Gossip Girl Set Photos: Georgina in Black!

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Spotted: Georgina Sparks creepin' on the set of Gossip Girl.

What exactly she's up to, we don't yet know ... but there was that picture of Georgina as the altar girl, and now we have these shots of her looking less than thrilled about the upcoming royal wedding.

Look closely at the photos below and you'll see Blair and Louis on the cover of the New York Post. You'll also see baby Milo pushed by a man whose identity we're not sure of. Theories are welcomed.

How far will Georgina go to insert herself into wedding drama, and to what end?

Take a look at these pics of Michelle Trachtenberg on the NYC set of Gossip Girl this week, reprising her infamous character, and comment with your predictions of what the pot-stirrer is planning ...

Georgina Sighting!
Georgina Sparks in the House!
Georgina in Black

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maybe louis is milo's dad.. #random thought


Guys relax, maybe this pics were taken before she got rejected from going to the royal wedding.. In every royal wedding this ridiculous hats needs to be worn.


I love Georgina! I even love her hat because she looks so miserable/evil wearing it. We did not get to see enough of her last season finale!
I hope she has something to do with breaking up the wedding/ exposing Diana/ get Serena to have some fun and stop being so annoying.
All good possibilities.


WTF is with her HAT! Hope she makes out with Louis. Anything to get him gone.


@G. Sparks - i just LOL'd so hard. hilarious.


I hope G is going to successfully stop B from marrying Louis.


woww.... Georgina georgina Georgina!!
SHE IS AWESOME HERE! she looks angry.. haha i thought she is Being a good girl now and had a religion.. but she still as schemer as before here!
haahahha.. Georgina sparks should be until the finale of season 5 ! also with diana payne..
i hope DIANA PAYNE will be play the role until finale of season 5 !!!


Who died?


"You'll also see baby Milo pushed by a man whose identity we're not sure of." Are you kiddin?? and you called yourself a Gossip Girl fan?? the guy's Georgina's husband. It's obvious that you didn't watch 4x22 The Wrong Goodbye. Shame on you!!!


woww... wahhaha very impressing and very interesting.. she looks very Drama Queen EVil....her style look a lil bit of the woman in 101 dalmatian , Cruella De Vil! Georgina is The best !!! awww.... i love this season !!!we from asia love this season ! diana payne ! and georgina story arc... :D
lovely. now georgina is a useful story! the real G is back!
i hope more drama and more new villain ! and georgina againts them all! :D

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