Gossip Girl Round Table: "All the Pretty Sources"

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Welcome to our weekly Gossip Girl Round Table discussion! Below, our panel breaks down the most recent episode (see our official review from last night) of our favorite show in even greater detail.

Below, TVF CEO Eric Hochberger (Gossip Guy) and managing editor Steve Marsi (Mister Meester) join writers Courtney Morrison, Christina Tran and Leigh Raines to discuss "All the Pretty Sources."

Weigh in with your take on the following topics after reading ours!


1. What was your favorite quote from the episode?

Courtney: Serena's MOH speech. It felt genuine and that party was amazing; I need to have a wedding shower hosted by S like right now. I loved the little jab at the minions for trying to be like Blair.

Christina: Can I go with Serena’s entire MOH speech? This season has seriously lacked in gal pal time, and I’ve missed the besties together. Case in point, I also liked when Serena and Blair were reminiscing over blasts from the past.

Leigh: I swear I actually wrote this down last night because I was cracking up. Chuck to poser girls: "I should warn you, he's been trained to go after fake Prada." Simply Amazing.

Steve: Christina said it best. I've missed Blair and Serena's relationship and how they can remain so close even while reminiscing about their submissions to Gossip Girl, many of which presumably involved the other.

Eric: The entire scene between Chuck and the little B&S at the beginning. So glad the meta humor returned!

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2. What was your favorite scene featuring Dan and Chuck?

Courtney: Sitting on the porch. Chuck had humor, Dan had his wild hair. It was perfection.

Christina: Ah, the most unexpected bromance continues to go strong. From girls to pot, Chuck was definitely in a sharing mood. I loved all of the Duck scenes, but I think the writers saved the best for last. The way Chuck took care of Dan was most noteworthy.

Leigh: This is a toughie. As nice as the steps scene was, I think I'll pick them getting stoned together. Dan would totally be one of those rambling stoners. Everything about that scene was hilarious. It made me miss the "lost weekends." Remember those? Season 1?

Steve: "Are you willing to get a haircut and change your clothes?" "No." "Then I don't know what I can do for you." This classic exchange set up a Duck storyline that lived up to expectations and then some.

Eric: That's impossible to pick a favorite Duck scene. Shameless plug alert: They're just such a dynamic duo. Fine, make me choose? Watching The Matrix together and Chuck fashioning his advice around Neo.

3. Is there any chance Louis redeems himself after this?

Courtney: I have thought Louis was extremely boring and dull since he has been on the show. At least him going down this path gives him some excitement to watch. He will try to redeem himself, and it will work until everything comes crashing down at the wedding.

Christina: Sadly, yes. After all, he is a prince and he’ll probably come bearing gifts and another empty apology again for B.

Leigh: Who? Oh that guy with the accent? Sorry I was so bored, I forgot for a second who he was. No, he will only get worse.

Steve: No, they're clearly setting up for her not to marry this guy, which we pretty much knew she wouldn't anyway. He was never interesting. Now that he's no longer nice, loyal or moral, what does have left?

Eric: Not at all. Of course, we've all seen teases of a royal wedding so we know we'll at least go that far. But clearly the show has driven Louis down a deep dark path he is not recovering from. I was pro Louis when he was boring and represented a crown for B. Now he's just irritating and in the way of the far more fun Chair-Dair triangle. No one needs a square with Lair (pronounce it so it rhymes).

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4. How do you see Nate's career as Editor-in-Chief of the Spectator playing out?

Courtney: Ehhh, this doesn't seem like something that is going to be a huge success. Nate is a good man though (I was so pumped to find out he never sent in a GG blast). Here is hoping that he struggles at first and then finds his niche as an Editor-in-Chief. Maybe he will get a little ruthless. Could be fun.

Christina: There’s a slim-to-none chance this will work out for Nate. Aside from his lack of experience, how is he supposed to handle his new position as editor AND classes at Columbia?!

Leigh: Realistically I see this as a dropped storyline, just like his academic career at Columbia. Idealistically he will find out Diana's secret and expose her!

Steve: Did anyone else think, just for a millisecond, that perhaps Nate hasn't sent any tips to Gossip Girl because he IS Gossip Girl? That would be the biggest twist of all time, with him becoming a successful media mogul a close second. Much as I'd love to see it, I fear Leigh's right. Dropped plot potential.

Eric: I'm not even sure when the dude figured out how to make a website, let alone run an entire news outlet. Let's be honest, the biggest problem is how the hell grandfather thinks running a celebrity gossip blog is at all going to improve his son's image!? 

5. Which will happen first: Dan gets a haircut, Blair wears jeans, Serena realizes she's being played, or Ivy says something truthful?

Courtney: Ivy saying something truthful because she already sorta did. She pretty much admitted to Max that things are a scheme but that the money is real. Baby steps here. Thing I would like to happen first? Dan getting a haircut! I'm pretty sure it is the worst it has ever been.

Christina: Thanks to Max, we all know that Ivy’s luck has to run out soon. Dan’s ‘do is a staple. Blair and jeans don’t even belong in the same sentence. And I’m fairly certain Serena has realized she’s been played a time or two already.

Leigh: None of the above? I think more will happen with Ivy so I guess I'll pick her. Even though she lies like she breathes, or whatever Diana said.

Steve: Serena's not going to wise up anytime soon. Ivy could reveal her true self, but only if her charade becomes an even more terrible alternative. Blair would look great in jeans, but that won't happen ... I guess that leaves Dan. At some point Penn will finish filming the Jeff Buckley movie and he'll be allowed to revert to his Season One roots.

Eric: Why don't you ask us whether hell will freeze over or pigs will fly? Obviously none of these things will happen in our lifetime. The one I'd most like to see? Blair in jeans eating gyros and shaved ice.

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6. Biggest stretch: Jonathan hacking Gossip Girl in five minutes, Louis knowing how to make that list of sources live, Max turning from harmless, jaded ex to calculating extortionist, or people showing up INSIDE others' apartments in NYC, in general?

Courtney: Although all of these things are pretty far fetched (Hello Jonathan! Louis being a website tech?), I'm going with people showing up inside other peoples apartments. There is no way that the doorman working the Waldorf's building is going to let a complete stranger go stand in the living room in the dark.

Christina: Definitely Louis knowing how to make sources live ... how gullible do the Gossip Girl writers think we are?

Leigh: Definitely Louis knowing how to make the website live. There's no way. I look to Eric to explain why since he's the tech wiz around here.

Steve: I'll let Eric go off on Louis' apparent technical prowess and take the last item on the list. When was the last time you walked into your apartment and saw someone you barely know waiting there for you?! Dan, Chuck, Louis, fine, I'll accept that a doorman might allow it. But that random Max? Ridiculous. Having him accost her on the street again would be much more realistic.

Eric: Just like Steve pointed out in his review, obviously I need to go with Louis posting those sources live. But realize you have so many stretches even to get there. Jonathan hacking the phone that quickly.  Nate figuring out how to build a dynamic website WITH a database and searching capabilities in a matter of hours. Then, on top of all that, Louis can just push a button to hack into the Spectator and launch the link!? I'm sorry, the nerd in me will accept that as soon as Dan gets a haircut.

7. Share one prediction for the next two weeks.

Courtney: I like Eric's idea of seeing Carol's real daughter. I'm also predicting a Dair scene that is heartfelt. These two haven't been in the best situation with each other for a few weeks now and Dan made a point; he was there for her when no one else was. Hopefully with the Louis drama, he will be able to be there for her again.

Christina: I’ve used this one already and I’m using it again: We’re going to definitively find out who the real baby daddy is!

Leigh: Besides Blair's imminent nervous breakdown regarding not wanting to marry Louis, I still sadly think she's going to miscarry. Just a hunch.

Steve: Dan and Serena hook up. Now that would really throw a wrench into things!

Eric: I want to see something seriously useful go down on the Chivy front. And not just another notch in Serena's already-filled belt with Max or his pathetic foray into blackmail. I'm talking bring in Carol's real daughter.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

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if only max could get a psycho story to put something interesting in serena's and ivy's life this is BORING with a dead end ,like most of serena's storylines, who of the writers hates so much this girl to give her so much crap?


1. Favorite quote is Chuck to Dan " HAve you ever thought it might be your own fault?" because really, you could say that to every character on the show at some point!
2. Loved all the Dan & Chuck scenes, but totally didn't think Chuck was a 'Matrix' kind of guy!
3. Louis can't redeem himself, but no way is Blair going to give up her shot at becoming a real-life princess.
4. If I hadn't read the round table before watching the episode I'd say watching Nate getting played for the fool is PAINFUL to watch. But with Eric & Steve's theories in my head, I'm thinking there's a good chance NAte could be Gossip Girl, NAte is smarter than we think he is, and he'll make The Spec-TATE-ter into a respectable newspaper. Although I'd like someone to verify by watching the first four seasons that in fact Nate has never sent a text to GG.
5. Ivay has already started telling the truth, so I'd like to see Blair in jeans again. I believe she's worn them a time or two.
6. Nate & Louis are tech savy? It's easier to believe the Waldorf building doorman is getting fired because there's no way S remembered Max's last name to put him on the list of people to let in.
7. Miscarriage.


Hello! Nate is Gossip Girl. Lol.


We have seen Blair in jeans, season 1 when she has a heart to heart with Serena. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

Derenachairstelena   they all rule cant wait for s4 gg 3

Loved the episode but yeah Blair wore jeans in season 1. But I do hope we get to see the real charlie and then all hell will break loose!!


I would LOOOOVE to meet the real Charlie and have her come take Ivy down!! I also hope that we'll get to actually see the results of the paternity test!


I really want to meet the real Charlie.


I just wanna tell that Blair alredy wore Jeans, in the 1st season in the episode 3 and 10 and you could search and see that.


@Kimmie I absolutely agree with you in everything, especially in the less real stuff, like WHAT'S GOING ON WITH COLLEGE please!! I always felt that this show takes too many licences, but it would be better for the plot to show some coherence.

Kimberly anne

This episode was boring from the beginning all the way up to the last 30 seconds. Chair saved the episode with the last scene.
I complained last week about there being too much Diana and Nate. I will continue complain about them because this episode was boring because of their whole relationship and The Spectator. Adding in the grandfather only prolongs the boredom. I am really glad that she is leaving even though I think she will return. We just need a break from her. Nate needs to go back being in the background because he cannot carry any episode. Although I do admire him for not sending in any posts to Gossip Girl.
I hope Ivy will not be a regular cast if there will be a 6th season. By giving Max that ring, she is asking for it to come around and bite her. Max is a confusing character. First he is all innocent and only came to Ivy for answers, now he is blackmailing her? What for? I was under the impression that he is in love with this girl. So seeing him change in the end was kind of hard to believe. I also have a hard time believing that any doorman would let a random stranger in if no one is in the house. Seriously, I get that their homes uses elevators as entrances, but people just can’t come up and down whenever they want. And how would he know where Serena lives again?
So whenever Louis is mad, he puts his lips out like a duck? His facial expression is so annoying. And he is an idiot for sending those posts because clearly Blair would figure it out. These two have no chemistry what so ever.
I did enjoy the whole scene of Blair and her minions at the shop. The dialogues were great. BUT SERIOUSLY CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN THE WHOLE COLLEGE SITUATION FOR THE EACH CHARACTER? What did they all just drop out?
I also loved it when Blair called Lily about the food.
Dan please cut your hair. It is not hot at all. Since your book went down the drain, and since that shaggy look was to symbolize you as a writer, you can lose it now. So it is officially made clear by Chuck that Dan is in love with Blair. He watched various movies with her, kissed her once (in real life), got turned down by her many times and now he is in love…ya thats real believable. Not. Seriously, get a clue, Dan. What I do not like is that the show is focusing on more than two guys in love with Blair. Like slow down, finish one storyline first before moving on. This episode showed how Chuck, Dan and Louis, are still involved with her. It takes away from the drama if we do all 3 at the same time rather than having Louis vs. Dan, then whoever from that vs. Chuck.
I enjoyed the Serena/Blair bonding towards the end because we need more of this duo. I am glad that Serena shined some light for Blair about Chuck. I’m sorry but Blair’s dress for the party was not pretty at all. At first I thought it was a ball gown, but when I saw it was to her knee and I wanted to vomit.
As much as I love Chuck with Monkey, I hope Chuck will be more focused on in the future than just walking the dog every single episode. Anyway, when Blair entered his home, I gasp because I knew whatever happens will be good. I really want next week’s episode to continue from where this one ended. Her last line, “You really have been good all along, haven’t you,� or something like that was awesome. It made me melt because you can just hear the sincerity and love in her voice.
Can’t wait for Chair next week.

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