Gossip Girl Set Photos: Blair Waldorf's Wedding Dress!

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Gossip Girl's 100th episode royal wedding spectacular airs early next year, and we've got your first glimpse of the woman of the hour in photos taken on the New York City set, at night, earlier this week.

Leighton Meester looks positively radiant as Blair Waldorf her wedding gown, but that's not the whole story. The story here is that Blair appears to be running out into the street and leaving ... alone.

Is it a dream sequence? Always possible on Gossip Girl. Or is it the end of an engagement?

Either way, there's obviously a lot of guesswork involved, but she doesn't look happy, and you have to wonder. As much as B deserves to be happy and experience a fairy tale romance, that doesn't mean this is it.

We can't see Blair marrying Louis, can you? We know from these images and last week's wedding set video that the ceremony will be held, but whether she goes through with the nuptials is another story.

Check out these photos of Blair on her wedding day and hit the comments below:

Blair Waldorf: Just Married?
The Runaway Bride?
Blair Waldorf Wedding Gown
The Beautiful Bride
Blair Waldorf Wedding Dress
Blair: Just Married?
Blair the Bride

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She looks beautiful, but definitely doesn't look pregnant.


This could be a trick by the producers! I wouldn't be surprised if one day soon we see filming photos of Blair and Louis exiting their wedding happy & together....they may do that so we don't know which ending they will use!


I expected a little more from Blair's wedding look. Her dress is nice, but kind of boring, which is not Blair at all. Plus her hair is so, not Blair. I bet it's a dream.


She looks GORGEOUS! I love her style. Her hair is amazing! Yet, I think this is a dream sequence. Someone here said on a different post that Blair was going to have one of these dreams involving a wedding so... I'm guessing this is it.


@candb I would love to see the scandal after that! although I do want Blair to have the baby, that would be such a good cliffhanger. you should get on the writing team!! haha


I know...


What would be crazy...is if she jumps in the car to go after Chuck, but gets in an accident, which causes her to miscarry Louis' baby aaaaaaa who knows, I can't wait to see what happens!!


her hair...

Leigh r

So the writers said there will be a time jump. Sadly, I think she will miscarry the baby. I also think she WILL get married and seeing as these photos were taken at the St Regis in NY at night, she's likely fleeing from the reception. Something must've gone down at the wedding. B looks BEAUTIFUL. Surprised she didn't choose a more regal hairstyle though. The messy waves are really more boho Serena style. Either way I think she looks great!


i dunno guys, when ever we get set photos like this it's always not what it seems. but come to think of it, unless she's chasing after someone who's already left the wedding, the only person that wouldn't be there that she would have to get in a car for would be chuck right? and just another thing out of respect if she walks out on Louis, is she game enough to get into the just married car? it's all a bit too fishy for my liking. But if it works out in chairs favour I'm BUMPED. however, I'm kind of leaning towards a dream sequence, it just seems too obvious, and to be honest I don't think she would wear her hair like that if she were getting married?

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