial wedding proposolas comes from Cece!


Hahaha I love DAN fighting the DAN HATERS!


I hate Max.


i just want chair alreadyyy

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