Kissing Leighton: Gossip Girl Co-Stars Weigh in on Love Triangle

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Chuck and Blair. Dan and Blair.

The show's uber-popular duos obviously involve the same woman, and have polarized respective segments of the fan base. Does Chair still stand a chance after last night's episode? What about Dair?

Yes, we know she's still engaged to Louis. But come on now.

At last week's party marking the completion of the show's milestone January episode (check out these 100th episode spoilers), Leighton Meester shared her thoughts on B's relationships with each.

Now do her co-stars feel about the characters' progression?

Dan, Blair and Chuck

"I think they will always have feelings for each other in a certain capacity," Penn Badlgey says of Dan and Blair. "I can't really say where it is going to go, nor do I know...They have had plans for them since the beginning, only in the sense that they are a certain intellectual match for one another."

"I think Dan is unfortunate in the sense that he loves Blair and I think Blair is his soul mate - but he is not Blair's soul mate, because Blair and Chuck belong with each other, obviously. I think that the fans all love Chuck and Blair together, but you know, maybe you're wrong."

So is Penn upset, as Dan is, that he may not be Blair's soul mate?

"Well, that is my personal opinion, but my opinions are biased," he says. "They are an intellectual match for one another and even though it's not physical, it's this completely heady thing - which I think is fun because it's a show with heady, campy dialogue. I think they fit together well in that sense - that they don't fit together and all they do is bicker. I think that's fun for people to watch."

Ed Westwick, meanwhile, says Chuck is still "very much" in love with Blair.

The actor says he "no idea" what the future holds for Chair, but he, like many fans, personally hopes they find their way back to each other in the end. "Yeah, I like kissing Leighton," he says.

"She's so great. Leighton is gorgeous. I like working with her. She's very talented and she's fantastic to work with. Sure, why not?" As for what's coming up, he adds: "It’s difficult for me to speculate as to the opinions of fans ... but I don’t think they’re going to be disappointed, for sure."

Your thoughts? Who do you think belongs with Blair?

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This is not a love triangle its a love diamond. With Blair at the pinnacle louis and Chuck on opposite sides and dan at the bottom in hell freezes over position. HAHAHA


I would also like to see how the Dair relationship would play out, but as there won't be any more seasons after this - *sigh* - I guess I want Blair to end up with Chuck ultimately. It's complicated because I want Chuck to be happy and I can't really imagine him with anyone else, but I feel like Dan has fewer issues (let's pretend for a second that his mini meltdown following his first book ultimately being a bit of a flop didn't happen) and I also want Dan to be happy. As Penn Badgley said Dan is a good match for her intellectually. Dan and Blair seem to have to most in common with each other (Serena and Nate being a close second in my opinion) and if Blair would get over herself they could work really well. Also, I think Dan might need Blair in his life a little more than Chuck does right now and it's clear that she makes him happy. Chuck and Blair still have a lot of growing up to do before they find each other again. It's funny because Serena is supposed to be the girl everyone flocks to, but in the end all the men on this show find themselves in love (as opposed to being in lust or infatuated with Serena) with Blair (even Nate who as we all remember has always had eyes for Serena, but has gotten back together with Blair - by choice - twice now).


I am of both Dair and Chair. As long as the storyline goes in either direction, I can't be disappointed. I suppose in the very end I want Chair together but for at least a season, I'm completely happy with a full blown Dair relationship. Having someone else's baby puts a damper on either storyline though. I do love the pregnancy storyline however and hope that there's a twist such as Louis not being the father.


This article left off a part. In the original article, Leighton was interviewed, as well, and she said she'd like to continue the Dair storyline because she loves working with Penn Badgley. I thought that was interesting.


I think the writers made the mistake of making everything about chair. they just made them too good and of course ed and leighton do have fantastic chemistry but i actually think because the show has been ALL ABOUT CHAIR - it's time for some dair action. Penn - there is actually a massive fan base out there cheering for dair, so not everyone likes chair. frankly i prefer chuck with eva, she was fantastic. also, i think chuck actually started growing up way before he went a bit mental over blair. he has been in two more relationships, eva and raina which could have been the one, except blair sabotaged him in both cases. I really think this show has had some ridiculous storylines but i really did care for the dair friendship and now the duck friendship. I just wish they could write something a bit more moving and amazing then what they've thrown at us so far. season 5 has been slightly more exciting with the pregnancy storyline and the love quadrangle but seriously the secrets and bombshells just need to come out faster and with a better impact. Going back to chair - all these scenes so far have been great and i get why so many people want them back together - i used to ship them in S1+2 before the crazyness and really now the show actually does centre around them and I hope they actually introduce the baby into the mix because it would be interesting to see how blair and chuck deal with it. obviously i prefer dair but I just have a feeling the writer's are going down chair's path yet again. IF they surprise us and give us DAIR i will be happy but I'm not getting my hopes up. Plus I really enjoyed the Duck scenes where Chuck said to Dan that he knew he was in love with Blair. Ps - the pregnancy seems to be thrown in the background... this could really define blair's character even more than she is already. Guess the next episode will just have to convince me to keep watching or throw in the towel.


@myrel Well said. I think Dair is a fine match. like Penn says their relationship is more 'heady' whereas Chair has that spark...and i also think Chuck is an intellectual match for Blair as well. He may not have cared about school, esp after Bart died, but he has shown to be crafty, witty, "nothing gets past him" as Blair said. He needs to use that intelligence for good, not bad schemes, and Blair and Chuck have to have matured in similar ways for it to ever work again too. Dan is not Blair's only intellectual match. On the flipside, Chuck doesnt have to be the only person Blair has that "spark" with. Ive not seen it yet but im sure Penn and Leighton could deliver if given the chance. We will see. However I hope if they write a Dair romance that it plays out completely differently and doesnt become Chair 2.0 or Derena 2.0 with different actors. To me they have built two different types of romances/potential romances here and I hope they keep them different and unique from one another because its interesting. I think Dair will happen for a while and then Chair will reunite at the end. But who knows? This is GG!


I agree with NiceHat.
There is no tension if already everyone thinks Chair is endgame. They never gave DAIR a chance. I think Dan and Blair could have been a physical match, but they did not build up things like with Chair.
I don't like to be patronized either and I just get the feeling that we did with Chair. i don't watch gg anymore, i just read the reviews and fast forward through certain scenes. I think there was no logical continuity in Blair's or anyones storyline. I don't recognize Blair anymore, I dont even like her anymore. So I guess I dOnt mind if she gets back with Chuck.


In one or two scenes I want DAIR , BUT at last It's always CHAIR


I super love this!! All they said were true...DAIR is an intellectual match, I mean, they're the smartest and most sensible characters on the show, their dialogues are deep as well, but, CHAIR is a match made in heaven, the chemistry between Ed and Leighton is overpowering and it sort of drag us fans to tune in for more CHAIR scenes, matter who B ends up with, I can say that GG is blessed with great actors (except incomparable chemistry...I just hope that Ed and Leighton will end up together in real life..."))


Chuck screwed her over too many times. How is pimping her out, contolling her, selling her for a hotel, and physically taking his anger out on her- romantic? WTH? I dair the writers of GG to actually put Dair together dispite fans because the characters deserve better.

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