Hart of Dixie Trailer: A Date for Zoe?!?

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Sorry, Team Wade and Team George supporters. It looks like Zoe Hart may be choosing option C in our poll: None of the Above.

In the following promo for Monday's "The Crush and the Crossbow," we see Zoe get asked out by the local veterinarian. And she looks rather excited by the proposition, doesn't she?

Elsewhere on the episode:

  • NASCAR star Brian Vickers makes a cameo as himself.
  • Levon serves as the co-host - with Lemon! - for the Bluebell Junior League’s annual turtle race.
  • Wade faces an unexpected visitor, along with a world of trouble.

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P.S., Natalie Portman, Logan Lerman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Paul Rudd, Mila Kunis, Gabriel Macht, James Wolk, and many more are 100% Jewish and among the best looking actors in Hollywood. These names should (and will) be re-mentioned every time someone drags out one of these obscene and absurd racist comments.


No, she doesn't look Jewish "at all". I love this phrase, I guess it means she has no features that can be found on any Jewish people whatsoever. Is that even possible? Why don't you stop eating the racist s--t out of Jesse Eisenberg's aresehole and join reality? Seriously?


She's such a hottie


Love that Rachel/Zoe is petite but super curvy. She is Italian and Jewish. As a Jewish American myself, she doesn't look Jewish at all, I was shocked when I found out. She looks Sicilian to me but I'm not sure if she is northern or southern Italian. Sexy and the only reason I watch


I love Rachel Bilson on rhis show, she's so attractive. Wonder what her ethnicity is?


Love how kool this show is and this epi looks great. Hope Wade gets super jealous


ok loving this ep already! Hart of Dixie is such a cute show...


It's simply a way to lead her into the arms of George or Wade.


i think new characters would be a good catalyst to Zoey/Wade's relationship!! if he/she gets jealous, they'll pick a fight with their opponents, maybe!! haha...i love the idea!!


Ditto, Its a breath of fresh air. Like old skool CW, similar to Gilmore Girls etc. Bilson is adorable and I love me some Wade. I really hope she and Wade can get even closer, those two are badazz. Love Levon Hayes haha, can't wait to find out the truth about him and Lemon. I cant stand her ot her sister so I'm gonna need more backstory stat. This show makes me happy. But I HATED the halloween episode.

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