Grey's Anatomy Review: And The Beat Goes On...

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Oh, George O’Malley. It seems like forever ago that you were called 007 and fixing hearts in elevators. Having your mom check into the hospital was instant emotion, and it was great. So let’s waste no more time, get ready to stare at the "Heart-Shaped Box."

This episode pulled at the heart strings in the simplest of ways, but also had some light, fun moments. Let’s start there...

Lexie Bangs

The Plastics Posse. One word. Hilarious. The characters of Sloan and Avery have really found a footing that is enjoyable to watch. They have been providing the laughter in the past several installments of the series. Sloan talking with Derek and Alex about it was funny enough, but the make up scene between the boys was perfection. The love triangle is definitely moving forward after Jackson kicked Lexie to the curb. 

Shippers are up in the air about this. Many think Lexie is immature, she doesn’t deserve either, blah blah. I personally think she’s the luckiest girl on the show. But she has now found herself alone. It’s about time Jackson smartened up and realized the situation and its longevity. How long until Lexie is falling back into the McSteamy trap? Kudos to Avery for being mature and handling things so well. That man just gave us something else to admire... about him besides those eyes and abs.

The Men of Lexie Grey

“I will not have another O’Malley lost under this roof!” Debra Monk returned as Mrs. O’Malley and brought some serious memories with her. George is not a character I think about much, not even one I miss the most. But, boy, can you not help but love his mother. Her interactions with everyone were excellent, it was like no time had passed since Monk last played the character.

The scene with her and Callie (Remember Callie O’Malley!!!) after her procedure was raw and perfect. It was so long ago that Callie was her daughter-in-law, it feels like another lifetime. Having Monk come back was a wonderful idea on the writers' part. I can't be the only one who enjoyed it.

Doctor Teddy Altman

Even though 007 was not the best character to walk the halls of Seattle Grace, he provided one of the best twists on television. Ever. Who else remembers George’s mangled face and Meredith’s reaction to discovering who the John Doe was? Top five best Grey’s scenes of all time.

The Bailey Battle. Meredith and Miranda went head to head once again. After the previous fight on the baseball field, I thought we were past this. Looks like Bailey is starting to come around and, although Meredith was completely wrong with what she did, it is about time. These two work best together when on the same team, so let’s get there, ladies.

Ted and Hen

After Thoughts...

  • Is it me or does Scott Foley get better looking with each episode? 
  • Speaking of... since when is it okay for husbands to watch from the gallery? Henry’s coughing up blood is not looking too good. Any guesses on what’s next for him?
  • Alex admits to not thinking about George because it leads to him thinking about Izzie. He needs a new girl and fast.
  • Less Kepner tonight. Who was pumped about it?
  • Alfre Woodard guest starred as the author patient of Derek’s and Lexie’s. This was one case that although wasn’t too interesting or emotionally invested that was enjoyable. Plus, her voice is awesome.
  • A sweater set. Bailey is always on with the perfect advice for her children residents. Hopefully the sweater can help in the Zola situation next week.
So what did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you enjoy "Heart-Shaped Box” or was it a let down? Who else was emotional watching Mrs. O’Malley? Make you long for the days of early seasons? Sound off and let us know what you thought. Make sure to check back for the latest Grey’s Anatomy Round Table in the near future, too. Until next week...


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I prefer GA next season story focus on teacher(mentor)/student, not nonsense couple
it's good to see OR/ER story beween Teddy/Cri; Mark/Jason ; Baily/Mer ; Owen/Apri; AZ/Alex; Webber/F5....
Mer/Der is boring; I'd rather watch Harry/Teddy kissing than Mer/Der


i have to agree with the lexie thing, and I'm so hating the fact that she's going to make medical history with derek and all the impossible cases and not mer!not fair, it should be a MerDer thing.


Please can anyone tell me what is the name of the song that start play when callie and Mrs. O'malley are talking about Sofia?! Please i'm in love with that song but I can't find it... Thank you guys


I agree with someone here who said the show is still good, not great. Yes, I think so too. I found myself laughing out loud with Sloan/Jackson scene, it was really hilarious! But altough you people dont want to hear this, Lexie is getting on my nerves,she's really annoying, I find her much more annoying than April (Yang once said the same), I never cared for the character since season 4, she is immature and spoiled. Seriously, I was staring at the screen and I felt like I wanted to punch her in the face, I mean choosing between two guys is that your problem? Seriously? o.O'. Besides, I dont think her character has a point, it never did. I know it was supposed to have some drama with Meredith, but just because someone show up when your already in your 30's and say she's your sister since she's the daughter of the father you never really talked to, you're not suposed to be friends with. I think she should go, Meredith doesnt need her. April should go too, she's pointless. And so does Teddy since Owen choose Yang. And so is Henry! So please dend those useless chacters away, and focus on the good ones. Like Meredith and Derek, Shond should really think about them, because if you go to Youtube and search for MerDer scenes form season 5 to 8 they are all the same, they just change the pijamas they are in. Be less predictable Shonda!!! p.s - I dont think this next promo is the solution though. Just because the show is getting less audience that doesnt mean she can fix it by puting Meredith in danger once again (remindes me of One Tree Hill with all the psyco's). Just because when Meredith almost drown and it was the best episode because of the drama doesnt mean she has to do it again...
Just my opinion of course and I watched every single episode too;)


Having watched every single ep, mostly through netflix until the end of the sixth season, all I can say about the quality of the show, and how it's progressed or failed, is that of course it's a soap opera, it always has been, but it's a well-acted one with cool character development. After watching these characters develop for eight years worth, I don't need to have my mind blown; I'm content enough to crack the hell up as Mark exclaims "my coq au vin!" with the heavy French glottal on the "vin." (Seriously, how can you hate a show that has "Mah cock aw VAHN" as part of its dialogue?)
You want to watch it or you don't: at this point the damned show isn't about gaining new viewers, necessarily, but just keeping the substantial viewer base eager enough to follow it. I and my dvr still are. So anyways, on to my comment about THIS EP:
Did anyone else dig on the cool metaphysical aspect of this ep as related to Lexie? Here she is, a character herself, begging a writer to change another character's motivations and actions? I almost felt like the character Lexie was wailing to Shonda herself, begging for a reprieve from the drama that would inevitably lead her, after episodes and episodes, back to the guy who is going to mean nothing but strife for her. Almost like she was begging not to be like her sister.
....Or maybe I'm a jerk who reads way too much into this in order to justify my abiding loyalty and affection for a show that is nowhere near as good, qualitatively, as it was when it first began. So be it. I'm a big jerk who has a hate on for folks who hate on my show. Quit hatin', y'all. :-)


oh how i miss season 1-3.. now the cast is way too big and original characters should get more screen time :( and please, bring back izzie, alex can't care about anyone like he cared about her.. damn they were perfect :(


It was about time somebody remembered George and Izzie! I mean, sure, Alex and cia were not best friends, and life goes on, etc. But c´mon, there was a time when George and Izzie mattered...and I think it is really nice that every now and then, someone brings them up :) PS. Alex needs a new girl (but it is sweet to think that may be, some day, Izzie would appear again. Even if it is in the finale hahaha. Don´t mind me, I´m such a romantic)


Loved the episode!


Its still a good show, it just needs to downsize its cast. It is not possible to do justice to that many people. Teddy, Lexie, Kapner and Webber must go they dont have to die they just need to leave the show; that way we can catch up on Bailey's love life, deal with Yang and Owen, find out about Zola, give Alex a life, give the bromance that is Mark and Jackson a chance all in one episode. Arizona and callie are happy they dont need to be featured in every episode. Has anyone died this season? If not they might want to fix that. All in all I love this show just like I did ER , these are just growing pains. Private practice on the other hand.......


Oh shut up all ya'll witches who are hating on Grey's Anatomy! go find something else to watch on Thursday nights then those loyal Grey's anatomy fans will be the ones left. While Grey's anatomy is not like it was in the first three seasons it isn't a bad show. Season 5, parts of 6 and most of 7 were plain stupid, it is starting to pick up and for the better. The whole point of heart in the box is that it is a miracle! 10 years ago that was not possible. Life is changing, medicine is changing, people are changing for the better. That was the point of the episode and the heart in the box. Alex said it: they are not the same like they were when they started. They have changed. Mer was a girl who slept with someone who was married to another woman, 7 seasons later she is married to that person and fighting to keep the adopted child they are having. Christina is married to a man that she loves even tho she can't have his children, it's progress! Alex: Well he is still an ass but he was some aspects that have changed about him so its not so bad. If you want to the show to be like that, I suggest you put on S1,2,3 dvds and watch that every thursday at 9! I liked this ep cuz it addressed some good issue and set up some nice things for future eps. I love Alfre Woodard but felt she was underused. There also needs to be more death. Everyone always seems to make it through surgery, there needs to be more death. My only complaint in general for season 8.

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I will not have another O'Malley lost under this roof.


Avery, today's the day! You pumped? Get pumped!


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