Gossip Girl Spoiler Pic: Georgina to Sabotage Blair's Wedding?

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Blair beware: Georgina Sparks is coming back to Gossip Girl.

What better (and bigger) way for the perennial pot-stirrer to return and cause drama than for her to crash than the series' 100th episode extravaganza that is Blair and Louis' royal wedding?

As you can see in the set photo below, it seems that the awesome character played by Michelle Trachtenberg might be going to some pretty desperate lengths to attend the milestone event ...

Georgina Returns!

Who can forget the last time Georgina turned to Jesus, only to be brought back to reality by Chuck. Early next year, it looks like she may rediscover her faith ... if only to foster a devious plan.

In the first photo snapped of Trachtenberg's G.G. return (right), she appears to be an altar girl's outfit, so we're guessing she will not be receiving a wedding invitation from Blair. Shocking!

No clue what Geor-gina has been up to lately (if she's married, she's not wearing a wedding ring here), or how baby Milo's doing, but we expect we'll be filled in on her life before long.

"What we love about Georgina is that she can't help but be evil, even when she pretends to be good," Trachtenberg said of Georgina's reappearance, but wouldn't go into many details.

The possibilities are endless, and the opportunities for chaos abundant. What do you think Georgina's up to? Are you excited for her return to the UES? Share your comments below ...

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omfg!!!! i waited for her i swear happy G.


I never thought I'd be so happy to see Georgina. BRING CHAIR BACK! ♥


Love Chair! Love Georgina! Hope she stops the wedding and brings back Chair!!(:


Omfg! Just saw the canadian promo its blair that chuck kisses and its followed by a slap and chuck says "I needed to kiss her to set her free"... Wtf is going on O.O


YES! I missed this girl!


I think Chuck will ask the help of Georgina to sabotage B's wedding...so that CHAIRYTALE will happen...:))


Georgina always makes her way in every GG season. Leave the bitching to Blair, Georgie! What's Georgina's purpose in season 5 this time?


hell yeah!!!
she is crazy awesome bitch!
georgina who dont love her?
everyone love her! she makes a spicy things in the scene and funny thing sometime.. Georginaaaa cant wait to see her..
i want she will be from 100th episode until Finale of season 5!
and destroying DIana payne?? or maybe new villain!


I can't stand G!! GG jumped the shark w/ her in S2 and beyond. She was amazzzing in S1(so was S1, for that matter but that's another post...) but after that she became a dopey cartoon villain. I can't even...


i hope she convivnce blair that she should be with chuck in some sort of way!
i love georgina and i cant wait for chair scenes!