Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Heart-Shaped Box"

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Welcome to our weekly Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Our official Grey's Anatomy review broke down Thursday's episode, "Heart-Shaped Box," in detail. Now, TV Fanatic staff writers Courtney Morrison, Sean McKenna and Christina Tran have gathered for a Round Table Q&A to further debate, discuss and dissect the goings on at Seattle Grace/Mercy West:


What was your favorite scene/quote from the episode?

Courtney: I really enjoyed Callie’s scene with Mama O’Malley, but I’m giving it to the originals talking about their departed friends in the original home of the show - Joe’s Bar. Alex said it right, “George is dead and Izzie is gone. We’re all different.”

Sean: Jackson and Sloan getting back together. It was funny watching the two of them stumble over their words and excitement to be with each other again. The Plastics Posse is back!

Christina: I've got to give it to Alex. He was dead on when he said: "George is dead and Izzie's gone. We're all different." It's short, sweet and complete.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table - depreciated -

2. Was Mrs. O’Malley your favorite guest star of the season? If not, who was?

Courtney: For nostalgia purposes, absolutely. Besides Meredith’s mom, George’s family members were the ones we got to know the best. The woman has had serious heartache and still greets all of them with a smile. I wouldn’t mind seeing Mama O more often, maybe as a substitute mom for Callie ...

Sean: She was a great return in the sense that it was fun to reminisce and think back to the early days of the show. Man, it feels like a whole different time now, but life keeps going and so does the show. I wonder if there will be any other callbacks this season?

Christina: My favorite guest star of this season so far is still Avery's mom. Don't get me wrong though, I definitely appreciated having Mrs. O'Malley there. It felt like forever since George was last mentioned, and it was refreshing to have somewhat of a reminiscent episode. I liked all of her interactions with everyone... especially with Mer.

3. Jackson broke up with Lexie. Is the love triangle over? Who should she be with? Mark, Jackson, or Alex?

Courtney: This may have been the most mature break up on the series so far! It is obvious that I am a true Mark and Lexie shipper, but how could you not want someone with those eyes to be happy? I’m still voting for Jackson to be April’s first. I was glad Jackson beat Lexie to the punch too, if you’re getting outed from a triangle, at least be the one to do it. Now we just need the Plastics Posse to hang out, preferably without shirts, and this season of Grey’s will be on top!

Sean: The love triangle is done and I don’t think ever really was.  I’m glad Jackson stood up and made the decision for himself. Who should Lexie be with now? I doubt if any of those three options would jump into something with her right away, so I’ve got a feeling she’ll be ridin' solo for a little while.

Christina: What love triangle? It's always been about Slexie!

From the Observation Deck

4. What does the future hold for the gorgeous guy we call Henry?

Courtney: I used to think this felt forced; All of a sudden Teddy was happy and he was around all the time. But over the past several episodes, I have grown to really like Teddy. He’s obviously not hard on the eyes either. I’m guessing that he will make it through for a little while longer but heartbreak is inevitable for Teddy by season's end.

Sean: The show has been building him up recently and giving him lots of positive moments and goals like going to medical school. All that blood coming up though, and I’ve a strong feeling he won’t make it to another season.

Christina: If last week's episode was any indication of Henry's future, things just aren't looking too great for him. I predict his health will worsen and Teddy will struggle to catch him when he falls.

5. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you miss George and Izzie?

Courtney: George - somewhere between and 8 and a 9. Izzie - probably about a 2. The character of George was almost always likable (except for the Gizzie faze but I’m blaming that on the latter). He was the moral one and was always trying his best. Now Izzie, well that’s another story. The Denny arc did it for me and I was turned off from this character forever. The only Izzie to really miss was Season One bad ass when she was confident and fun. Remember her telling off Alex about her modeling career? She may have been posing for photo shoots but she wasn’t the one sitting on a hundred grand of student loans! Other than, I hardly miss her.

Sean: I’ll go with a 5. I never really cared for Izzie as much and George was simply ok. They really only make me think of how the show used to be and how far all of the other characters have come.

Christina: 5. On one hand, I thought George was incredible, but I didn't care too much for Izzie. I miss them sometimes, but honestly I'd forgotten about them up 'til this episode. It's just that it's felt like a lifetime since they were last spoken of, and things are just so different now. You know what they say, and the more things change, the more they stay the same. They will always be a part of Grey's Anatomy

What do you think? Share your responses in the comments below!


Fav scene was def Callie and Mrs. O'Malley. I actually teared up.
I really liked Jackson's mom as a guest but she's like a more hyped up version of Bailey so I could only take her in small doses. Momma O'Malley on the other hand, I love to have back over and over again. She can be substitute mom for Callie and grandma to Sofia.
Lexie and Mark. Period. But she needs to grow up. Seriously.
I really like Henry, I really hope he makes it.
I used to like George but then he cheated on Callie and then was a jerk about it blaming Callie for marrying him. Not cool. And I didn't like T.R.'s attitude. He wasn't happy and it reflected on his performance so I'm over him. He was fun to watch but I don't miss him. I miss Izzie more because of Alex. He's alone and that's sad... All and all, I'm happy with all the current characters, except Jackson. He's hot but he doesn't have character. He's just a pretty face. He's not compelling to me.


Shonda needs to make Lexie grow up. Had enough of being kept in the middle and watching Lexie pine for Mark but sleep with other men. So Mark has a kid, she either put up or shut up like Arizona has, the kid's not going anywhere. Perhaps Denny will come back and take Henry on an elevator ride to heaven but then come back later and haunt Teddy and the audience. Honestly, enough with the dying or leaving. I love Henry and the fact that at least one of these doctors can maintain a relationship outside their work and is not a colleague. Don't really miss Izzy or George. I loved them but they're gone and not coming back, sooner or later we'll all have to move on and focus on the cast at hand.

Natalie pino

1. best scene was between callie and mrs omalley near the end with the baby pictures and stuff andd the other is the heart in a box gave it good humor.
2.i love the omalley's so yeahh i like her as a guest star and katherine avery she was a good way to spice it upp too.
3. i dont really care who lexie is with i mean i like them both jackson and mark cas there both so HOT so it dont matter to me.
4. i grown to love henry hes so cute. it will be soo sad if he dies.
5. i miss then both soo muchh 10 ! even thoo the show is stilll good without them. it isnt the same without themm. especially george he was the glue between the 5 of themm.


1. Callie and Mrs.O'Malley scene was the best one. It was heartwarming, I teared up a little.
2. I don't know, tough choice. Probably Momma O'Malley and all the goodness she brought with her.
3. Not really invested. But maybe she should be alone for a while. Enough with the jumping from bed to bed.
4. The actor is cute but I don't care about the character. He and Teddy should just leave already.
5. I miss George with the big 10! He was such a wonderful person (minus the whole cheating thing, that wasn't cool at all). Izzy, not so much. She was an extremely annoying character.


I miss George and Izzie a lot. Don't get me wrong I still love Grey's but the first few seasons were by far better and I think it had a lot to do with the two of them.


1. Best scene was the end scene with Alex, Mer and Xtina. That was the crux of the ep for me. That they are changed people. When GA started Mer was sleeping around and had no inclination towards Marriage, Kids or anything. Xtina did not want emotional attachements. She wanted to be a heart surgeon. She got her wish plus she is in love with a man she married who gets most of her unlike Burke.
Alex is an ass still, but has much more redeeming qualities plus he wanted to be a plastic surgeon but found a niche in paeds and not because its super elite but
he cares.
Also loved when Callie showed Mama O picks of sofia.
2.Katherine Avery was my fav guest star this season. But throughout Greys Mama O is in my top 3. Her appearance now was great. 3.Lexie and Mark are the endgame for me. 4. Henry is headed the same way as Dearly Departed Denny Duchette. I just hope Teddy doesn't go all Irritating Izzy on us. I liked her character and purpose since 6X09. 5. George 5. I liked him, but he irritated me esp when he did to lexie what mer did to him (except for sleeping with him and crying) Izzy 7. I loved her character a lot. She was hot, pretty, smart and a bad ass quite a few times. But the whole of S3 made me hate her and decreased my opinion of her. Loved her acting in S5. I still want Izzy to make an appearance at some point. Oh well.

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