Gossip Girl Set Photos: Blair Waldorf's Wedding Dress!

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Gossip Girl's 100th episode royal wedding spectacular airs early next year, and we've got your first glimpse of the woman of the hour in photos taken on the New York City set, at night, earlier this week.

Leighton Meester looks positively radiant as Blair Waldorf her wedding gown, but that's not the whole story. The story here is that Blair appears to be running out into the street and leaving ... alone.

Is it a dream sequence? Always possible on Gossip Girl. Or is it the end of an engagement?

Either way, there's obviously a lot of guesswork involved, but she doesn't look happy, and you have to wonder. As much as B deserves to be happy and experience a fairy tale romance, that doesn't mean this is it.

We can't see Blair marrying Louis, can you? We know from these images and last week's wedding set video that the ceremony will be held, but whether she goes through with the nuptials is another story.

Check out these photos of Blair on her wedding day and hit the comments below:

Blair Waldorf: Just Married?
The Runaway Bride?
Blair Waldorf Wedding Gown
The Beautiful Bride
Blair Waldorf Wedding Dress
Blair: Just Married?
Blair the Bride

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I was actually hoping she did leave Chuck forever! Poor Louis.


here the storyline of that episode: Blair finally realizes that she and Chuck belong together!!! So she fuckin leaves this stupid Louis and runs away...back to Chuck!!! I mean, after all the preview pics for the next episodes, it is so clear that she will get back with Chuck!!! Yeah, it is going to be chuck, not dan, give it up dair shippers, dan helps chuck and blair to get back together!!!


Yes to the tiara!
But no train? And a strapless sweetheart cut? Not Blair at all.
And the atrocity of her hair!


hum...the hair is indeed not very blairish...altough it looks stunning on her! And I saw other pics of her in a wedding dress earlier this season...google it and youll see...she has shorter hair, a dress with sleeves, and shes holding peonies...so ya pretty sure its a dream sequence...


It's a lovely dress. But the hair...


I too think this is a dream. For one, she doesn't look pregnant. When people dream of their wedding they don't dream about being pregnant, so this could be something that upsets her (that she'll have a bump on her wedding day). Neurotic people like Blair getting married want everything to be PERECT; and not being the thinnest she could be could make her feel slightly depressed. Or perhaps she will take on a more confident Blair and be more confident about her bump, but then I don't see her dreaming of a dream without her having one. There's also the possibility she has miscarried. Which. I. Hate. What a copout! Honestly, that's just a cheap route GG. I also think it's a dream because of her hair! While I'd love if she wore her hair like that normally (I'm sick of that bun) this looks like she fled her wedding whilst putting her hair down for that "effect". And in that car is Chuck.


The dress it's very royal and her hair isn't very Blair either. Maybe both combos have a perfect fit for each other?


She is sad in these photos. Her dress is gorgeous but her hair is so un-Blair like. I'm assuming a time jump due to the miscarriage that will happen episode 10=11. The only other person filming at night has been Chuck and we have day after photos of Dan & Nate walking and talking all serious. I will be very surprised if she doesn't run into Chuck's arms. This looks delicious.


I have to say that dress is severely underwhelming for Blair Waldorf. I imagined a little more drama. Needless to say though she does look gorgeous as usual! Serena needs to buy a comb


Not too crazy about her hair. Gah. Where's Blair's usual perfect hair coif? Did someone forget to book the hairdresser?

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