Hart of Dixie Review: Out of Her Shell

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Poor George Tucker. No matter what you tell Lemon while recovering from a crossbow injury and, heck, no matter what you tell yourself, "The Crush and the Crossbow" made one thing clear: you are not just fine.

Far from it, in fact, as the best Hart of Dixie episode of the season gave Team George members plenty of reason to cheer. It also opened Zoe up a bit. Everyone loves Rachel Bilson's doctor, but she's mostly served as a source for New York snark over the last few weeks.

Hart of Dixie Tandem

Here, inspired by the notion that her life is on pause, Zoe leaped out of her shell and gave us a glimpse into the vulnerable woman that her ex of six years scarcely ever saw. Like Addie's take on conversation during an ideal first date, this hour simply flowed. Among the highlights:

Zoe's flashcards. Why are you on death row? Can doctors wear shorts? Team Jacob or Team Edward? Great stuff, but also confusing stuff. I've never understood the argument for Edward. Jacob has more of a personality and much better abs.

The use of town folk. It's a theme I've been championing for awhile, and here we were treated to lines from the mailman, Addie's sheriff husband and those lovely ladies on the bench. Well done, Hart of Dixie. Keep throwing in these cameos and Bluebell will really come to life.

A turtle race. Forget UFC, Fox. This is what you clearly should be putting on primetime. Who didn't love Lavon getting into his play-by-play role, at one point giving a competitor props for flipping back on to his feet and "playing through pain." Yes, I'm a sports nut who can never get enough of sports terms being used outside the typical sports realm. Sue me.

Shelly Long. That was the name of one of the turtles. Amazing.

Lavon and Lemon as co-hosts. I still don't buy these two were ever a couple. Viewers are simply being asked to accept their history, despite a lack of chemistry and a major lack of similarities between characters. Still, it was nice to see Lavon and Lemon having fun here. Every previous scene between them had been awkward and angst-filled. If Lemon really was a fun rule-breaker, as Lavon hinted at, and maybe something happened to set her back on the straight, southern path, that would be a story I'd be interested in learning.

Goe for it! Okay, their potential couple nickname needs work. (Zorge, perhaps?) But George took a major step this week in making up the substantial lead Wade holds over him in our poll. He and Zoe have a love for New York in common, along with whatever indescribable personality traits allow two people to simply feel comfortable with each other. I wish I could explain it better than that, but you all know what I mean, right? When it's right and you're open and honest, it can't always be explained with something as simple as a shared affection for Woody Allen. Although George and Zoe have that, too.

Hart of Dixie clearly must drag out this triangle for as long as possible, because that's what TV shows do, but no one can actually argue for Lemon at this point. George is simply happier when he's around Zoe, that much is clear.

On a sidenote, can Scott Porter get injured every episode? The guy is hilarious when in pain. And we can also assume Wade's comment about once blocking for his high school teammate was a nod to Jason Street, right? I miss 7.

The only downside of this episode? The name Judson. Or perhaps just the way Zoe pronounced it. I kept thinking she was saying Jetson and I kept waiting for a robot maid to appear. But that's a rather small complaint overall. This was a really fun, character-revealing installment. What did everyone else think?


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Lol @ the Lemon should choke on a biscuit comment. Hope the make up wearing mannequin trips over a boa constrictor. :) Love George in pain, he is so funny! Yea but he and Zoe are best buds, Wades her guy! Loved Lavon Hayes at the turtle race, his play by plays were sooo funny.


Zoe should concentrate on getting patients/her practice/studying Bluebell and not on romance/sex. If I had to pick, I'd choose Wade since their interactions are mostly sexual tension and belligerent sexual tension and it's annoying. Zade? Zoe and George should be good friends. Lemon should choke on a biscuit. I liked Zoe's flashcards and Lavon at the turtle race.


So addicted to this show!!! Hope it wins that Peoples Choice for best new series, the ratings are better then its lead in Gossip Girl already. I love the cookiness of Zoe, that makes her unique. You don't have to be a total bore to be an intelligent person. Love her and Wade, oh and Lavon Hayes. Haha


I agree with you, however I still believe it will be Zoe/Wade at the end. I think she'll be with George first but will fall for Wade. I think that that's a big reason why they made George's character have ties to NY. Zoe could be with him and go back to NY and be the surgeon she wanted to be. But she will realize that's not what she wants. At least that's where I think the show is headed.


The thing I dislike the most about this show is the fact that the music and the dialog seem to bee competing with each other to be heard. Sometimes you can't hear the dialog as the music gets louder and louder. The other thing I dislike about the show is Rachel Bilson. She is terrible. Or maybe the character is what is terrible. So awkward. So silly at times. I mean a woman doctor from New York could not possible be that stupid. The premise of the show is interesting and the stories are okay but I have watched it since it started thinking it might get better but I guess not. This was the last episode for me. Kicking it to the curb.


@Dalia and Carissa
Zoe's so blinded by her crush on George that she's missing the obvious. Her and Wade have flowed from very start. @guinea
Zoe herself, and her preconceived notions, are the obstacle between her and Wade. He's a bartender who's happy being a bartender. He's never been to NY and probably has no desire to go there. Him and Zoe have different social backgrounds. George and Zoe are the ones with no obstacles and that are more obvious, IMO. I mean, the only obstacle between them is Lemon. Without Lemon, him and Zoe could move to NY and she could get that cardio-thoracic surgeon position. But wouldn't that make the show's premise pointless?? The whole point of this show is, like Dalia mentioned, Zoe letting go of these preconceived notions of what's acceptable and what her life should look like and evolving her perspective. I mean, George is the guy she wanted fresh from NY, but I don't see that being true in the end. That's where she started.


I hate George. Team Wade all the way! I really think that he and Lemon deserve each other.


Yep. Watched it again and just can't make myself so anything more then friendship between her and George. Love em both but when she gets her lil head outta her azz she should pick Wade. Love her, Wade, George and Lavon!


Love George, Wade, Zoe and well everyone except Lemon. The actress is boney and wears so much makeup. It wouldn't hurt if she could take a few acting lessons. I just love this show but this episode proved that Zoe and George are best friends not lovers. He is safe and her usual, she still looks down on Wade. More character growth is needed and Wade will be thw final choice.


Back again - wanted to add that, as boring as George can be, I really do like him. I like him with Lemon, Lavon, Wade, even with Zoe AS FRIENDS. In fact, with their similar personalities and backgrounds, I can see Zoe and George as lifelong friends. There's no need to force a romance, especially if - as mentioned - it requires you to drop and pick up storylines randomly. I really hoped this show would be original and psych out the audience by turning the "obvious" triangle from the pilot into "no big deal." The L/L/G triangle is much more interesting and original, anyway.

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