Grimm Review: Hazing and The Three Bears

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Contrary to what I predicted last week, Grimm premiered to some rather fantastic numbers, even besting some other NBC premieres this season ... on a Friday. Whether those ratings continue is anyone’s guess, especially since the full crop of competition is back this week.

"Bears Will Be Bears" did show some improvement over the premiere, allaying some of my frustrations with the pilot, and even adding some rather deep themes of family versus cultural values and when is it time to move away from them, if ever.

That type of weekly theme feels almost necessary in a show like Grimm since it’s based on fairy tales – we’re all supposed to learn something from them, right?

Grimm Action Shot

Nick was tasked with investigating a breaking and entering by who I assume was Goldilocks and her new boy toy into the three bears’ house, complete with plenty of old, scary, tribal weapons and a hole in the ground serving as a dungeon in the backyard.

Last week I mentioned that I wasn’t happy that Nick was parading different suspects and locations past Hank with little to no input, reservations, or even curiosity from him. “Bears” ended up solving this rather easily by building two separate groups: the cops and Eddie.

Hank is now on a much more even playing field with Eddie, because he’s now serving as an actual partner to Nick instead of just a sounding board that shows up every once in a while. He’s with him on every run and interview to collect information. In essence, Hank is the procedural side of the story - no fairy tales, no real (apparent) overlap – just crime solving.

That leaves Eddie as Nick’s Wikipedia for all things Grimm, all while still keeping that chemistry the two of them share, as well as the humor quotient alive and kicking. But this sharper role also comes with a cost: Aunt Marie isn’t really necessary to pass down every single scrap of Grimm knowledge - meaning she can finally rest in peace and pass on her torch, but not before she got to take down a priest who was trying to kill her. Good for you Aunt Marie, going out with style!

There were a few things that are still nagging me though, one being the pacing and the other how neatly everything is wrapped up at the end. The first half of the episode nearly put me to sleep because it felt like things were just progressing in a circle with a he-said, she-said back and forth.

In the second half of the episode, Goldilocks gets knocked out and Nick starts piecing everything together ... and then easily convinces Father Bear to help him get his son and save Goldilocks and her boy toy. Isn’t that a little too easy? I like where it led to, but they went from a hate, mortal enemy fest to a lovefest in 30 minutes or less.

Overall, I liked Grimm’s second episode more than the pilot. Will the things that worked continue? It’s hard to say because the show is still experiencing growing pains, but Grimm still makes for a fun Friday night.

Other thoughts:

  • Nick’s girlfriend is still nothing more than a pretty face at this point, she’s given nothing to do and the scenes she is in are almost completely inconsequential.
  • Really, Grimm? Really? You named one of the kids Barry?
  • The ritual felt more like a hazing by some drunk Frat "bros" egged on by their Frat mother.


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Who is Eddie?


I agree with the review. Eddie's great.


@Penny - His aunt told him in the first episode that he'll see them for what they "really are" when they lose control of their emotions somehow. So if they're afraid, lustful, angry, about to attack, that sort of thing - then they reveal themselves. I think the parents were around long enough to know how to control themselves - the dad was a lawyer and likely used to high tension situations, and the mom was clearly a sociopath with questionable emotions...


I don't understand why some of the monsters are revealed to him and some of them (like his boss and the Mom and Dad bear at first) are not?? When he saw the bear, he only saw the son's face change. Is there a reason for that? Other than than inconsistency, I love this show.


The second episode was better than the pilot; I'll agree the first half was slow. Eddie is by far the best character. I loved his hospital scenes. I wish Aunt Marie hadn't passed on but I think storywise it makes sense. It leaves Nick in an "On-The-Job" training mode. I'm excited to see where they take the series. I wonder if/when Nick realizes his boss is in on the taking down the Grimm's game how he will change. It brings up a lot of questions exactly who is pulling the strings. Can't wait for next weeks episode!


I enjoy the show. I can see myself watching on a consistent basis. There is no way Juliet's being a vet will not come into play in the future. I'm also a fan of the outdoor scenery. The NE just can not compare with the NW *sigh*


I really thought that this series would be a big yawn but I found that I actually enjoyed both the premiere and the second episode. Eddie is my favorite character and I wish that Aunt Marie could have clung to life a bit longer.


I'm with the reviewer - I found the first half of the show to be boring. It's never a good thing when I'm halfway through the hour and think "why am I watching this again?" But I did like the story by the end of it. I find David Giuntoli's acting to be inconsistent. Sometimes he's really great, other times he's still kind of Brandon-Routh-on-Chuck wooden. I hope he does have the opportunity to grow in the role though. Silas Weir Mitchell (Eddie) just owns this show - he steals the spotlight whenever he's on screen. And I love how badass Aunt Marie is - too bad her character couldn't have stuck around a bit longer...


Something will happen with the girlfriend, I really thought the long eye contact in the donuts scene would lead to him really 'SEEING' her. But no, not yet. Maybe he will have to take his 'wolf' sidekick to the vet...who knows. As for Aunt Marie, nightmare scene proves she is not gone yet, not really.


I agree with farsia2010 I truly enjoyed both this 2nd episode and the premier. It is way better than Once upon a Time. Agree about the girlfriend. I keep either expecting her to be killed or to turn into someone evil. Hank should be given some kind of umph?! to make him a stronger character. Maybe a fairytale hook of his own, both trying to keep their secrets from each other. Will keep on watching, hope it's not cancelled.

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